Chapter 630 Fall of a Deity, Chaos of Order

Half a month later!

Han Jue had already deducted nearly 5 quadrillion years of his lifespan. His eyes began to fill with blood. This was a huge gamble. A huge waste of lifespan! During this period of time, three emails appeared.

(Your enemy, the Chaotic Deity, has suffered damage to his Dao heart due to your curse.]

[Because of your curse, the Chaotic Mental Demon has invaded your enemy Chaotic Deity’s Dao heart.]

(Because of your curse, the Great Dao of your enemy, the Chaotic Deity, has entered chaos. The power of order has begun to collapse.) With another 5 quadrillion years of lifespan, the Chaotic Deity should be crippled. Han Jue gritted his teeth and persisted.

There was nothing wrong with his body for the time being, but his lifespan had been deducted until his heart bled.

5 quadrillion years.

Even the Heavenly Dao probably did not exist for so long! “Bear with it. If I can curse the Chaotic Deity to death, the other enemies will probably be shocked.”

Han Jue felt relieved.

In terms of strength, he was inferior to the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End.

He couldn’t be bothered to play tricks.

No matter how powerful and how scheming you are, I will use this sinister method to break through!

(The Chaotic Deity sent you a dream. Do you accept?] (The Chaotic Deity sent you a dream. Do you accept?)

(The Chaotic Deity sent you a dream. Do you accept?]

These notifications suddenly appeared in front of Han Jue.

He was stunned. The Chaotic Deity had already discovered that he was the Dark Forbidden Lord? Killing intent instantly burst out from Han Jue’s eyes. Then, you’ll die even more thoroughly! After grinding dozens of times, the Chaotic Deity no longer tried to visit him in his dreams, but Han Jue’s curse was still ongoing.

When Han Jue consumed nearly 8 quadrillion years of his lifespan, he saw two more emails.

[Your enemy, the Chaotic Deity, has suffered damage to his Dao heart due to your curse.]

(Your enemy, the Chaotic Deity, used a Dao Division Divine Technique to disperse karma and the chaos lost order.]

Han Jue’s curse missed.

This feeling was very strange, but it was also very obvious. He couldn’t curse the Chaotic Deity, as if he had already died.

Han Jue checked his interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps and discovered that the Chaotic Deity’s portrait was still there.

This fellow…

Not bad.

Han Jue asked in his mind, “What’s the Chaotic Deity’s state now?”

(160 billion years of lifespan will be consumed. Do you want to continue?]


[The Chaotic Deity dispersed karma and his soul dispersed into the chaos. Although he didn’t die completely, the threat he poses to you is temporarily nullified.]

Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief and felt comfortable.

He looked at the Book of Misfortune. As expected of a Freedom Numinous Treasure. How powerful! The Book of Misfortune was technically trash. Its only characteristic was that it couldn’t be deduced by others. Its curse power consumed too much lifespan. If it was thrown to other living beings, they would probably treat it as evil and not dare to use it.

Han Jue nurtured it step by step until now. In addition, his lifespan was already terrifying, so it could have such an effect. [Dijun sent you a dream. Do you accept?]

Another dream notification appeared. Han Jue hesitated for a moment but still chose to accept it. His ident.i.ty as the Dark Forbidden Lord might have been exposed, but he still wanted to act. As long as he did not admit it, it did not count!

This was a dream realm above the sea of clouds. The scene was beautiful, the wind was gentle, and the sun was beautiful.

Dijun stared at him and asked, “Do you know the Dark Forbidden Lord?”

Han Jue frowned. “Why do you ask?”

“Are you really being cursed?”

“Of course! What, you think I’m the Dark Forbidden Lord and want to blame me?

I, Han Jue, have always been in seclusion and don’t take the initiative to provoke others, but I’m not afraid of trouble.

If you insist on slandering me, I won’t admit it!”

Han Jue said indignantly, “Senior, you’ve visited me in my dreams several times recently. You’ve changed. You’re always testing me. Have you forgotten that you wanted to fight for opportunities for me in the past? Why are you like this? What did I do wrong that made you dissatisfied?

