Chapter 98: Initiation (3)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele rested for a while in the room and started meditating.

There were many ways for apprentices to meditate, and the meditation methods differed from one organization to another, but they all had similar effects.

Besides the rank and talent requirements, apprentices needed knowledge and resources to help them break the limit and ultimately become Wizards. Angele still needed Water of Asu and a suitable defensive spell. The meditation method he used was learned from Ramsoda School, and he found that its results were very close to the method’s he had learned from the Wizard book that Adolf had given him.

Nothing special happened during Angele’s stay in the hotel.

He barely communicated with others, and he did not even know their names. Most of the people in the hotel had the same purpose as Angele and spent their time checking the environment around the Moon Gin Manor every day. They weren’t interested in others, so no one tried to have a conversation with Angele. So besides meditating, he spent most of his time investigating the area, wanting to make sure he was relatively well prepared for entering the manor.

Angele found one strange thing about it - there were no animals that could be seen around it, not even insects. The grasses, trees, and any other plants also were non-existent. It looked like the whole area was ‘dead’. The only objects beside the manor’s cracked walls were black stones.

He investigated around the wall several times but gave up on the idea of going deeper after sensing the strange aura. He asked Zero to check the area, but sadly, nothing could be detected by the chip.

The chip was just a support tool and could not do everything for Angele. It buffed his five senses, but he still found no valuable information about the manor, which meant the mysterious power protecting the place was beyond his understanding. After several investigations, he decided to stay in the hotel and wait for the day to come.

Time flew, and the gap finally appeared on the date the squirrel mentioned.


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