Chapter 91: The Auction (4)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

“I will feel happy just by looking at it, and it will bring fame to my whole family. I’m sure If I can win the auction, my life will be more complete!”

Tinos was so excited that he almost jumped out of the sofa.

Angele shook his head, speechless.


Someone pushed the door open from outside while everyone was still staring at the gem.

People finally stopped looking and turned back to see what was going on. They also started chatting again. A young girl in a black one-piece appeared by the door, slowly walking toward the auction block. She looked calm, and it seemed the two guards knew who she was. They hesitated to stop the girl from advancing.

“Ness! Do you know what you are doing!” a deep voice came from the third private room.

“Ness? The daughter of…”

“It’s her…”

The nobles started to talk about the girl. It seemed like most of them knew her.

Tinos stood up and walked toward Angele. He looked down the glass.

“That’s Ness Zweig, the girl I told you about. Finally, it begins.”

Tinos had a delighted smile on his face.

“I really don’t care… It’s just an average sad love story.”

Angele poured himself another glass of fruit wine.

“Come on, it’s not just that. I wouldn’t bring you here if it was just a dumb story.” Tinos smiled, “Ness’ lover is named Anyua, and the treasure he took from his family was really important. The item was almost the cornerstone of his family.”

“Huh? Really? I thought it was the gem.”

Angele was a bit surprised.

“You know about the concept gears, right?” Tinos swirled his glass and sipped some milk. Some white liquid stuck to the corner of his mouth, and he licked it off. The scene was a bit frustrating to watch.

Angele turned to the other side and nodded. “I heard the Sun of the Tribe was a concept gear, and such gears were crafted by the Wizards or Alchemists from the Vlasov’s era. The amount of time required to equip the gear was reduced to the minimum, but the crafting method was long gone.”

“This treasure is related to concept gears.”

Tinos had a mysterious smile no his face.

“Is it? Finally, something exciting.”

“You’ll see.”


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