Chapter 93: Interrogation (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele scrunched his eyebrows.

“That’s how this place smells, I hope you don’t mind.” The guard smiled. “You can take this lamp with you, and it’ll warm you up.” He tried to hand over the lamp in his hand.

“It’s fine.” Angele pulled his collar up again and walked inside.

He quickly reached a stone cell after walking down the hallway. In the middle of the cell, there was a staircase leading underground. It looked like a cracked well. Angele looked down and saw torches on the walls making the underground area bright.

He could hear screams from the prisoners clearer here.

He stepped on the stairs and walked down. There were rows of empty cells on the sides. Angele could see feces and blood stains inside them. There was a rotten smell in the underground area; the place stank.

Several patrolling guards walked toward Angele and bowed to him. The captain asked the others to keep patrolling while he led the way for Angele.

They turned right after several intersections, and the smell got even worse.

The captain stopped by a cell on the left and opened it with one of the keys he carried.

“The person you’re looking for is in this cell, but I suggest you don’t stay here for too long. She is dying, and I doubt she’ll survive the night,” the captain said in a low voice.

Angele nodded and walked inside the cell.

The only ‘bed’ inside was a pile of wheat straws. A woman in black lay on those straws, unmoving. The stink from the feces mixed with the rotting wound smell and filled up the air. Angele’s eyebrows came together again, and he felt a bit sick.

“Still breathing?” Angele kicked the woman with his boot.

The woman moved a bit and struggled for a while. She turned her head over and opened her eyes slowly. “Who are you...?” She groaned, sounding extremely weak.

Angele just noticed that the woman had a balanced body. Although her face was covered by a mask, he thought she must be a beautiful woman just by the look of her eyes.

However, he did not care if the woman was beautiful or not—she was just an object that would help him reach his goal. Also, he could not think of anything else in such a ridiculous environment.

“The last hideout of Snake of Sand Forest has been destroyed. You would’ve been tortured to death if I hadn’t asked them to let you live,” Angele said in a light tone. “Apparently, they misunderstood my order and saved the most beautiful woman for me. However, I just wanted a living one that could speak.”

The woman on the ground stared at Angele. “Are you asking me to thank you for saving my life? Ha…”

“What are you laughing at? As a mortal, you should learn to appreciate my kindness.”

Angele narrowed his eyes.

“Go kill yourself! You phony bastard! Insect! You think I'll trust your crap?” The woman tried her best to increase her voice. It seemed like the anger made her head clear.

“I’m not interested in your problems with the Lennon City. The only thing I care about is the Dragon Scale Flower,” Angele said calmly.

“Heh… Do you really think Snake of Sand Forest is all we’ve got?” The woman sneered, still staring at Angele. “Wait for it, Vansalla will bring the hope to us!”

“Again, I don’t care about what you do. The only thing I need is the intel about Dragon Scale Flower. Tell me where to find it, and I can think about letting you go.”

Angele looked at her. Although he no longer needed the Dragon Scale Flower, he still wanted to use it to trade for other resources after he returned to the school.

For that reason, he was trying his best to find clues about the flower.

“Bastard!” the woman cursed.

“I already told you, I can let you leave if you tell me where I can find it,” Angele repeated his words.

“I know where you can find it, but why should I trust you? Scum like you never keeps their promises!” The woman turned her head toward the wall.

“You…” Angele was getting nervous.

“Do whatever you want! Scum! I’d rather feed the flower to a dog than give it to you!”

“What do you want? Say it.”

Angele calmed down.

The woman did not know Angele was serious and thought for a while.

“Take me out first. It’s too dirty here,” she said.


Angele turned back, walked out, and talked to the guards.

Ten minutes later.

They were taken to a lounge with a campfire burning in the middle of the room, and Angele asked the guards to leave.

The woman lied down on a long chair. Angele stared at her and said in a cold voice, “Tell me about the flower now.”

