Chapter 633 Mysterious Powerful Enemy

Hearing the shouts of the surrounding Heavenly Court soldiers, Han Jue had a strange expression. What happened? The Heavenly Court had begun to protect the Heavenly Dao?

Several eras… Han Jue thought that the Evil Heavenly Emperor would be plotted against in a few years. He didn’t expect him to still be able to sweep through the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End.

It seemed that the Evil Heavenly Emperor had not completely turned dark. At this moment!

Han Jue saw a light appear in the darkness behind the Evil Heavenly Emperor. It quickly expanded and illuminated the Dark Forbidden Zone.

Han Tuo suddenly jumped up and took out a golden spear with black patterns. He roared hoa.r.s.ely, “He’s here! Prepare for battle!” A terrifying figure emerged from Han Tuo’s body. It was the Dharma idol of a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. Yi Tian roared at the sky. His body quickly grew taller and transformed into a terrifying figure that was ten million feet tall. His upper body was like a human and his lower body was like a flood dragon. His muscles were like they were cast from iron. He had three heads and six arms and had a sinister expression. As his white hair fluttered, four vertical eyes appeared on his face. Han Jue saw that light rus.h.i.+ng over at an extremely terrifying speed. The surrounding immortals of the Heavenly Court instantly turned into dust.

The illusion shattered! In a daze, Han Jue saw that half of the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s body had also turned into dust.

When he opened his eyes again, Han Jue’s consciousness had already returned to reality.

He frowned. Who was the Heavenly Court facing? Although it happened several eras later, when facing such an unknown opponent, he had to know in advance and prepare in advance.

Han Jue liked to kill the terrifying big boss in his cradle.

How dangerous would it be when the enemy came knocking on his door!

“I want to know who the enemy that the Heavenly Court encountered in the illusion was?” Han Jue asked in his mind.

[It involves karma that the current limits of the system. It cannot be deduced.] So powerful? Han Jue frowned.

Could it be that the Dao Ancestor had turned evil? No, it might be the mysterious existence that forced the Dao Ancestor to disappear! Unable to figure it out, Han Jue could only give up. It was still a long time away. In other words, it was a good thing that Han Tuo followed the Evil Heavenly Emperor. As for the terrifying existence he encountered in the end, it was not targeted at the Heavenly Court, but the entire Chaos.

In that case, it was good to let Han Tuo follow the Evil Heavenly Emperor.

It could be considered making up for the fact that Han Jue didn’t serve the Evil Heavenly Emperor back then.

“I have to reevaluate the Evil Heavenly Emperor. He should only hate the Heavenly Dao Sages and still care about the Heavenly Dao.”

Han Jue thought.

If the Evil Heavenly Emperor didn’t become corrupted, he could support that Heavenly Court. Han Jue didn’t have many true friends in this life. The Evil Heavenly Emperor was definitely his best friend. Han Jue was still a little happy to see the Evil Heavenly Emperor’s future. The Evil Heavenly Emperor was not blinded by revenge! The more Han Jue thought about it, the happier he became.

He looked at Great Loose Heaven.

In the past few years, Great Loose Heaven had already completely integrated into the Hundred Peak Immortal River. He was also cultivating under the Fusang Tree. It was worth mentioning that he was once good friends with Chu s.h.i.+ren in his previous life.

At first, the Great Loose Heaven was also shocked by the sect’s foundation. The number of Immortal Emperors here was simply terrifying. Now, he had already completely taken on the ident.i.ty of a Hidden Sect disciple. He usually did not put on airs when facing personal disciples. “It’s a waste to give him the Great Dao Purple Qi. The other personal disciples will definitely have objections.”

Han Jue thought. Among his disciples, Dao Sovereign was still far from attaining the Dao. There was no need to mention the others. It took a long time for a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal to reach the Pseudo-Sage Realm. It was even more so for an early-stage and perfected Pseudo-Sage. How did the Sages outside the Heavenly Dao break through?

Han Jue felt that the Primordial Purple Qi was not necessary. There had to be another way.

He would see in the future.

