Chapter 618 Cursing Again, Betting on Lifespan

In the Daoist temple of the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

Han Jue opened his eyes and sighed. “Good move, good kid. As expected of the Dao Ancestor.” He deduced that the reason why Meng Xiao’s matter had blown up was that Fang Liang had secretly added fuel to the fire. Just as this matter ended, Fang Liang had established the Heavenly Dao and his providence had reached its peak.

On the Heavenly Dao Providence Board, Fang Liang entered the top ten from the top thousand.

He had established the Heavenly Dao under the Heavenly Dao and actually did not commit a taboo. The Dao Ancestor had definitely interfered.

After establis.h.i.+ng the Heavenly Dao, what would Fang Liang do next?

At this moment.

Li Xuan’ao came to visit him.

Han Jue let him in.

After entering the temple, Li Xuan’ao knelt in front of him and said, “Sect Master, the Heavenly Race has changed. Ji Xianshen and Fang Liang have broken up. Who should the Hidden Sect support?”

Han Jue asked, “Who do you think you should support?”

Li Xuan’ao said in a low voice, “Fang Liang is your grand-disciple and Li Daokong supports him. Fang Liang is reasonable in this matter, so we should support him, but… Fang Liang is using the Dao Ancestor’s name and is a little rebellious. Is he still a member of the Hidden


Han Jue smiled faintly. “Then, do you want me to support Ji Xianshen?”

“Ji Xianshen has no bottom line. He’s numb and heartless. I suggest that you support another Hidden Sect disciple and fight for the position of Heavenly Ancestor.”

Li Xuan’ao took a deep breath and spoke seriously.

He knew that he had crossed the line, but if he wanted to be Han Jue’s strategist, he had to dare to raise his opinion. Otherwise, what could he do?

Run errands? Send messages? After Li Xuan’ao voiced his suggestion, he was very nervous. Han Jue said, “That makes sense. Then, who do you think is better to support?”

Li Xuan’ao replied, “Of course, it will be up to you to decide.”

Han Jue fell into deep thought.

Li Xuan’ao felt that it was about time and immediately bowed and left.

Han Jue smiled. This fellow was really good at knowing his own status.

What he said was indeed reasonable. Be it Ji Xianshen or Fang Liang, they were no longer suitable to be his p.a.w.ns.

However, there was no need to be anxious about this matter. If he asked Ji Xianshen to give up the position of Heavenly Ancestor now, he would definitely disagree.

When Ji Xianshen and Fang Liang fought until the Heavenly Race was exhausted, that would be the best time to become the ancestor of the new Heavenly Race.

Then, Han Jue closed his eyes and continued cultivating

After reaching the Freedom Realm, he still had to work hard and strive to reach the Great Dao Sage Realm as soon as possible. Then, it would be the Great Dao Supreme and Dao Creator.

He wanted to walk towards the strongest stage step by step. He wanted to be comparable to the Dao Ancestor or even surpa.s.s him!

Even the powerful Dao Ancestor would be plotted against by the mighty figures of the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. Even if he was as strong as the Dao Ancestor, Han Jue didn’t feel safe, so he could only surpa.s.s him.

Time pa.s.sed.

The Heavenly Race’s internal strife caused the Immortal World to also begin to stir. To some ambitious mighty figures, this was a perfect opportunity. The demons could catch a breather again. Previously, they had to face the pincer attack of the Heavenly Race and the Jie School. They were torn apart and struggling at death’s door. Now, they finally had a chance to escape the situation and develop their forces again.

The Sages didn’t seem to be interested in this internal strife. Sect Master Tian Jue even specially invited the cultivators of the world to listen to the Dao outside the 33rd Heaven.

Just like that, another thousand years pa.s.sed.

On this day.

The Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial was successfully nurtured.

Han Jue teleported to the second Dao Field and released it.

The Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial had a burly figure. Its body was black and white. It had a dragon head and a human body. It had four wings on its back and had a sinister expression. As it breathed, it emitted a scorching aura.

