Chapter 96: Initiation (1)

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Angele did not care that the girl had heard his words. He just opened the window and looked at the heavy rain. It splashed onto the window, and some of the rain drops wetted the surface of his clothes.

Suddenly, Angele heard bird twittering and wings shaking by the door.

A human-sized large white bird dropped down by the door, shaking the rain off its feathers. The bird looked like a white eagle with a red beak and slowly walked into the windmill. Its translucent beak looked like a ruby, and its black eyes were human-like.

The bird looked at the humans in the room after entering the windmill.

“The rain is heavy, and I have to stay here for a while. I hope you don’t mind, humans.”

The bird spoke Anmag, his voice steady and deep, and he sounded like a middle-aged man.

“You can stay as long as you want, it’s a public room, Handsome Eagle of Byrutium,” the girl in red said after stepping forward and bowing. The middle-aged man and the old woman also bowed to the eagle.

The two coachmen stood up immediately and bowed as well; there was fear in their eyes.

The eagle nodded. It seemed like he was respected by the citizens. Then he turned his head and looked at Angele.

“My name is Conbass, you can call me Mr. Conbass. I’m going after an Ember Mouse found in Lennon City. Please report to me if you’ve seen it, and the King will honor you for your contribution.”

Angele scrunched his eyebrows after hearing the eagle’s words.

“You mean the mouse that has a fire burning around its body? The one that will leave a trail of ash behind itself as it moves?” he suddenly asked. “I didn’t know creatures like that still existed.”

“You know about it too?” Conbass asked Angele politely, looking surprised.

Although Conbass was one of the races that guarded the empire, it was still necessary for him to show respect to the ones that were stronger than him. Creatures from gifted races were usually born with knight-level power.

Ember Mouse was an ancient creature, and people who knew it either had a lot of knowledge or they were strong adventurers. Conbass thought people with wisdom and knowledge were respectable.

“Yes, I read about it in a book.” Angele nodded. “Based on what I know, Ember Mouse’s fecundity is extremely low, and they were hunted to extinction hundreds of years ago. Yet you said you’re going after one...?”

Conbass nodded. “You are right. This Ember Mouse is very important for treating the plague, but I don’t know the details. I’m just doing what I was told to do.”

“The plague… Sorry, I didn’t see it. The only thing I know is you should check the fireplaces in the city, Ember Mouse loves living in human houses.”

Angele smiled.

“Really? That’s some great information.” Conbass looked at Angele. “Please tell me your name. If I can find it in any of the fireplaces, I’ll pay you back one day.”

“I’m Angele. Angele Rio.”

He smiled.

The others had no idea what the two were talking about and were quietly listening to the conversation. Apparently, those people did not expect Angele to be so knowledgeable, and they were now staring at him respectfully.

Angele talked with Conbass for a while, then sat down to wait for the rain to stop.

Eagle of Byrutium was a guardian race in Ramsoda Empire. These eagles were given high ranks in the country by the royals since their intelligence level was very close to that of humans, and they all had strong bodies. They could easily hunt large beasts with their sharp claws.

These creatures shared the land with human beings, something Angele had never seen back in his hometown. Only humans lived in his father’s territory, so he thought that other races with high intelligence had probably moved to other lands. He only encountered them in ancient book collections.

Eagle of Byrutium had low fecundity as well, but their situation had gotten much better in the recent years. People could see them flying around by the capital from time to time.

The rain started ceasing as time passed.

At 10:12 am., the rain stopped.

Angele wiped off the dust from his suit and walked out of the windmill. Conbass and the others followed behind him.

He opened the door and entered his carriage, asking Tom to start driving.

“Please wait for a second, Mr. Angele,” Conbass’s voice came from the side. He stood on top of the carriage.

“You need anything?” Angele asked.

Conbass pulled out a white feather with his beak and threw it down. Angele reached his hands out and caught it in the air.

“This is my feather. I may have some more questions for you later, so please accept it as a gift.”


Angele nodded. He held the feather in his hand, watching Conbass fly into the sky. He was fast and disappeared in the distance within seconds.

Angele observed the feather. Its size was much larger than of the average birds, and it was also very hard. The tip of the feather was sharp, and it actually looked like a piece of a huge leaf.

The feather’s color was pure white, and it looked charming.

‘I heard Eagles of Byrutium can find the location of the feathers they drop, but the effect only lasts for three days,’ Angele recalled the information he had acquired from the books in the library.

‘The main usage of the feather is to expel insects. Normal insects will naturally try to avoid it, so carrying it will prevent me from getting bitten by flies.’

Angele sniffed at the feather, it was minty.

“Let’s go, Tom,” he said, putting the feather in his pouch

Tom immediately pulled on the reins, turning away from where he was watching Conbass leaving.

“As you wish, Master.”

The horses stomped on the ground and the carriage slowly left the windmill. They were moving toward the main road.


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