Chapter 623 Dao Attainment! Dao Attainment!

“Thank you, Sect Master!”

Li Daokong suppressed his excitement. He knew that Han Jue would help him become a Sage, but he didn’t expect it to be so fast.

Since ancient times, which Sage had not experienced several calamities? They were as old as epochs.

Li Daokong was definitely young compared to his peers.

Han Jue closed his eyes and activated the Great Dao of Extreme Origin to drown Li Daokong.

Even as a Pseudo-Sage, Li Daokong couldn’t resist the Freedom Sage’s thoughts. His body stiffened and he subconsciously meditated, entering a state of Dao comprehension.

Han Jue didn’t need to especially preach the Dao to Li Daokong. He only needed to dissipate the Great Dao of Extreme Origin and continue cultivating.

Time pa.s.sed. ‘

Year after year pa.s.sed.

The Heavenly Dao Providence Board was always changed. Ever since Fang Liang established the Heavenly Dao, all the living beings in the Immortal World had sought refuge with him. Even the mortal worlds of the heavens had traces of Heavenly Dao disciples. His providence had increased.

One day, he suddenly occupied the top of the Heavenly Dao Providence Board, kicking Great ‘Loose Heaven down.

Everyone was in an uproar!

The Heavenly Dao had become the most famous sect in the world. More and more disciples wanted to join it. Fang Liang accepted all who came, but if they still committed sins after entering the Heavenly Dao, he would punish them severely, causing the Heavenly Dao to be even more righteous.

From the looks of it, Fang Liang was very likely to become a new Sage!

Fang Liang and Great Loose Heaven fought for glory, causing all living beings to ignore a name.

s.h.i.+ Dudao!

Ever since he had obtained the Primordial Purple Qi, s.h.i.+ Dudao’s providence had been rapidly increasing. He had silently entered the top ten.

Four thousand years pa.s.sed.

“I am s.h.i.+ Dudao. I have used the Invincible Dao to attain the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit. My t.i.tle is Sage Dudao. I have created an invincible domain. Those who step into it can obtain the protection of my providence!”


The heavens of the Immortal World trembled. All living beings felt a vast pressure envelop the world. Looking up, all living beings saw a pillar of light that connected the world and shot into the sky. It was unknown how high it was.

It was s.h.i.+ Dudao! s.h.i.+ Dudao, who had successfully attained the Dao, slowly rose among the Heavenly Dao merit. All the living beings in the Immortal World knelt down to the Sages and wanted to obtain their favor.

Pa.s.sing through the layers of sky, the mighty figures hidden in the various layers came to congratulate him.

s.h.i.+ Dudao was expressionless as he comprehended the Heavenly Dao Sage’s Dao Fruit.

“Is this a Sage?”

s.h.i.+ Dudao sighed in his mind. No wonder they said that everyone below the Sages was an ant. Once he became a Sage, he felt that he had far exceeded his previous state. In the past, if he appeared in front of him, he could crush him with a finger.

He suddenly found it ridiculous.

In the past, he still dared to challenge Sages. Fortunately, Sages were bound by the rules of the Heavenly Dao. Otherwise, he would have long died.

Soon, s.h.i.+ Dudao arrived outside the 33rd Heaven. The Sages came to congratulate him. Regardless of seniority, s.h.i.+ Dudao had successfully attained the Dao and was on the same level as them. Countless years later, they still had to manage the Heavenly Dao together.

Hundred Peak Immortal River.

Inside the Daoist temple.

Li Daokong frowned unhappily.

He didn’t expect s.h.i.+ Dudao to attain the Dao first.

For tens of thousands of years, the two of them had often fought. Although it was not a death grudge, they were definitely not on friendly terms.

In the entire Immortal World, very few people could be Li Daokong’s match. s.h.i.+ Dudao was one of them.

Apart from the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor, s.h.i.+ Dudao was undoubtedly the number one person below the Sages. Even Li Daokong had to admit it.

Han Jue said, “It’s your turn.”

Not long ago, Li Daokong had broken through to the perfected Pseudo-Sage Realm and was waiting to attain the Dao.

