Chapter 84: Intense Battle (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

‘Why is Avril here?’ Angele wondered. It seemed like her carriage was being attacked by the bandits.

Avril had saved him once, and Angele had not yet found a chance to repay it. So since she was in trouble, he would try his best to help her.

Angele stopped thinking and instead returned his stare to the man with silver hair while dragging the green dots toward himself.

He was releasing the Wind energy particles into the air so they would help him act faster. Although using the particles was not as effective as casting Agility Burst, they could still provide him with a decent buff while increasing his magic resistance. It was one the advantage of being a rank 3 apprentice. Rank 2 apprentices would never be able to control the particles so accurately due to the limitations of their Mentality.

The man with silver hair clasped his hands, and a large electric arc appeared between his palms. The noise made by the lightning sparking was loud, and its arc made everything around look blue.


The man with silver hair chuckled and released the thick electric arc from his hands. It jumped toward Angele’s head like a blue flash within a second.

Angele’s expression changed, but he quickly reacted to the attack by swinging his sword toward the incoming electric arc, and the electricity was absorbed by the blade. Angele’s sword turned blue, and he could still see tiny lightning sparks flickering around the blade.

Angele could barely hold the handle of his sword—it was blazing hot—and his right hand was almost burning. He quickly gathered the green particles towards his sword, and the Wind energy particles weakened the Lightning particles around the sword.

If the man’s electric arc had hit a normal person, they would have been paralyzed and burnt to ashes.

Angele quickly thrust his sword into the ground, and the rest of the electricity disappeared in seconds. White smoke was coming out of Angele’s body. He was injured by the heat from the electricity, and his clothes were burning.

‘Thank god the electricity was from the Lightning particles, which is slow. If it was a real lightning strike, I’d be dead already.’ Angele thought he was lucky, and he began to pay more attention to the man on the opposite side of the road.

Zero was not fast enough to calculate a plan for Angele when the man had released the electric arc, and he had to deal with the attack by himself. The chip was useless in fights between Wizards since the spells were way too fast for it to collect necessary data and figure out a counter.

After Angele dealt with the electricity, he charged toward the man with silver hair with a raised hand. A white flash appeared in the air and flew towards the man’s chest.

The man with silver hair had seemed to know the lightning spell would not work on Angele and had lowered his head to start another incantation.

Angele could see the man waving his hand in the air, and there were blue runes appearing around it. He had to be preparing to cast some powerful spell.

The man was not concerned about the daggers flying toward him. He moved one step to the left and dodged them easily, still preparing for the next spell.

Suddenly, the man raised his hands in the air and a pentagram magic circle slowly appeared under his feet. Its dazzling blue light almost blinded Angele.

He then pointed at Angele, and a finger-sized blue laser was generated by the magic circle which then shot toward Angele. The Lightning particles were gathered together and became a laser. There were also unstable tiny lightning sparks around it. The laser could easily paralyze and penetrate anything on its way.

The laser was about six meters long, and it looked like a blue spear. The blue spear was slowly traveling through the air, but it seemed like the man was still channeling the spell so the laser would not disappear after landing on the target.

The man with silver hair was enjoying the fight. The magic circle was specially designed for him by his master. Besides creating lasers, it could also help the man block incoming projectiles. His skill level was very close to a formal Wizard’s with the defensive enchanted item he was using.

Most bandits had already fled due to the fear of the Wizards, but some unlucky ones were still penetrated by the laser. They fell to the ground, paralyzed.

Knight Dunleavy took a last glance at the carriages before escaping, but someone on the ground grabbed his ankle and stopped him from leaving. It was Avril’s father. There was blood all over his face, and it made his smile scary.


Dunleavy was hit by the lightning sparking from the laser, and he was paralyzed by it.

Angele passed by him while charging toward the man with silver hair, and he cut Dunleavy’s throat open. A line of blood spurted out of Dunleavy’s neck. He stood there for several seconds, then fell to the ground. There he trembled for several seconds and died before realizing what had actually happened.

Angele threw a green potion to Avril’s mother after cutting Dunleavy’s throat open.