This was a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. It looked more terrifying than any living being in the world!

The newly born Chaotic Fiendcelestial already had the strength of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

When the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial saw Han Jue, he immediately knelt down and cupped his fists.

This bow was not the Fiendcelestial’s bow, but the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial could comprehend the world when it was born, so it used the bow that Han Jue was familiar with to express his intentions.

Han Jue smiled. “In the future, you will stay here and cultivate. Don’t fight with others. You are all of the same lineage, understand?”

“Understood!” the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial replied with a hoa.r.s.e and deep voice.

Because of the Creation Spirit Stone, he listened to him.

Han Jue waved his hand and gestured for him to leave.

After walking out of the Daoist temple, the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial and Dong Zhuo met. The two of them did not greet each other, and the atmosphere was a little strange.

Han Tuo, who had been watching from the Daoist temple, couldn’t help but ask, “Father, who is he?”

The Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial’s aura was truly terrifying. He had never encountered such a terrifying aura, making him feel as if he was facing his natural enemy.

“Don’t ask. Cultivate well,” Han Jue said indifferently.

He asked the system, “Can you separate the simulation trial and let the living beings in the second arena obtain the authority to enter the simulation trial alone without meeting the living beings in the main Dao Field?”

(Activating the simulation trial function of the second Dao Field.] [Successful activation]

Han Jue smiled. That was more like it.

The Chaotic Fiendcelestials were inherently warlike. When the number of Chaotic Fiendcelestials increased, they would all meditate in seclusion. It was almost impossible. Han Jue had to let them unleash their fighting desire.

Han Tuo curled his lips when he heard Han Jue’s words.

“Hmph, I’ll nurture a powerful force that belongs to me sooner or later.”

Han Tuo thought silently. Before he acknowledged Han Jue, he had heard that the Hidden Sect was unfathomable and had many experts. He also wanted to be like Han Jue, high and mighty. He didn’t need to do anything personally.

Han Jue looked at Yang Du and the other Fiendcelestial candidates. They were still developing well.

He was still most concerned about Yang Du. Apart from his ident.i.ty as a Reincarnator, Yang Du’s status in the Earth Immortal World’s universe was also extremely high. He was already the number one War G.o.d in the galaxy.

Yang Du did not develop his own faction. He had always been alone and would not enjoy himself usually. He was always cultivating.

His temperament was not bad.

Han Jue thought in satisfaction.

He couldn’t use Yang Du for the time being, so he didn’t contact him.

He returned to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He was the only one in the Daoist temple. After the Strange Deity returned, he wandered outside the Daoist temple and rarely returned, so he was very quiet most of the time.

Han Jue sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and took out the Book of Misfortune.

Taking a deep breath, he rubbed the surface of the Book of Misfortune affectionately.

“How many years have I not used you?”

The current Book of Misfortune was already a Freedom Numinous Treasure. In the Immortal World, it was the strongest Dharma treasure.

His first target was the Chaotic Deity!

Han Jue began to curse the Chaotic Deity. This fellow had developed hatred towards him. He could see the portrait in interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps, so Han Jue could easily let the Book of Misfortune capture the Chaotic Deity.

Five days later.

Han Jue’s lifespan began to decrease.

Every second, he lost a hundred million years!

10 billion years!

100 billion years! A trillion years!

10 trillion years!

20 trillion years!

Han Jue’s lifespan decreased rapidly. Looking at the absurdly long number on his attributes list moving gradually, he was still a little shocked.

However, this was normal. The Chaotic Deity was a Great Dao Divine Spirit.

His lifespan continued to decrease!

50 trillion years!

100 trillion years!

200 trillion years!

300 trillion years!

Han Jue’s hand began to tremble.

This fellow was too ruthless. He didn’t even curse successfully?

Han Jue wanted to admit defeat.

Should he give up?


He had to be close!

Let’s. .h.i.t a quadrillion years first!

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