Chapter 79: The Hunt (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

One month later.

In the library of the Lennon City Lord’s castle.

The marble tiled floor was smooth, colorful, and had a brown circle pattern on it. All the small circles were inside a large red circle. There were more than ten bookshelves in the room, and yellow oil lamps were glowing gently on the walls. A young man in a white suit was standing next to one of the shelves reading a thick book carefully.

The young man had an average-looking face, and his skin was a bit pale. His short brown hair barely covered his ears, and he looked just like any other noble playboy, though the suit he was wearing did not cover his muscular body.

That young man was Angele, who looked wild but gentle.

He had gotten the permission to enter the lord’s library and read the books the lord had collected. It was to try and find more books like the Wizard’s book he had.

“Ugh…” Angele sighed and closed the book. “This one isn’t made by a Wizard, either.”

Angele was disappointed, and he put down the last book he had wanted to check.


Someone opened the door.

“Master Angele, have you found anything useful to you?”

A man with a pretty face walked into the room. It was Tinos, and he was still wearing a black leather suit, his short blonde hair combed to one side.

Angele could still not believe that Tinos was male. He couldn’t imagine how attractive the man would be if he tried to wear some female clothing. Angele thought for a second and carefully returned the book back to its place on the shelf. He then turned back and smiled.

“Mr. Tinos, what brings you here? Although there are plenty of books here, I failed to find the ones I wanted,” Angele said.

Tinos closed the door and slowly walked towards Angele with a red leather whip in his hands.

“Master Angele, you’ve changed your hairstyle? Last time I saw you, you still had long hair, and I think you looked great with it,” Tinos noted, his words focused on some irrelevant things first. “My scout has reported that he found a Glowing Beast in the forest around the Lennon City. It had attacked several teams of merchants and also injured a number of hunters. My father and my brother are going to hunt it down, I am wondering if you are interested?”

“Glowing Beast?” Angele lowered his head and started to think.

The Glowing Beast’s name came from its appearance—the beast was blue and its skin was always glowing. Based on the description found in the books, an adult Glowing Beast was three meters tall and three to four meters long. It was about the size of a below-average Asian Elephant. The beast was very special to Wizards and their apprentices due to the value of its heart. Both Wizards and their apprentices could easily make it into a basic enchanted item.

Wizards or their apprentices could use the enchanted item to cast Glowing Fire Strikes, and the cooldown of the item was one day. The Glowing Beast’s skin could also be made into high-quality leather armor suits. The beast was relatively easy to find on this land.

“Well, I’ve never seen a Glowing Beast in real life, so I will join them.” Angele nodded.

“They will be leaving this afternoon. I will let them know you are interested right away.” Tinos smiled, turned back, and quickly left the room.

Recently, Tinos had begun to try and find all the reasons he could to spend time with Angele, and Angele knew Tinos wanted him to joins his side. Angele was not so sure about the reason but Tinos and Harland did not like each other, and Tinos was a bit nervous after learning that Harland was building a friendship with Angele.

However, Angele liked Harland more because he was much stronger than Tinos.

‘Glowing Beast…’ Angele was happy. ‘If I can take its heart, I will be able to make a basic enchanted item.’


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