Chapter 616 Chaos in the Heavenly Race, Fang Liang Appears

“I, Meng Xiao of the Human Race, denounce the Heavenly G.o.d General of the Heavenly Race. He slaughtered the men and humiliated the women of my race. The Immortal G.o.ds are unfair. Heavenly Ancestor, please uphold justice for us!”

“I, Meng Xiao of the Human Race, denounce the Heavenly G.o.d General of the Heavenly Race. He slaughtered the men and humiliated the women of my race. The Immortal G.o.ds are unfair. Heavenly Ancestor, please uphold justice for us!”

Meng Xiao shouted again and again, his voice becoming louder and louder. After three times, he became hysterical.

13th Heaven.

In the Heavenly Race Hall, the G.o.ds gathered.

Ji Xianshen was listening to the immortals report the recent battle situation of the Heavenly Race on the ground. The Famous Race and Demon Race joined forces, causing the attacks of the Heavenly Race to be blocked.

At this moment, Ji Xianshen suddenly heard Meng Xiao’s voice. He frowned.

He wasn’t the only one. The other immortals also heard it.

the Buzhou Divine Mountain was Pangu’s backbone. It connected the heavens and the earth. Meng Xiao’s voice was conveyed to the 33rd Heaven.

The Heavenly troops reporting became softer and softer. He also heard Meng Xiao’s voice and felt the strange atmosphere in the hall.

The Heavenly Soldier looked up at Ji Xianshen. Ji Xianshen waved his hand gently, and the Heavenly Soldier immediately bowed and left.

“Send for the Heavenly G.o.d General,” Ji Xianshen said expressionlessly. The current him was already the Heavenly Ancestor. His cultivation was even a Pseudo-Sage, looking mighty.

An Immortal G.o.d immediately went to find the Heavenly G.o.d General.

Not long after, the Heavenly G.o.d General arrived. He knelt in the hall and bowed to Ji Xianshen.

Fang Liang and the Divine General also came.

The Heavenly G.o.d General was one of the three Divine Generals of the Heavenly Court in the past. Fang Liang was also the Heavenly Emperor, so he naturally came.

The Heavenly G.o.d General said in a low voice, “Heavenly Ancestor, this person is slandering me. I’ve never been to the Human Race!”

He was very angry. Meng Xiao’s accusation had embarra.s.sed him. “Oh? Someone is pretending to be you?” Ji Xianshen asked.

The immortals counted with their fingers and could deduce that Meng Xiao’s family had indeed been slaughtered. However, they couldn’t guess who had done it. They guessed that the other party had used a special Dharma treasure to isolate deductions.

The Heavenly G.o.d General gritted his teeth and said, “I’m not sure. I’m willing to investigate!” After the Heavenly Dao restarted, the Immortal World lacked order. The Heavenly Race was a Heavenly Dao Race and was high and mighty. Many immortals and G.o.ds had acted recklessly. However, Ji Xianshen couldn’t be bothered to bicker with them. It was too troublesome.

However, the situation was different now. Meng Xiao was shouting at the top of the Buzhou Divine Mountain. The mighty figures of the other heavens had probably heard it. Perhaps the Sages had also heard it.

If this matter was not resolved properly, it would definitely affect the Heavenly Race.

An old immortal stood up and said, “Heavenly Ancestor, according to what I know, a Heavenly General under the Heavenly G.o.d General has indeed descended into the mortal world in the last thousand years and gone to the Human Race recently.”

“Who?” Ji Xianshen asked.

The Heavenly G.o.d General seemed to have thought of something and his expression changed drastically. He looked up and kept winking at the old immortal.

The old immortal ignored him and continued, “Heart Refinement Heavenly General.”

Heart Refinement Heavenly General!

The immortals were in an uproar. Ji Xianshen frowned.

The Heavenly G.o.d General said angrily, “I was the one who arranged for Heart Refinement Heavenly General to go to the Human Race. The Human Race he went to was harmed by the Dragon Race. He went to protect the Human Race!”

The old immortal chuckled and slowly retreated, rejoining the group of Literature Immortals.

The Divine General frowned and stared at the Heavenly G.o.d General. “Really?”


The Heavenly G.o.d General gritted his teeth. He paused for a moment and continued, “If the Heavenly Ancestor insists on blaming me, it can only be considered my negligence. I gave the villain a chance to scheme. I’m willing to bear the responsibility!”

Fang Liang teased him. “Heart Refinement Heavenly General’s father is an elder of the Jie School. He has also heard of a Sage preaching and can be considered a disciple of theirs. Is the Heavenly G.o.d General afraid of offending him?”

