Chapter 107: Choice (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The woman inspected the materials and handed five black cards to Angele. One black card could be exchanged for 1000 magic stones. As a matter of fact, these were actually reshaped high-quality magic stones. Those black cards could be used anywhere, and 5000 magic stones could be sold for a great amount of money.

The woman had seen a lot of rare materials like the ones Angele provided, so she was not surprised that they were worth thousands of magic stones. Trading involving a large amount of magic stones usually happened between large families.

"Thanks for the help," Angele said in low voice, and he kept the black cards into his pouch.

"You’re welcome."

Angele turned around and left the counter.

"If I can’t buy the Water of Asu right now, I’ll have to search for a defensive spell model first." He wasted no time and started heading toward the Spell Department.


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