Chapter 621 Reincarnation of the Fiendcelestial

Han Tuo’s rise stimulated the personal disciples. Currently, most of the personal disciples were stuck at the Deity Realm and couldn’t cross the Zenith Heaven threshold.

Han Tuo cultivated later than them and was actually walking in front of them! This was too stimulating! On that day. Xing Hongxuan came to visit Han Jue.

After entering the temple, she immediately pestered him. “Husband, I can’t wait anymore. Let me give birth to your child…” Xing Hongxuan said coquettishly. She no longer had the bearing of an expert. In front of Han Jue, she was always like a little girl. Han Jue said angrily, “What? Aren’t you afraid of trouble?”

“How can it be troublesome? Lock him in the Hundred Peak Immortal River and don’t let him out. He won’t cause trouble.” “Really?”

Han Jue hesitated. However, cultivation time was indeed boring. It would be fun if he could have another son. The difference in bloodline strength between him and Xing Hongxuan was too great. It was very difficult for them to have children. Back then, when he had a child with Qingluan’er, he had spent a lot of effort to maintain Han Tuo’s bloodline.

In order for Xing Hongxuan to be able to withstand his second child, he would suppress the power of his bloodline. The inheritance was limited, and the child he gave birth to might not be as strong as Han Tuo.

Of course, that was not the case.

Unconsciously, there was a power that restricted the bloodline inheritance, causing it to weaken generation after generation. Perhaps it was the Great Dao’s restraint.

Otherwise, what would happen if more and more Chaotic Fiendcelestials appeared and destroyed the Chaos?

In order to divert Xing Hongxuan’s attention, Han Jue began to preach the Dao to her and helped her increase her cultivation first.

In the Earth Immortal World, on a huge planet larger than the sun, there were countless tall buildings and flying transports. The rainbow light of technology interwove above the planet.

On the top of a building that was more than ten thousand stories tall, Yang Du stood in front of the gla.s.s window and looked down at the city.

After so many years, Yang Du’s aura became stronger and stronger. His eyes were sharp and terrifying. A black shadow appeared in the darkness of the room, revealing a pair of double pupils. “Have you thought about it?” The black shadow asked.

This was Immortal Emperor Samsara’s voice!

Yang Du turned around and said expressionlessly, “I don’t even know who you are. How can I consider it?”

The mysterious person in front of him had pestered him for months, making him extremely annoyed. However, he couldn’t hurt the other party at all, so he could only endure. Immortal Emperor Samsara said, “I can’t reveal my ident.i.ty, but if you agree to this, you will obtain a huge opportunity. Your cultivation level has not increased for a long time, right? Perhaps you are invincible in the Milky Way, but in the entire Earth Immortal World, do you really think you are very strong?” Yang Du was silent. Immortal Emperor Samsara continued, “Go, go to the Infinite s.p.a.ce. If you succeed, I will support you to control the Infinite s.p.a.ce in the future.”

Yang Du frowned. “I’m inferior to you, but compared to the Reincarnators of the Infinite s.p.a.ce, I’m much stronger. How can I mix in with them?” “I will arrange a mission for you. You will pretend to go against the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce and slaughter the Reincarnators. I will then take the opportunity to expel you and sever the providence of the Reincarnators. Then, I will send the Reincarnators to hunt you down. The Infinite s.p.a.ce will pay attention to you for a long time and will definitely rope you in.” Immortal Emperor Samsara said casually, “The Infinite s.p.a.ce has already been surpa.s.sed by the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. Their Reincarnators are inferior to ours. I’ve already discovered that the Infinite s.p.a.ce will poach our Reincarnators next. They definitely won’t miss you.” Yang Du asked in a low voice, “Don’t I have a choice?” “I won’t force you, but you’ve always wanted to become stronger. This is your chance.” Yang Du clenched his fists and fell into a dilemma.

He suddenly thought of Han Jue. The mysterious person who had taught him the Heavenly Cycle Body Tempering Technique. With his current lifespan, how could he live for a hundred million years?