Han Jue continued to pay attention to the other outer sect disciples of the Hidden Sect.

The Holy Mother Sect had already become a top-notch force in the Immortal World. It had more than a hundred million disciples, and all of them were female. Their cultivation levels were uneven, and their forces even spread to some mortal worlds.

Li Yao also became famous in the Immortal World. With the Holy Mother Sect’s providence, her cultivation had already reached the late-stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm and was chasing after Dao Sovereign. Dao Sovereign had just stepped into the perfected Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm not long ago, but it was not so easy to become a Pseudo-Sage. His gaze landed on the 13th Heaven. Ever since the dust settled on Meng Xiao’s case, the Heavenly Race had become much more desolate. Many immortals and G.o.ds had joined the Heavenly Dao Sect. The various races in the Immortal World were not convinced by the Heavenly Race. In conclusion, the Heavenly Race had lost the hearts of the people. Ji Xianshen seemed to be deeply affected. He had been in seclusion and did not save the Heavenly Race’s image. After observing, Han Jue retracted his gaze and continued cultivating.

It was very difficult to cultivate in the Freedom Realm. Han Jue couldn’t relax. His goal was to catch up to the Great Dao Sages and surpa.s.s them.

Spring pa.s.sed and autumn came. The situation in the Immortal World changed.

Another two thousand years pa.s.sed. There were no longer any demons in the Immortal World. The Ancient Race and the Famous Race were on opposite sides. The number of living beings was immeasurable. Han Jue ended his seclusion again and opened his eyes.

He habitually checked his emails. The recent emails were no different from the past. No information attracted him for the time being. It was worth mentioning that the outside of the Heavenly Dao was still ravaged by the Inauspicious Evil and Dao Devils. Han Jue closed the emails, and his Sage Sense swept through the Immortal World. He suddenly discovered that rolling Chaotic Qi was gathered on the east side of the Immortal World. It was like a long bridge that disappeared into the darkness.

Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce and discovered that he couldn’t see anything.

He placed his gaze outside the 33rd Heaven. At this moment, the Sages were gathered in the Universal Hall as if they were discussing something. Even the Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage was there.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du sensed Han Jue’s gaze and said, “Fellow Daoist Han, can you come?” Hearing this, Han Jue hesitated for a moment but still headed towards the 33rd Heaven. In any case, he was absolutely safe within the Heavenly Dao. After entering the hall, the Sages nodded at him. Li Daokong, s.h.i.+ Dudao, and Fang Liang were also there. Li Daokong and Fang Liang even stood up to welcome him.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du gestured for Han Jue to sit beside him. Han Jue didn’t stand on ceremony and sat on his left.

Han Jue felt a gaze. It was the Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage. This fellow was filled with the domineering aura of an emperor. He wore a dragon robe and was completely different from the other Sages. He was very eye-catching. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “I just went to the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End not long ago. It’s in chaos. It’s said that the Chaotic Deity who controls the Chaotic Order was cursed to death by the Dark Forbidden Lord. Those evil existences restricted by the Chaotic Deity have begun to wreak havoc in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. Many mighty figures have already moved their Dao Fields out of the Deity Realm.”

The Sages were moved.

s.h.i.+ Dudao was expressionless, but he was pleasantly surprised. The Dark Forbidden Lord was so strong? It seemed that his choice was correct! Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du continued, “The Heavenly Dao is the only paradise. This will be our opportunity. I have decided to expand the Heavenly Dao and let the Heavenly Dao Domain expand to accommodate more living beings. As time, it will also accommodate more Sages.”

The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate frowned. “Can we accommodate more Sages just by expanding our territory?”

The other Sages also found it strange. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “I think we can give it a try. All of you, review the history. Don’t you realize that the world created by Giant G.o.d Pangu has been shrinking? Every time the Sages fight, the Dao Ancestor will take the opportunity to split the Heavenly Dao Heaven and Earth. Where did those worlds that were split go?”

The Sages looked at each other. Han Jue sighed secretly. This fellow really wanted the Heavenly Dao to prosper. For this, he even dared to question the Dao Ancestor.

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