“Apply the potion to his wound. It will stop the bleeding,” Angele ordered in passing. He was still charging toward the man with silver hair.

Avril’s mother held her left arm tight and rushed towards the carriage after seeing what Angele just did. She helped her daughter that was hiding beneath the carriage to get out and wiped the dust off Avril’s clothes.

“Mother… What about dad? We need to help him!” Avril was almost yelling, her face still covered with tears.

Avril’s mother picked up the green potion with gritted her teeth. “Your father will be fine,” she said, then quickly pulled the stopper off the potion.

After another lightning bolt struck the bushes, Angele and the man with silver hair disappeared into the forest once again. The blue light was getting farther and farther. It seemed like one of them was chasing the other.

“Damn! Not this again!”

Angele missed another slash, and he was getting nervous. The man with silver hair kept dodging his attacks with ease while chuckling all the time. The magic circle moved when he moved, and it buffed his speed as well.

After missing the hit, Angele rolled to the left right away and dodged the incoming laser attack. Everything where he had been standing just a moment ago got burnt to ashes in seconds.

‘Such power…’

Cold sweat poured down Angele’s back. He was certain he’d be dead if he had gotten hit by the laser.

He could dodge the lasers because they were slow, but the tiny electric pulse around the laser was still a problem.

Angele bent down and kept moving, but the lasers easily located him every time he changed locations. There were burn marks everywhere in the bushes now.

Angele tried his best to dodge everything, but he was still hit by the pulse and became paralyzed for a second.


His right arm was hit by the laser and got burnt due to the extremely high temperature. The pain made Angele even more nervous.

‘He’s a rank 3 apprentice too, but he is much stronger than me. If only I had access to more spell models…”

Angele dodged another blue electric arc and finally got closer to the man with silver hair.

He jumped toward the man and aimed at the man’s neck with his sword.

Again, Angele’s attack missed, and he hit a tree on the side, slicing off several pieces of wood.

The man with silver hair smiled and pointed at Angele. An electric arc burst from the tip of his finger and hit Angele’s chest.

Although the arc was much weaker than the laser, it still left a burn mark on his chest. Cold sweat was still running down his back, and his actions were becoming slower due to the pain.

“Why don’t you understand? You can’t even touch me since I only use ranged spells. I can crush you like an insect if you can’t get close to me,” the man said in a light tone, sounding both contemptuous and arrogant.

Angele’s expression did not change. He kept attacking the man with his sword skills, even if he was yet to land a single hit.


Angele’s left arm was hit by the electric arc again.

“Do you even know how to cast spells? You’re just like an average warrior with your weak physical skills. If you focused on close combat spells, you should at least learn to deal with ranged spells. Pathetic,” the man with silver hair started to mock Angele. “How long can you hide? Your endurance is good, almost like a Knight’s, but it won’t help you.”


Angele was breathing hard.

The man had paused his attacks to talk, and Angele finally had time to recover a bit. He threw the last dagger he had with his left hand, aiming right at the face of the man with silver hair.

“That’s all you got?” the man with silver hair taunted and raised his hands again. Countless electric arcs appeared in the air, and they all started to rotate around him. The dagger was slowed down and eventually stopped by the electricity after entering the magic circle.

The dagger had still slowed the man for a second, and Angele used that moment to jump at the man again. He started to strike the man from different angles with his sword skills. Although the man was still dodged most of Angele’s slashes, he had managed to hit him several times, and there was blood spurting out of his wounds.

After losing some blood, the man’s face turned pale, and the lightning pulse generated by the magic circles became less and less. It seemed like the man did not have enough Mentality and Mana to keep the magic circle up.


The man suddenly got knocked back, and he dropped to the ground after hitting a tree. He coughed up some blood and kneeled on the ground.

The mist that was floating around Angele disappeared. He had done everything he could but still failed to kill the opponent.

He was uncertain if the man had really lost his ability to fight and could no longer make another electric arc. Even though it seemed like he was badly injured after taking all the hits, Angele still decided not to take a step closer.

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