Remember, I didn’t use your help!”

Hearing that, Dijun frowned.

He sighed and said, “Something big has happened in the Chaos.”

“What does the incident in the Chaos have to do with me? Other than the last time I dealt with the Dark Sage King, I didn’t leave the Immortal World!”

Han Jue was still furious.

Dijun said faintly, “The Chaotic Deity who controls the Chaotic Order was cursed by the Dark Forbidden Lord and died. Now that the Chaotic Order is in chaos, those restrained sinister devils will wreak havoc in the chaos.

Even the restrictions of the Ancient Desolate will loosen.”

“Who is the Chaotic Deity? What evil devil? The restrictions of the Ancient Desolate? What’s hidden there?”

Han Jue looked confused. It didn’t matter if Dijun believed it or not. In his mind, he wasn’t the Dark Forbidden Lord at all! He didn’t know the Chaotic Deity at all! Dijun sighed. “I hope you have nothing to do with the Dark Forbidden Lord. Otherwise, you will be implicated.”

With that, Dijun waved his sleeve and the dream shattered.

Han Jue’s consciousness returned to reality.

[Dijun’s hatred towards you has increased. Current Hatred Points: 3 stars]


Sages really knew how to change sides. Han Jue couldn’t be bothered to guess if Dijun believed him.

In any case, he was hiding in the Dao Field. He would curse whoever provoked him!

He adjusted his state of mind and continued cultivating

In the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End, at the top of a huge tower, more than ten mysterious figures gathered in the hall.

One of the figures said in a low voice, “He doesn’t admit it.”

It was Dijun.

“It’s normal for him to deny it.”

“Didn’t he just attain freedom? How can he curse the Chaotic Deity to death?”

“That’s right. The higher one’s cultivation realm goes, the greater the difference. Even if a Great Dao Sage is defenseless, it’s impossible for him to be killed by a Freedom Sage.”

“Is the Dark Forbidden Lord really from the Heavenly Dao?”

“Now that the Chaotic Deity has perished, the Dao Devils in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End have begun to kill without restraint. We still have to guard against the restrictions of the Ancient Desolate.”

“Compared to the Dao Devils, the existence in the Ancient Desolate is what we should be most afraid of.”

The other figures spoke.

Cundi, Nüwa, and f.u.xitian were among them.

Nüwa sighed. “We shouldn’t have sent the Dark Sage King to attack the Heavenly Dao. I think the Dark Forbidden Lord should have nothing to do with Han Jue. Only one person might be the Dark Forbidden Lord and is most suitable for his strength.”

All the figures were silent.

Nüwa didn’t say it clearly, but they all knew.

Dao Ancestor! They could visit Han Jue in his dreams, but they couldn’t deduce who the Dark Forbidden Lord was.

There was only one existence that could make them so helpless, and that was the Dao Ancestor!

A tall figure said, “Perhaps the reason why the Dark Forbidden Lord targeted the Chaotic Deity is not to protect the Heavenly Dao.”

“What do you mean?” Dijun asked.

The tall figure said, “Legend has it that the Dao Ancestor established the Ancient Desolate and suppressed all the providence of the Primordial World in the Ancient Desolate, including the Buzhou Divine Mountain, the Endless Sea of Blood, the Ancestral Magus’s corpse, and the Heavenly Sect Master.

The Buzhou Divine Mountain is Pangu’s spine. The Ancestral Magus is Pangu’s blood essence. The Heavenly Sect Master is formed by Pangu’s Essence Soul…”

Everyone was shocked.

“What? You mean that the Dao Ancestor wants to revive Pangu?”

“How is that possible? Has he gone mad?”

“Indeed. The Dao Ancestor seems to be afraid of something. If he’s not a match, he can only hope to revive Pangu, the ancestor of legends, and seek a way out…”

“This… If Pangu revived and discovered that we were plotting against the Heavenly Dao…” Panic and uneasiness began to fill the hall.

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