Chapter 83: The Chase (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Zero had sensed people hiding in the shadows when Angele had run down to lure the elephant away. The people hiding behind the bushes probably did not think Angele would notice them, but they did not know Angele had a chip that could record anything it detected.

‘I need to go back. There is no way two Glowing Elephants just randomly appeared outside the city. Also, those people in the bushes… Maybe they’re after Harland.’ Angel’s eyebrows furrowed. ‘According to the data, Glowing Elephants are intelligent enough to make decisions, and they are cunning, but the two I saw here were different. Their eyes were red, and they had no reason to fight to their last breath. Maybe someone casted Bloodlust on them.’

Bloodlust was one of the basic water type spells. It was a level zero spell that had a similar effect to the Berserk Potion, but its effect was a bit weaker than the potion’s. Bloodlust would only make the creatures lose their mind, without boosting their attributes. The Bloodlust model was displayed in the school as well, but Angele did not buy it; he only recorded the free data he had access to.

Angele stopped thinking and increased his speed. He was sure something went wrong.


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