Chapter 85: Intense Battle (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The man with silver hair pointed his finger at Angele again, a blue electric laser appearing at the tip of his finger, and was about to unleash it towards him. Suddenly, a crossguard sword hit the laser and stabbed into the ground beside the man. The rest of the electric pulse spread into the ground, and there were energy particles leaking everywhere. The sounds made by the sparks were extremely loud and intense.

Soon, the magic circle under the man collapsed.

The man’s expression changed. He just now noticed that Angele was only several meters away from him.

Angele’s hands were bloody red as if their skin was peeled off. Green dots of light around his feet were protecting him from the electric pulses.

“You think you can…” The man did not finish his words, a wave of dizziness washing over him. “It’s the Stun Spell!”

The man tried to leap away, but it was too late.

Angele was extremely calm at the moment. The closer he was to victory, the more careful he needed to be. He wanted to make sure he did not mess this up.

There was a black dagger in his right hand, his father’s gift. It was the first time he was going to put it to use.

He held his dagger tight and leaned forward.

“Ah!” He groaned.

“You thought I didn’t know what you were going to do? You thought I didn’t know metals were conductive?” The man leaped away and landed on his feet. He stared at Angele and sneered.

Countless tiny electric arcs were climbing up Angele’s body like insects. There were many green and red light dots coming out of Angele’s body, protecting him from getting hurt by the blue electric arcs. But Angele was not feeling well. He was paralyzed.

“However, it’s quite impressive that you broke my magic circle.” The man stopped smiling. “I mean, for a rat like you, it’s truly impressive. I was planning to finish you off quickly and grab the parts I needed from the elephant, but oh well. I will become a Wizard after I return to my school so I’m happy that I found you. I gained some practical experience.”

The man raised his hand again, and another blue electric arc flew toward Angele.

He rolled to the right, but he was too slow to dodge the attack, and the electric arc hit his shoulders. He trembled and barely able to stand still.

“Now who’s laughing?” The man sneered. “Come at me.”

Angele charged toward him after pulling his crossguard sword out of the ground.

The man applied a speed buff on himself and leaped back, easily dodging Angele’s attack. He waved his hand and hit Angele with another electric arc, but without the help of the magic circle, the electricity didn’t deal as much damage as before.

“You’re a coward,” Angele suddenly said.

He stared at the man, holding his sword tight. There were still electric pulses moving around his body. Many burns marked his skin, and Zero kept warning him about how badly wounded he was. He would die if he kept getting hit by the electric arcs.

“Dumbass! I’m not good at close combat.” The man knew Angele was taunting him. “It won’t work. You should tell me your last wish. I can make it come true if I’ll feel like it, hahahahah.”

Angele had no expression on his face. He charged toward the man again and threw his dagger at the man’s chest. The dagger was thrown with his full strength, and it drew a black line in the air.

“I told you it won’t work!”

Once more the man blocked Angele’s attack with the black thing he had used earlier. The dagger hit the thing and dropped to the ground.

A black chain flew towards the man and bounded him. He hadn’t known Angele had so many different weapons. Having failed to dodge the chain, he looked surprised.

However, the man smiled and chopped the chain to pieces with the black blinking thing.

“That’s all you got?”

The man chuckled and dodged Angele’s front slash again.

“Damn!” The man was really getting on Angele’s nerves. “You little monkey!”


The man with silver hair started to use incantations again, but he looked tired. A fist-sized blue electric ball appeared beside him. There were many electric arcs in the ball as it floated in the air.

“Wait! You’re from Manchester School too, right?” Angele asked, calming down.

“Huh?” The man hesitated, confused. “You are an apprentice from Manchester?” He wondered why Angele suddenly brought this up, but he had rules to follow. “Show me your sigil.”

Manchester School was a strong Wizard organization, and fights between rank 3 apprentices were against the rule there. The punishment for rule violations was very hard, and the man did not want to risk it.

Angele smiled.

‘Warning! Warning! Your heart rate is way too high, and your bioelectricity is being interfered with. If you take another electric attack in the next hour, your heart will stop!’ Zero reported.

“I didn’t know we’re from the same school. There must be some misunderstanding between us.”

Angele kept smiling.

“Show me your sigil,” the man said in a deep voice. “If you’re lying, I’ll kill all your relatives, and I have my own ways to find them.”

Angele nodded and slowly walked toward the man. He put his right hand into the pouch on the back of his waist. It looked like he was trying to take something out of it.

One more electric arc and Angele would be dead. However, he was not scared for some reason, rather he was even getting excited. Angele felt like he was in a trance at that moment. The pain from the wounds, the numbness from the electric attacks, and the chilling wind blowing in the forest - all of them made him feel like everything was so real. He could actually sense his presence in this world.

Angele knew that he was not a normal man that lived on Earth anymore, and he needed to do whatever he could to survive in this new world.

He suddenly realized something, and the objects around him became vivid. The memories of the earth became a slideshow in front of his eyes.

Angele was still smiling, and he looked relaxed. It seemed like the man with silver hair believed what he just said after seeing his natural smile and canceled the spell he was going to cast. He thought a lying man would never show a smile like that.

“Show me your sigil. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you were from Manchester?”

The man looked relieved.

Angele looked at him with a strange expression on his face as black smoke kept coming from his body.

“I guess you don’t have a lot of mana left?”


The man’s expression changed. He had been trying to say something when he saw Angele charging toward him, ready to cut his throat with the silver crossguard sword.

“How dare you!” he yelled out and quickly leaped backward. Again, an electric ball appeared on his right hand, but his face turned pale. He had just wasted most of his mana and mentality on the previous spell he had cast and had barely any mana left.

Angele’s assumption was right—the man was out of mana. He drew the electricity toward his sword and threw it toward the man. His opponent leaned left, trying his best to avoid the sword, but it still hit his right shoulder, and the electricity on the sword paralyzed him for several seconds.

“The black enchanted item you were using probably reached its limit for the day too.”

Angele smiled and walked toward the man.

The man’s face turned serious. He pulled the crossguard sword out of his shoulder and dropped it to the ground. The heat from the electric pulses burnt his wound and stopped it from bleeding.

“You’re smart. I don’t even know why I trusted you for a second. I don’t have much mana left, but your wounds are severe. You still think you can win?”

“We’ll see.” Angele charged forward and picked up the crossguard sword from the ground. The blade became blurry as Angele rushed aiming at multiple weak points on the man’s body.

The gloomy electric ball exploded, and the man groaned as he stepped back. His stomach was almost penetrated by Angele’s sword. He held the wound with his hands, but there was blood leaking out through the gaps between his fingers.

Angele swung his sword and the electric pulses dropped to the ground. The black smoke was protecting him from taking any lightning damage, and it was formed by the last negative energy particles in his body. The stored wind and fire energy particles were all gone so the negative energy particles were all he had left, but they would not last long. Zero told him that he had about ten seconds before all the negative energy particles would be consumed.

“Fool! Didn’t your master tell you, once you use up all your mana, you can easily be killed by a close combat spell user?”

Angele was slowly approaching the man, trying to make sure that his opponent did not have another enchanted item or special spell prepared. It was a cautious advance.

The fights between Wizards were all about the stability of their minds. If a Wizard could easily be disturbed by the words his opponent was saying, he would not be able to form any spell models. If that happened, no matter how high his Mentality was, he would not be able to cast any spells.

Angele and the man with silver hair tried to test each other’s stability of mind by cursing or saying weird things, but it seemed like both of their minds were stable.

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