“Not yet,” the woman responded in a cold tone as well. “Give me a glass of milk and some bread, I’m hungry.”

The guards brought her white bread and milk quickly after Angele asked.

He sat in a chair with his legs crossed, watching the woman devour the bread. She almost choked on it several times.

“What else do you want? Speak.”

The woman raised her head and looked at Angele. “First, let me take a shower. Second, get me out of here. I will tell you everything I know about the Dragon Scale Flower after.”


Angele thought the woman was not asking too much.

“Who gives you the right to release a prisoner, Master Angele!” someone shouted.

The door of the lounge was pushed open, and a tall man in white leather armor suit walked in. The man put his right hand on the handle of his sword, not looking happy.

“Who gives you the right to question me like that? Knight Ali…” Angele’s expression changed, and he stood up.

Knight Ali worked for the Zweig family. He was also at the auction hall that day, but for some reason, he did not like Angele from the moment they met. And since he oversaw this prison, he had rushed into the room after hearing Angele was trying to release a prisoner.

“Without my approval, no prisoner will be released!” Ali said in a cold voice.

“Without your approval? Who are you? You’re nothing but a dog from Zweig Family! How dare you question my decision.”

Ali suddenly drew his sword after hearing Angele’s words and stared at Angele in anger.

Before Ali could charge towards him, he heard the guards’ voices coming from outside the door.

“Mr. Siv.”

“Mr. Siv, you’re back.”

Ali returned his sword to the sheath. “You are lucky Siv is back, otherwise I would kick your arrogant ass, scum.”

Angele sneered, “I can say the same.”

Ali stared at Angele for a while, then turned back.


Ali swung his right hand and a silver flash flew toward the woman on the chair—it was a silver dagger.

“You’re dead!” Angele yelled in anger.

He quickly kicked the chair down and knocked the woman off it. His reaction was fast enough to save the woman’s life.

Angele covered his right hand with negative energy particles and tried to hit Ali’s face with it.

Ali knew Angele would go for him and quickly backed off.


A silver broadsword blocked Angele’s attack, and his hand hit the blade. The black smoke disappeared after the contact.

“Master Angele, please calm down. Knight Ali didn’t mean it.”

A man stood in front of Ali, wearing a white armor suit, and he started returning his broadsword back to the sheath.

“Didn’t mean it? Knight Siv, I thought you were neutral in situations like this? What? You want to protect Ali?” Angele lowered his hand and spoke in a cold voice.

“I’m just following the codes. This is an important prison, and no fights are allowed here.” Siv’s face was covered by the helmet, and he was speaking with no emotion.

Ali’s face turned pale. He stood behind Siv, finally aware that the rumors about Angele were real.

“What was that black smoke? Knight Siv, did you see that? He was trying to kill me. That black smoke must be some vicious curse. This man was trying to attack a formal Knight. I will report the event to Harland for sure!”

“Knight Ali, please calm down,” Knight Siv said calmly.

Ali held the handle of his sword tight, giving Angele a hard look.

Angele did not care. “I was granted the right to give orders to the city by Lord Alford, and releasing a prisoner isn’t a violation of any rule to me. You can report to whoever you want, but if you try to attack me again, I will make you pay.”

Ali opened his mouth and wanted to say something in return, but he hesitated and ended up saying nothing. He knew Angele was seriously trying to kill him and decided not to provoke him any further.

He had thought that the rumors of Angele slaying a Glowing Elephant were exaggerating, but he now knew that Angele was strong after facing him in person. The power Angele had was not something Ali could handle. For the first time, he experienced the fear of fighting against a man that had a mysterious power.

“Let’s go!” Ali shouted and left. Siv bowed to Angele before leaving, and it seemed like he had business with Ali.

Angele blinked his eyes and walked around.

He finally sat down after a while. The woman had already picked herself up and laid her back against the wall beside the fireplace. She was thinking about something while watching Angele moving around.

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