Jie School elder!

Disciple of a Sage!

These two ident.i.ties made the atmosphere in the hall even more oppressive. The immortals did not dare to speak. Ji Xianshen had relied on the power of the Hidden Sect to reorganize the Heavenly Race. Now, he was already in charge. However, the power of the other sects in the Heavenly Race had not completely retreated. Ji Xianshen also needed connections and did not go overboard.

What the Heart Refinement Heavenly General had done could be said to have torn apart the dark side of the Heavenly Race. He wasn’t the only person who had done evil, nor was he the person with the greatest sins.

Ji Xianshen frowned. He secretly regretted it.

All these years, he had been busy dealing with the demons and taking in all the races in the Immortal World, ignoring the rules.

It couldn’t be helped. At the beginning of the establishment of the Heavenly Race, the internal forces were complicated. Ji Xianshen couldn’t care less. After he gained control, he couldn’t care less at all. Those immortals who had been loyal to him had their own sins. It was very difficult to eradicate them all. In the end, Ji Xianshen actually didn’t care about the rules. He had been a genius of the Holy Land since he was young and had never seen the suffering of the mortal world. Later, when he entered the Heavenly Court, with Han Jue’s relations.h.i.+p, he had also been doing well.

Along the way, Ji Xianshen only knew that strength was the key. “I am willing to shoulder this responsibility alone!” the Heavenly G.o.d General said in a low voice. Unlike Ji Xianshen, he didn’t have the Hidden Sect’s support and couldn’t offend the Heart Refinement Heavenly General. Furthermore, the Heart Refinement Heavenly General had also fought for many benefits for him.

Ji Xianshen’s expression darkened as he fell into deep thought.

Fang Liang said, “Now that the Immortal World is flouris.h.i.+ng and hundreds of schools are preaching, the Sage sects have already begun to talk about rules and morals. Our Heavenly Race is the leader of the myriad races. How can we not set the heavenly rules? This matter might be a good opportunity for the creation of the heavenly rules. Heavenly Ancestor, you must severely punish the Heart Refinement Heavenly General as a warning!”

Many immortals immediately agreed to his suggestion.

Ji Xianshen looked at Fang Liang in surprise.

Fang Liang had a solemn expression.

The Heavenly G.o.d General said in a low voice, “Vice Patriarch, I was really the one who did this. I was just trying to be lucky and didn’t admit it!”

The Divine General had a disappointed expression as he said, “Heavenly G.o.d General, you’ve disappointed me too much. If this is true, you will be my enemy from now on. Don’t forget, I’m from the Human Race!” “Human Race? Hehe, you’re in the Heavenly Race now!”

The Heavenly G.o.d General looked at the Divine General disdainfully and mocked him.

Many immortals in the hall looked at the Divine General with hostility.

Most of the immortals of the Heavenly Race were humans before the calamity, but they were already part of the Heavenly Race now. The Divine General’s words were equivalent to the officials of the current dynasty speaking for the previous dynasty. It was a huge taboo.

For a time, the hall was divided into two factions and began to bicker.

“The Heavenly Race has indeed hidden too many sins. It’s time to sweep them clean.”

“Hehe, how? Back then, you fought the demons and the aftermath of the battle killed hundreds of thousands of people. Is that considered a sin?”

“That’s right. It’s fine if we want to set the heavenly rules. We shouldn’t dwell on past issues. Otherwise, the Heavenly Race will definitely be in chaos!”

“It’s just a matter of position. The Heavenly Race has yet to truly rule the Immortal World. Establish heavenly rules? Ridiculous. Is the Famous Race listening? Are the demons listening? Are the Sage sects listening?”

“It’s indeed not a good time. Let’s wait a little longer. The Jie School is behind the Heart Refinement Heavenly General!”

Ji Xianshen frowned in frustration.

He suddenly realized that the Heavenly Race, which seemed to be under his control, was not united.

The Immortal Emperors of the Hidden Sect shut up and did not take sides.

They all knew that Fang Liang was Han Jue’s grand-disciple. Ji Xianshen and Han Jue’s ident.i.ties had yet to be exposed.

Under such circ.u.mstances, they were more willing to support Fang Liang. Ji Xianshen said, “We have to call Meng Xiao up first. We’ll listen to him and see if it’s the Heavenly G.o.d General’s doing.”

The moment he spoke, the immortals quietened down.

Ji Xianshen glanced around and said, “Dragon General, fetch Meng Xiao.”

“Wait, let the Divine General go.” Fang Liang suddenly interrupted. He glanced at the Divine General, who immediately moved.

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