Han Jue took out a Primordial Purple Qi. This Primordial Purple Qi had been absolutely purified. Li Daokong could use it without worries.

“Do I need to make a great promise?” Li Daokong took the Primordial Purple Qį and asked carefully.

Han Jue said, “There’s no need. The Buzhou Divine Mountain has already given you great providence. You can attain the Dao with your strength, but you’re still a Heavenly Dao Sage. You’re just stronger than the other Merit Sages.”

Li Daokong’s cultivation path had absorbed too much Heavenly Dao providence. After attaining the Dao, he couldn’t sever his relations.h.i.+p with the Heavenly Dao. He could only be a Heavenly Dao Sage.

Han Jue was different. His cultivation didn’t rely on the providence of the Heavenly Dao. The Heavenly Dao merit he obtained was preserved by him alone, so his cultivation had nothing to do with the Heavenly Dao.

As for the Fusang Tree’s Spirit Qi, it was even more unrelated to the Heavenly Dao and was isolated by the Dao Field.

“Begin absorbing the Primordial Purple Qi. I’ll preach the Dao to you and help you,” Han Jue instructed. Li Daokong immediately adjusted his state of mind.

The Great Dao of Extreme Origin led Li Daokong into a state of Dao comprehension again. Han Jue had already attained the Dao and knew how to attain it. He used the Great Dao of Extreme Origin to guide Li Daokong’s Dharmic powers to a break through.

Achieving the Dao was not an ordinary breakthrough, but a huge leap in the essence of life. It required time.

In the vast universe, a huge planet stood alone in a corner.

On the planet, yellow sand filled the air. There was no water. The sky was covered by sand, like the scene of the end of the world.

Yang Du sat halfway up the mountain. The sand was repelled by an invisible force when it approached him.

He was severely injured. A huge hole had been opened in his chest, and his white bones were revealed. The wound was extremely terrifying. At the edge of the wound, a strange blood aura prevented his injuries from healing.

Yang Du gasped. His eyes were murky and he was silent.

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce in front of him began to twist like a vortex. A figure slowly appeared.

A figure of light could only be seen. It looked like a human and could not be seen.

Yang Du said, “Do it. I have nowhere to run.”

With that, he closed his eyes.

He accepted his fate.

The mysterious figure teased him. “Yang Du, as expected of one of the strongest Reincarnators in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. Why did you betray the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce?”

Yang Du snorted. “That’s right. You said that I’m the strongest Reincarnator, but what am I in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce? I still fight like an ant and never stop doing missions. Once I break the rules, I’ll still be punished. What’s the point of me living?

“Today, you better kill me. Otherwise, I’ll kill every Reincarnator I see! Until there’s no one left in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce!”

His tone was filled with ruthlessness.

The mysterious figure was silent.

After a long while…

The mysterious figure asked, “I’ll give you another chance. If you bow your head to the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce, I can help you speak and let you contribute to the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce again. Don’t forget, if not for the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce, you would have long been buried. How can you live for so long and enjoy your current status and power?

“Your status in the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce is low, but your status in the Earth Immortal World is not! People can’t forget their roots!”

Hearing this, Yang Du cursed. “Screw your mother and the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce! Kill me if you want to!”

He was so angry that he cursed in the manner of Earthlings.

The mysterious figure couldn’t help but laugh. “Alright, then die!”

Yang Du looked like he was about to die. His neck stretched out straight.

However, the mysterious figure did not kill him.

The mysterious figure suddenly changed the topic. “Looks like you’re really determined to leave the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce. Very good, then join our Infinite s.p.a.ce. As long as your contributions are high enough, I can even let you escape the vortex of doing missions and become a high and mighty G.o.d!”

Yang Du’s eyes widened in shock.

The mysterious figure waved his hand and healed his injuries.

“Do you really want to die? Don’t you want to continue taking revenge on the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce?” The mysterious figure asked.

Yang Du was silent. A few seconds later, he gritted his teeth and said, “Alright! I’ll join the Infinite s.p.a.ce!”

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