Chapter 81: The Hunt (4)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

It seemed like the huge creature had figured out who the real threat was to him. The Glowing Elephant turned back and lowered its head. It then aimed at Harland with its tusks and charged toward him.


Harland roared and struck the elephant with his tower shield.


The loud sound of collision made everyone’s ears ache.

Harland’s tower shield was almost broken, and it had barely blocked the elephant’s tusks. The Grand Knight’s left arm was bent at a strange angle, the elephant’s attack probably having broken his bone. However, the injury did not stop him from striking the elephant’s stomach with his axe.

Harland and the elephant were both struggling. The Glowing Elephant was in deep pain. It raised its head and roared. A translucent green fireball suddenly appeared between its tusks.

The fireball was growing bigger and bigger, quickly expanding to the size of a basketball. The elephant swung its head and threw the fireball toward Harland. Harland stayed calm and stepped back immediately after seeing the elephant’s actions. He tried his best to raise the tower shield in the air and hide his whole body behind the shield by leaning toward the right.

The fireball hit Harland’s tower shield, and the green flame splashed everywhere. Some of it dropped onto the grass, and a lot of smoke spread into the air.

Angele, Tinos, and the two Knights were still surveying the battleground from the top of the hill. The battleground was lighted up by the elephant’s green fireball attack. Although the visibility was still bad, Angele could see the green light dots through the smoke.

“My brother will be fine,” Tinos said with mixed feelings.

Angele looked at him but did not say a word.

‘Zero, did you collect enough data to calculate the elephant’s statuses?’ Angele asked. He was more than five meters away from the elephant, so Zero would not be able to directly obtain the creature’s data. It had to collect relative information and do the analysis.

‘Estimated Results:

Glowing Elephant: Strength larger than 8. Agility larger than 4. Stamina larger than 15. Mentality larger than 7. Talent Skill: Blazing Tusks (Damage Increased), Glowing Strike (By draining energy from the heart, it can make fireballs).’

Angele read the information, and he was surprised by how high the elephant’s attributes were. He was also impressed by Harland’s ability to fight. Angele wondered what he could become if he could break his gene limit, however, there was no way for him to do it, and he would never become a Grand Knight.

At the moment, Harland was still fighting with the Glowing Elephant, and the other two Knights were supporting him from the sides. They had slashed at the elephant several times with their swords, but most of the time, they were just dodging its attacks.

Three soldiers failed to dodge another green fireball thrown by the elephant, and they were burnt to death in seconds. The situation was getting worse.

“You two! Go help them,” Tinos ordered, turning his head back.

The two Knights looked at each other, hesitating. “Mr. Tinos, our skills are not based on strength, I’m afraid we won’t be able to provide any support…”

“It doesn’t matter, just distract the elephant,” Tinos said in a serious tone. “Just go.”

“Roger that.”

They drew their swords and ran down the hill.

Angele noticed the swords in the Knights’ hands were slim and would do no damage to a creature with such high defense. Their Agility was definitely high, so they needed lighter weapons to unleash the full potential of their skills. The order they had received was probably just to protect Tinos.

Only Angele and Tinos were standing on the top of the hill after the Knights left.

Angele thought Tinos and Harland hated each other when he first time met them, but now Angele realized that they were just expressing their love in a strange way. Tinos admired Harland, and he was sometimes jealous of what Harland could do, but he still wanted to help his brother when Harland was in trouble.

Tinos was just childish. He wanted to become stronger and better than his brother one day, but at the same time, he was still relying on Harland a lot. He admired Harland and regarded him as his role model. Tinos always hid his feelings when he was with Harland, and he did not want others to know how he thought about his brother.

“Don’t worry, the elephant is dying,” Angele said, trying to comfort Tinos.

“Is it?” Tinos looked relieved. “Wait, I’m not worried about him!” he then yelled after realizing what Angele was implying.

Angele did not respond. He just smiled.

“Why are you smiling?” Tinos stared at Angele. “I can’t let him die because my father will be sad if he’s killed by the Glowing Elephant!”

“I know, I know.” Angele nodded, knowing that Tinos was just shy.

“You… Whatever!” Tinos decided not to explain any further.

Angele quietly put his crossguard sword back into the sheath.

“The fight is almost over. The Glowing Elephant is losing a great amount of blood, and it’s dying,” Angele said with a light tone.

Tinos immediately looked at the battlefield after hearing Angele’ words.

The Glowing Elephant’s attacks were no longer as powerful as before. The loss of blood was making it weaker and weaker. It tried to fight back, but it could no longer hit Harland or the Knights. The elephant tried to use Glowing Strike again but did not have enough power to create the fireball.

Angele started to think about the information he had recently collected about Tinos.

Tinos’s father was Lord Alford, and his mother was a daughter of a Duke. She left home due to an argument with her parents and got married to Lord Alford, but later she went back to the Duke’s territory. Now, she had great power in the country, and the army was also in her control.

Harland once told Angele that his father, Lord Alford, actually feared Tinos’ mother due to various reasons. The woman would do anything to acquire the things she wanted, and she was not satisfied with what she already had. She loved Tinos a lot, but for some reason, she left her son with Alford.

Tinos never respected Alford and never cared if the man liked what he was doing. Before Angele had visited them, Tinos had once found out that Alford had affairs with two women in the city and slain them right in front of Harland’s mother. Harland’s mother had never known about Alford’s affairs prior to this. She left her husband and went to live with Harland after what Tinos did, never coming back to Lennon City.

Alford begged Harland to stay with him to no avail, and that was the reason why Angele thought the relationship between the father and the sons was strange when he first time visited the castle.


The Glowing Elephant fell to the ground.

Angele’s expression suddenly changed. He stopped thinking due to the noise he just heard.

“Wait! Another one! One more Glowing Elephant is coming for us!”

He suddenly turned his head back and saw the crying Glowing Elephant that was charging toward Harland.

Tinos did not understand what Angele was talking about. He quickly turned back and looked in the direction Angele was staring at. His face turned pale after seeing the other Glowing Elephant. Harland and the rest of the team had just finished their battle, and they did not expect another one to come for them. They were injured and tired. Although Harland was strong, he would not be able to block the charge from an angry Glowing Elephant at this moment.

“But…” Tinos wanted to say something, but he saw Angele quickly running down the hill and disappearing into the bushes. He gritted his teeth, drew his sword, and followed Angele down.


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