Chapter 617 Establis.h.i.+ng the Heavenly Dao

Ji Xianshen did not refute Fang Liang’s arrangements. He only looked at him with deep meaning

These two former friends had become quite distant over time.

In the past, Ji Xianshen was Fang Liang’s subordinate. Now the tables had turned. How could they be united?

Before long…

The Divine General brought Meng Xiao into the hall.

This was the first time Meng Xiao faced a group of G.o.ds, but he was not afraid.

He walked to the Heavenly G.o.d General’s side and sized him up.

The Heavenly G.o.d General knelt in the center of the hall, clearly related to his accusation.

However, he was disappointed. This was not the Heavenly G.o.d General he knew.

“Did this G.o.d slaughter your race?” Ji Xianshen asked.

Meng Xiao shook his head. “No, it’s the Heavenly G.o.d General.”

“He’s the Heavenly G.o.d General!”

“Impossible. The Heavenly G.o.d General I saw controlled the Heavenly Fire…”

Meng Xiao retorted, and his eyes instantly reddened.

He thought that the Immortal G.o.ds had found a scapegoat to cover up this matter.

However, this was a blood feud. How could he let it go?

When the immortals heard that, they knew that it was really the Heart Refinement Heavenly General who had committed the sins.

Ji Xianshen had no choice but to summon the Heart Refinement Heavenly General. The immortals were watching. This matter had to be dealt with openly.

Five minutes later.

The Heart Refinement Heavenly General arrived. He was burly and bare-chested. A golden crescent iron ring floated behind him. It was surrounded by flames, like a fire G.o.d.

The Heart Refinement Heavenly General knelt down and bowed, not even looking at Meng Xiao.

“It’s you!”

Meng Xiao gritted his teeth as he looked at the Heart Refinement Heavenly General, wis.h.i.+ng he could tear him into pieces.

However, he did not lose his mind. He wasn’t the Heart Refinement Heavenly General’s match. If he attacked rashly, the latter would take the opportunity to kill him. Wouldn’t that give the Immortal G.o.ds a chance?

In Meng Xiao’s opinion, the immortals were all evil!

The reason why he had complained on the Buzhou Divine Mountain was not only to see the Heavenly Ancestor but also to tell all the mighty figures in the world that they would gather and pressure the Heavenly Race to not dare to attack him.

“This person’s name is Meng Xiao. He accused you of slaughtering his family. Is that true?” Ji Xianshen asked expressionlessly.

The Heart Refinement Heavenly General denied it. “How is that possible! I saved his family under the demons’ noses. I was even injured because of this.”

He turned to look at Meng Xiao with a disappointed expression. “Mortal, why are you slandering me!”

“It’s you! You still want to deny it?”

Meng Xiao almost died of anger. His injuries were affected and blood flowed down his dry lips.

“Give up. You can’t accuse me successfully. You’re dead. I won’t let you go!”

The words of the Heart Refinement Heavenly General entered Meng Xiao’s ears. He was extremely arrogant, but Meng Xiao discovered that the other immortals were indifferent.

Voice transmission!

Meng Xiao fell into despair.

Could it be that his hatred could not be avenged? At this moment…

Fang Liang raised his hand and took out a jade slip. “I have a treasure. If I absorb Meng Xiao’s and the Heart Refinement Heavenly General’s blood, it can show their karma. We will know if it’s true or not!”


The immortals were in an uproar. They didn’t expect Fang Liang to be so firm. He wanted to challenge Ji Xianshen.

Ji Xianshen clearly did not want to blow this matter up, but Fang Liang wanted to. The Heart Refinement Heavenly General’s expression turned extremely ugly. He stared at Fang Liang, not understanding when he had offended this low profile Heavenly Race Vice Leader.

Meng Xiao looked at Fang Liang in surprise. He didn’t expect the Heavenly Race to have a kind Immortal G.o.d. Ji Xianshen sent a voice transmission to Fang Liang, “What’s wrong with you? This matter can’t be blown up. Otherwise, how can the Heavenly Race maintain our reputation? Besides, the background of the Heart Refinement Heavenly General is not simple!”

Fang Liang pretended not to hear and said, “Patriarch, the Heavenly Race controls the Immortal G.o.ds. The Immortal G.o.ds are not only powerful, but they also have a responsibility. The Heavenly Dao has been restarted for 100,000 years. It’s time to set up the heavenly rules. Even if this matter gets to the Sages, they won’t object. The difference between good and evil was established when the Dao Ancestor taught the Dao. This is also the basic rule of the Heavenly Dao! If the Immortal G.o.ds ignore good and evil, they are ignoring the Heavenly Dao.”

