Chapter 90: The Auction (3)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele stopped talking and stood quietly in front of the glass, sipping the fruit wine slowly.

The room’s temperature was higher than outside, and Angele decided to loosen his collar. His strong chest was exposed to the air while he looked attentively at the auction hall.

The hall got noisier as more people entered through the door. After about ten minutes, all the red chairs in the hall were filled up and the door was closed. Two guards in black heavy armor suits with axes in their hands stood on both sides of the door.

An old man wearing glasses walked toward the auction block. His hair was all white, even the on his beard. The man had a serious look on his face, and there was a gavel in his hand.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Mincola Auction Market. I am Pierre from the Nalin Street, and I will be your auctioneer today. I think you all already know where today’s items came from, so I will stop it here. All right, everyone, the auction starts now!” The old man wasted no time and hit the sound block with the gavel.

The auction hall quieted down after several seconds, most of the people staring at the auction block. Some people were still whispering, but they were not disturbing the auctioneer.

“First item to start the auction is the Silver Sand from Merfolk. It’s beautiful and very valuable,” the old man shouted out.

Two strong half-naked men carried in a black metal box with two swordsmen escorting them. The latter were wearing leather armor pieces and kept glancing around.

The black box was put down by the block, and one of the men opened it quickly. The box was filled up with silver sand. The sand was very smooth and shined under the light.

“Silver Sand is one of the Merfolk’s major exports. It’s very rare, and it will make your skin smoother if you apply some on your body during showers. It is also great for general skin care.”

Before the old man could finish his words, the ladies and girls were already getting excited.

“2000 gold coins!” a middle-aged noble lady shouted out, swinging the number sign in her hand.

“2200!” A young girl raised her sign.

“2300!” someone else shouted.

The number kept increasing during the next several minutes, and many people were still bidding.

Finally, several bidders gave up because the number was getting a bit ridiculous, but there were still people bidding.

“5000 gold coins!” a young noble man stood up and yelled out.

“6000,” someone in the first private room on the second floor said.

“7000.” The young man looked at the private room and increased the bid again.

“8000 gold coins.” The man in the private room did not stop.

The hall became quiet after hearing the number, but the young man was still standing. He wiped off the number on the sign and wrote down something else.

“10 000!” he yelled and raised the sign. “I will pay 10 000 gold coins.”

Most of the nobles shook their heads and lowered down the signs. A full box of Silver Sand cost about 6000 gold coins in regular luxury markets. It was hard to find, but they would not pay 10 000 for the sand in an auction market.


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