Chapter 97: Initiation (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

“I’m just a Light Squirrel. Traveler, you’re at Moss Mountain, and if you keep advancing, you’ll reach the Moon Gin Manor. I assume that's your destination after seeing your gear.”

Angele lowered his head and looked at the squirrel. “You’re right, I’m heading to the Moon Gin Manor, can you offer me any help? I need as much intel as possible. I’ll give you some white bread and salty peanuts in return.”

“I already traded my intel for food with three groups of adventurers, however, none of them came back. It’s not too late to go back,” Light Squirrel responded.

“Just tell me everything you know. I’ll make the decision myself.”

Angele smiled.


The squirrel shrugged and sat down by the Black Point Mushroom.

“I don’t know who built the Moon Gin Manor. I usually call it the Moon Gin Garden. During a specific time of year, I can smell a highly-concentrated flower based fragrance from it. Also, only humans tried to enter that place, the other species feared its mysterious aura. A Knight took his team into the garden not so long ago, and only one soldier survived. He escaped with a face covered in blood, and lost his mind later on.”

“I heard there are Dragon Scale Flower inside?” Angele said.

“Not just Dragon Scale Flowers, there are also many other rare plants like Star Light Grass, Hardin Grass, and Single Eye Flower.” Squirrel nodded. “Also…”

Angele had a general idea about the place based on the squirrel’s description.

He furrowed his eyebrows a bit. ‘It’s either an undeveloped resource point or some Wizard’s abandoned private resource point. The Wizard left the place and the barrier spell weakened, but he didn’t disarm all the traps. Then Snake of the Sand Forest found it due to luck and somehow managed to snatch a Dragon Scale Flower from it.’

The squirrel finished explaining everything to Angele, and he started thinking. Only a formal Wizard could create a resource point like that since it seemed like this point was still hidden, and its barrier remained. People needed to wait for it to open if they wished to enter.

“So… The gap appears once a year? Do you know when it will open again?” Angele asked again.

The squirrel did some calculations on the ground. “You need to wait another month. Birds will fly out of the manor when the gap appears, and they will rotate around this area for about an hour. This is the amount of time the gap stays open, so you need to get out before it closes. Otherwise you’ll be trapped inside the garden, forced to wait for the next time the gap appears.”

“One more month, huh?” Angele thought for a while and stood up. “Please follow me to my carriage. I will give you the food that I promised you, and thanks.”

“You’re welcome… hehe.”

The squirrel raised its claws, a weird smile on its face. It followed Angele, repeatedly shaking its tail.

Angele gave it a whole bag of snacks, and it happily went back into the forest. Angele watched Tom replace the wheel, but he was thinking about something else.

It took Tom a while to make sure everything was done correctly. He put the tools back and stood up.

“Master, it’s done.”


Angele nodded and jumped onto the carriage. They started advancing again.

Inside the carriage, Angele was not sleepy anymore. He looked out the window. The only things he could see were pine trees with no other travelers around. There were white stones lying on the grasses, and Angele saw strange creatures jumping between the bushes from time to time.

They traveled for about an hour until a fork appeared in the road ahead of them. There was a brown sign indicating the location names of the two places the different roads led to.

Angele asked Tom to stop and carefully checked the sign. Moon Gin Manor was on the left, and Moss Town was on the right.

He looked at the ground. There were prints of wheels, hooves, and footprints on the way to the right, but the way to the left was covered by weeds.

“Let’s go to the Moss Town first. Stay there and wait for me, I have some things to deal with,” Angele ordered.

“Got it.”

Tom nodded. Before he started the trip, Angele had already paid him 200 gold coins, and it was just a bonus besides the monthly salary. Those gold coins had helped his family a lot for which he was grateful. But he knew the trip was dangerous, so he decided to follow Angele’s instructions carefully.


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