Chapter 89: The Auction (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

He had had the same feeling while reading the formula of Awakening Potion. The formula itself had no secret, but it was the arrangement of runes and words that made Angele feel like those formulas were from the ancient times.

The strange feeling only occurred when Angele was reading the formula with his eyes, and he did not feel anything while checking it in the chip’s storage.

He stared at the formula for a while, but could not come to any conclusion. Putting the formula back, he pushed the book into the shelf. He applied some negative energy particles onto the book, so only Wizards would be able to open it without getting hurt.

‘This place is not safe enough, I probably need to find a new place to live. I can still use the shop to sell the potions I crafted and make some good money off it.’

The shop was quiet and nice, but Angele thought security was a major issue. Also, he had a lot more equipment and materials that needed a larger storage space.

The brown bookshelf had two levels. The first level had all the books in it, and two boxes were sitting on the second level. The smaller one had the red pearls Angele had obtained through the school missions. He took the other, the large black one, off the shelf with many strange lines and runes drawn on its surface.

Angele opened the box carefully. There were two beating hearts inside it, and the strange-looking hearts were glowing due to all the green flames raising out of them.

“Hearts of Glowing Elephants… I can make them into enchanted items, but I feel like it’s a waste. I don’t think I’ll find anything like them again,” Angele mumbled. “If I have all the necessary information, I should be able to use them for the cores of my servants.”

Angele shook his head and grabbed the two hearts.

‘Zero, do you have a better plan than making them into enchanted items?’ he inquired.


Enchantment Plan A: Low-level enchanted items.

Enchantment Plan B: One-time enchanted items.’

‘One-time enchanted items… I never thought of that. Are they powerful?’ Angele asked.

‘They will be 12.7 times more powerful than low-level enchanted items.’

Angele narrowed his eyes. ‘I will make one low-level enchanted item first. If I can succeed in the first try, I will be able to…’

‘Mission created, time required: 7.12 days. Energy consumed: 11.4 degrees. Mentality consumed: 9.’


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