Chapter 103: Return (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

"Allen, did you bring the guest here?" The white cat turned around. Its voice was deep and gravelly.

"Yes! Elder!" Allen yelled, "He has what we want!"

"Why are you yelling…?" Angele was speechless. He did not expect a squirrel to have such a loud voice.

"Well, the Elder is having trouble with hearing…" Allen shrugged.

"You mean salty peanuts? That’s my favorite." The Elder nodded.

"How much peanuts you got there?" it asked.

Angele thought for a second, "About one kilogram, I believe."

"What? You’re not selling them?" the Elder asked.

"It’s one kilogram!" Allen ran to the cat and yelled to its ears.

"One kilogram?" the Elder nodded, "I wanted more, but I’ll take them. Sigh, I haven’t had salty peanuts in a while. When I was in Santiago, there was a town named Kodo by the north of Liliado, and people there made damn good salty peanuts for me… Alright, Allen, let him choose the item he wants."

"Got it."

"Sorry, I have a question actually. Do you know Moss Town?" Angele decided to ask, "What happened to it? No one lives there?"

The Elder didn’t hear his question but Allen did, "You mean Moss Town? It was abandoned about ten years ago, why do you ask?" Allen stared at Angele confusedly.

"What? Ten years?" Angele was shocked, "Nothing… I’m just asking."

"Fine. Ten years ago, one of the people that survived from the Moon Gin Garden went crazy and killed everyone in the town. No one tried to rebuild it after that. I told you before; Moon Gin Garden is extremely dangerous. Nine out of ten people who enter it will die. I’m actually surprised that you made it out in one piece," Allen explained, "Alright, let’s go claim your item."

‘But the information I collected didn’t mention any of it…’ Angele was sure the food he ate was real, and the hotel owner he met was not an illusion. He thought for a while and realized the information he obtained came from books of the distant past.


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