Chapter 104: Return (3)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The light from the cross slowly vanished after several minutes.

Angele put the robe down and packed everything up quickly. He hid the large claw into a black bag separately.

Angele calmed down quickly. He was still thinking about that girl who really creeped him out.

“I’m heading back to the school first!” Angele gritted his teeth. He pulled the dagger out of the wall and returned it back to the leather sheath.

“I must have triggered some hidden trap left by the previous owner of the manor.” Angele searched through his memory. He thought that the tall red cap mushroom he saw when entering the garden was the problem.

He remembered seeing it somewhere before, but he was not sure if Zero had a record of it.

‘Zero, try to catch any change happening in the energy field around and get me the data of that red cap mushroom,’ Angele ordered.

‘Mission created… Searching… Data not found.’


‘Four possible matches: Red Mouth Mushroom, 45% similarity. Dragonfly Mushroom, 34% similarity. Aria Mushroom, 13% similarity. Devil’s Cap, 11% similarity.’

Angele was disappointed at the result, but there was nothing Zero could do at the moment as he hadn’t yet collected enough data. Most of the data in the database were collected during his travels across the Anser Plain. On top of that, he did not have enough information on special materials or plants in the world of wizards.

Allen had said that the survivors from the garden went crazy and did many cruel things after. Angele thought he was probably in the same situation.

The girl would not appear twice a night, so Angele wasn’t worried that he had to face her again today. Still, he decided not to sleep. He spent the rest of the night meditating, so he could respond immediately to anything that could happen.


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