Hearing this, Ji Xianshen’s face turned ashen.

Fang Liang really wanted to go against him!

The hall was silent. The immortals did not dare to interrupt.

After a long while…

An Immortal Emperor of the Hidden Sect said, “Patriarch, let the vice leader investigate.”

The moment he spoke, the other immortals of the Hidden Sect agreed. Ji Xianshen’s expression turned even uglier. He couldn’t take it lying down!

In the Daoist temple of the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

Han Jue cultivated for another ten years. He opened his eyes and read the emails. He discovered that nothing major had happened in his circle of friends recently, so he looked outside the Immortal World.

He first looked at the Holy Mother Sect.

The Holy Mother Sect developed very well. Li Yao became a boss who did not do anything. She was in seclusion all year round. As the Holy Mother Sect grew stronger, the providence helped increase Li Yao’s cultivation level. She became stronger and stronger.

Han Jue looked at Han Yu next.

Han Yu wasn’t at Buzhou Divine Mountain, but at the 13th Heaven.


Han Jue counted with his fingers with a strange expression.

It turned out that Ji Xianshen and Fang Liang had fallen out because of Meng Xiao’s tragic case. For example, the internal affairs of the Heavenly Race were in chaos. The immortals were divided into two factions, arguing about whether to punish the Heart Refinement Heavenly General.

Li Daokong suddenly brought Han Yu to the sky and expressed his support for Meng Xiao, hoping that the Heavenly Race could seek justice for him.

Before this, Meng Xiao was restricted to a palace in the Heavenly Race and was tortured, but he did not lower his head.

Li Daokong’s arrival freed Meng Xiao from torture.

Han Jue had no intention of interfering. The humans were no longer part of the Heavenly Dao Race. There were even worse situations than Meng Xiao. Such an encounter was nothing

He could understand Ji Xianshen, who cared more about power and authority.

However, he was a little disappointed.

Ji Xianshen seemed to have lost his bottom line.

At the same time, he had his own opinions about Fang Liang.

Fang Liang had been enduring for so many years. He suddenly acted not only because of his good intentions.

He was probably trying to build momentum for the Dao Ancestor, who would eventually return to partic.i.p.ate in the game of the Heavenly Dao. If Fang Liang successfully avenged Meng Xiao, his name would definitely shake the Immortal World. The humans would all submit to him, and it would even affect the other races.

If the rules of good and evil could be established, the Heavenly Dao would truly embark on the right path.

Clearly, Fang Liang had already obtained Li Daokong’s support. Although Li Daokong was arrogant, he favored the humans because he was once the eldest disciple of the Human Race.

Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce and discovered that the Sage behind the Heart Refinement Heavenly General’s father was Sect Master Tian Jue.

Sect Master Tian Jue lived outside the 33rd Heaven. He didn’t seem to know about this and didn’t interfere.

If he didn’t attack, with Li Daokong’s help, Ji Xianshen would definitely compromise.

It seemed that the Heavenly Race was about to undergo a drastic change.

Han Jue shook his head and closed his eyes to cultivate again.

In the following period of time, Meng Xiao’s case spread throughout the Immortal World. The Heavenly Race had a headache over this matter and had no outcome. The news spread, causing all the living beings in the Immortal World to start discussing it.

Fang Liang stood above the righteous cause and obtained the support of most living beings.

Five years later.

Ji Xianshen lowered his head and severely punished the Heart Refinement Heavenly General. He executed the Heavenly Punishment and released Meng Xiao.

This matter caused all living beings to cheer.

Fang Liang’s name also resounded in the myriad worlds. He directly took in Meng Xiao, completely capturing the heart of the Human Race.

“I, Fang Liang, have inherited the Dao Ancestor’s legacy. I’m willing to follow the will of the Dao Ancestor and reconstruct the rules of the Heavenly Dao, restoring order to the murky world. All living beings believe in good and punish evil severely. I’m willing to cultivate for the peace of the Heavenly Dao and establish the Heavenly Dao! All living beings can enter the Heavenly Dao and expel your sins!”

Fang Liang’s voice suddenly resounded through the myriad worlds. A vast and immense Heavenly Dao merit descended into the 13th Heaven.

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