He might die before he even saw that mysterious mighty figure. He had heard that mighty figures cultivated in seclusion and dreamed of an era. Yang Du gritted his teeth. “Alright! I accept it!”

A hundred years later, Xing Hongxuan walked out of Han Jue’s Daoist temple in satisfaction. Although he didn’t agree to have children, he would definitely not reject her when she reached the Pseudo-Sage Realm.

Han Jue had never lied to her. He always kept his word.


He had lied to her 130,000 years ago.

Every time Xing Hongxuan thought of her first encounter with Han Jue, she felt that it was wonderful, like a love story in legends. At the same time.

Han Jue teleported to the second Dao Field and let the crimson fox out.

After thirty thousand years, the crimson fox had completely transformed into the Giant Fiendcelestial. Seeing Han Jue, the crimson fox felt as if a lifetime had pa.s.sed. It hurriedly knelt down. It was still the little fox from before, but its aura was already completely different. “Thank you for your kindness, Master!” the crimson fox said excitedly. Its body trembled. It could already sense the power of the Chaotic Fiendcelestial.

Han Jue called Murong Qi and the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial in. “You’re all Chaotic Fiendcelestials. In the future, I will create even more Chaotic Fiendcelestials. At that time, I will need you to lead the management. I have already given you the authority to enter the simulation trial alone. You can spar inside. Before you become completely stronger, I will not let you out,” Han Jue said as the three Chaotic Fiendcelestials sized up each other. The Chaotic Fiendcelestials wouldn’t feel close to each other. They were natural enemies.

This was also the reason why Giant G.o.d Pangu killed three thousand Fiendcelestials to attain the Dao back then. It was not about killing each other, but killing the enemy to attain the Dao!

With Han Jue’s orders, the three Chaotic Fiendcelestials naturally wouldn’t kill each other. Even if they didn’t like each other, they would only resolve it in the simulation trial.

For example, Murong Qi and the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial had fought tens of thousands of times. They had both lost and won countless times. Murong Qi asked curiously, “Grandmaster, how many Chaotic Fiendcelestials are you preparing to create?”

Han Jue said, “Three thousand. Let’s restore the glory of the Fiendcelestial Era.”,

Three thousand Chaotic Fiendcelestials!

Murong Qi and the other two were shocked.

Then, Han Jue waved his hand and gestured for them to leave.

He should observe the Fiendcelestial candidates next.

In the depths of the chaos.

The Chaotic Deity sat on a huge meteor. A mirror floated in front of him. The edge was like stone and looked ancient. In the mirror was a starry sky with dozens of stars.

“Another Chaotic Fiendcelestial has been born… What’s going on? Why can’t I find it?” the Chaotic Deity muttered to himself, feeling uneasy. Recently, the Chaos had changed drastically. First, the mysterious new Great Dao had disappeared. Then, he had been injured by a curse and three Chaotic Fiendcelestials had been born.

After the creation of the world, there were only a few Chaotic Fiendcelestials left. Another Chaotic Fiendcelestial might not be born in ten billion years. The recent abnormality made the Chaotic Deity smell the aura of the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity.

“The Dao Ancestor once said that the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity might occur when the Primordial Fiendcelestial leads the Chaotic Fiendcelestials to sweep through the Chaos… Who is the Primordial Fiendcelestial?” the Chaotic Deity muttered to himself in confusion. He couldn’t see through it, deduce it, or figure it out.

After a while, a figure appeared in front of him. It was Cundi. Cundi was the first to ask, “Fellow Daoist, are you also being cursed?” The Chaotic Deity asked, “What do you want to ask?”

After he was cursed, he had specially asked some mighty figures in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. He didn’t expect the news to spread so quickly. Even Cundi, who he hated the most, knew about this.

Cundi said in a low voice, “I’m like you. The one who cursed us is called the Dark Forbidden Lord!”

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