Chapter 635 Calamity of the Heavens

The Golden Crow torrent unleashed by the black bell pierced through the 33rd Heaven. The temperature of the entire Immortal World increased rapidly, as did the mortal worlds far away.

Han Jue condensed the Devour Fiendcelestial Dharma idol. His figure was like a giant demon. He opened his huge black hole-like mouth and swallowed countless Golden Crows. Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage cursed silently. “Why can’t I capture the past him?”

Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage frowned in confusion.

He had relied on this Mystical Power to dominate the same realm. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation.

Han Jue didn’t care what he thought. He condensed the Imprisonment Fiendcelestial and the Traversal Fiendcelestial, fusing the two powers into his body.

Almost instantly, Han Jue moved behind Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage. The other party vanished into thin air, and Han Jue traveled again.

The two Sages chased each other, their figures leaving behind dazzling afterimages outside the 33rd Heaven

The Sages were dazzled. s.h.i.+ Dudao clenched his fists in his sleeves and gritted his teeth. “What speed is this… No, it’s no longer speed, it’s Dao!” That’s right, Han Jue and Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage’s movement was no longer speed, but Dao’s judgment. In the blink of an eye, hundreds of millions of shadows appeared and occupied the void.

Several breaths later.

Han Jue struck Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage’s back with his palm. The Great Dao of Imprisonment erupted and instantly imprisoned


“How can this be!”

Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage was shocked. What Great Dao was this?

It actually made his Freedom Power unable to be activated!

Han Jue had already used more than one Great Dao power. What kind of existence was this kid?

Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage had no choice but to control the black bell to protect him. Han Jue condensed dozens of Chaotic Fiendcelestial Dharma Idols and surrounded the black bell.


The black bell shattered and turned into countless stars that scattered as if a sea of stars had suddenly been born.

Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Impossible! His Supreme Treasure was shattered so quickly! Han Jue killed Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage again. Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage revived as well. Han Jue imprisoned him again. He caught Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage in his hand, but he directly self-destructed, wanting to escape the Great Dao of Imprisonment. Han Jue caught him again. The two of them continued the loop. Han Jue had a headache. Just like in the simulation trial, he couldn’t subdue Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage. Unlike other enemies, Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage was an existence at the perfected Freedom Realm. Han Jue’s imprisonment power couldn’t stop him from self-destructing. Han Jue couldn’t admit defeat. If he stopped, Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage would definitely become arrogant and think that he could do whatever he wanted just because Han Jue could not.

He had to beat this fellow up!

A hundred times!

A thousand times!

Ten thousand times!

A hundred thousand times!

A million times!

Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage was in despair. He had self-destructed a million times but still couldn’t escape his fate of being imprisoned. Han Jue was too serious!

Although the Sages couldn’t see what was happening clearly, they could feel the powerful aura of the Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage disappearing and reappearing. This meant that he was completely suppressed by Han Jue. Facing an opponent that he couldn’t kill at all, Han Jue persevered and didn’t seem tired at all. The Sages recognized him again. How ruthless! Who dared to provoke such a difficult enemy? Fortunately, they were not Han Jue’s mortal enemies.

Even s.h.i.+ Dudao was terrified. He wasn’t afraid that the enemy was powerful and invincible, but that he was also so difficult to deal with. Being targeted by Han Jue was definitely a nightmare. Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage was still reviving and Han Jue was still chasing after him. After ten million revivals, Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage couldn’t take it anymore. “Han Jue, you’re too ruthless!” Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage roared hoa.r.s.ely. He self-destructed again. This time, he did not revive. Instead, he turned into countless flames that swept in all directions and quickly escaped the Heavenly Dao.

This Mystical Power was extremely strange. Han Jue couldn’t sense its aura at all.

However, he could clearly sense that Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage had already left the Heavenly Dao. He escaped? Han Jue frowned. He couldn’t find Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage even if he used the simulation trial.

He was secretly unhappy. Previously, he had wanted to comprehend a new Great Dao Mystical Power and suppress Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage before throwing him into the Primordial Heavenly Prison. Unfortunately, this fellow was quite something. Han Jue felt that he had lost a Freedom Sage and was very unhappy. He turned to look at the Sages in the distance. “Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage has already left. All of you, calm down.” The Sages nodded. As Heavenly Dao Sages, they could feel that Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage’s position was already empty. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du wanted to talk to Han Jue, but he immediately left. After returning to the Hundred Peak Immortal River, Han Jue had just sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus when a notification appeared in front of him.

(Dijun’s hatred towards you has increased. Current Hatred Points: 6 stars]

Complete enemy!

Han Jue sighed.

In the past, he had a good impression of Dijun. Unfortunately, this fellow’s future was bleak. Will you live well if you offend me? Although Han Jue was cowardly, he knew his limits. As long as he didn’t leave the Heavenly Dao, Dijun wouldn’t be able to kill him and would instead be tortured to death. Han Jue didn’t curse Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage immediately. He could do it after some time. At that time, he would curse Dijun to death and let Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage wallow in fear and despair. Han Jue closed his eyes and started cultivating. At the same time. The Immortal World and the myriad worlds in the universe were still in various calamities. Even the aftermath of the battle of the Sages was enough to form a calamity. The Sages had no choice but to clean up the aftermath. Even so, countless living beings had died.

The Sages wouldn’t blame Han Jue for this. Instead, they admired him very much. If he didn’t chase Eastern Emperor Heaven Sage away, all living beings would suffer even more casualties in the future.

Immortal World, above the clouds. Han Yu kept casting spells. The rain fell and extinguished the Heavenly Fire in the human city below.

These heavenly flames were extremely sinister. Unless one was at the Emperor Realm, it was very difficult to extinguish them.

The current Human Race was weak. There were only a few Immortal Emperors, and they couldn’t go around saving people. Han Yu looked up and frowned. He thought to himself, “Who is it? They actually harmed our Human Race like this.”

His eyes burned with anger. Although he came from the mortal world, he had always believed in his human ident.i.ty. During his travels in the Immortal World, if the humans were in trouble, he would definitely help them if he could. This was also thanks to Li Daokong. When Li Daokong preached, he often instructed him that if he became stronger in the future, he had to take care of the humans.

Li Daokong felt that the Human Race shouldn’t be in such a sorry state. In the previous calamity, if not for the interference of the Sages, the Human Race wouldn’t have lost its ident.i.ty as a Heavenly Dao Race. An hour later, Han Yu left to save the humans in the other cities.

This was only a minority. Not only the humans, but the cultivators of the various races were also thinking of ways to save their races. The calamity caused by this battle caused the Immortal World to fall into a short period of peace. In less than a year, with the help of the Sages, the natural disasters in the myriad worlds were all eliminated.

In the blink of an eye. Another thousand years pa.s.sed. Han Jue opened his eyes and stretched. He said, “Come in.” Outside the Daoist temple, Long Hao had been kneeling for four years. Hearing this, Long Hao stood up excitedly and opened the Daoist temple’s door. After bowing to Han Jue, he said, “Master, my cultivation level is stuck at the late-stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm and can’t increase anymore. Can you let me out? Hao Tian said that he has a way to let me break through!”

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