Chapter 82: The Chase (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele kept running, and the elephant kept on following him. Countless trees were knocked by the huge elephant on the way. It tried to throw stones and trees at Angele with its trunk, but Angele easily dodged all the projectiles.

He kept running, no longer sure how far he was from his original position.

The Glowing Elephant’s wound had begun to heal. There was still some blood coming out of the cut, but it did not impact the elephant’s ability to run.

Angele knew the elephant’s Stamina was 15 but still thought its healing ability was impressive. He looked at the edge of his blade while running, noticing that it was already cracked after that one hit he had made.

Angele was still using the silver crossguard sword he had obtained from Dice, and he liked it a lot. He felt a bit sad that the blade was cracked by the elephant’s skin.

‘I have to get a new sword after this, damn.’ Angele shook his head. ‘But first, let me figure out a way to deal with this creature.’

He regretted leaving his poisoned weapons at the shop, but the elephant’s Stamina was over 15, and the venoms he had were not strong enough for it anyways.

The elephant’s Stamina was so high that it would be hard for Angele to deal any physical damage to it during a short period of time. He needed to keep attacking it like what Harland had done. The best way would be to open a deep wound on its body while having people to cover for him, but there was no one else around him right now.

The elephant trumpeted again and raised its head. A green fireball appeared between its tusks, and it threw the fireball toward Angele. Angele had a serious look on his face. He turned right and rushed behind a large tree.


The fireball hit the tree and exploded, drops of green flame alighting the grasses around. A basketball-sized hole was left on the body of the tree.

‘Damn. I guess Stun Spell won’t work on a target with such high Stamina. Let me try the Hand of Exhaustion. At least, it should reduce its speed.’ Angele kept running, he put the sword back into its sheath and clapped his hands. They turned red within seconds.


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