Chapter 642 Ancient Battle

“Hmph!” Li Daokong snorted. He was unhappy with s.h.i.+ Dudao’s confidence. s.h.i.+ Dudao ignored him. The other Sages were already used to the conflict between the two new Sages. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “All of you, pa.s.s Dharma treasures to your disciples. The Flame Race is coming menacingly. The Immortal World might not be able to withstand them.”

The Sages nodded.

At the same time. The battle in the north outside the Immortal World had already erupted!

Ten Pseudo-Sages and a thousand Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals directly swept through Chaotic City. A Pseudo-Sage from the Buddhist Sect used a great Mystical Power to isolate the battlefield, but he was quickly destroyed by the combined forces of the Flame Race’s Pseudo-Sages. The situation was not optimistic!

The Sage Sects sent a large number of disciples to the battlefield. Countless cultivators appeared in the sky of the Immortal World, and all of them flew in the same direction. The scene was extremely spectacular. This matter shocked the entire Immortal World. All living beings did not understand what was happening An hour later.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s voice resounded through the myriad worlds. “The Chaos is attacking the Heavenly Dao. The Flame Race is attacking with billions of sinister devils. The other party has an existence that the Sages. To stop the Sages from interfering. The cultivators of the myriad worlds must go and provide a.s.sistance. This will be the first defensive battle in the history of the Heavenly Dao where all living beings work together! “If the Heavenly Dao is broken by the Flame Race, all living beings will be in danger. The Heavenly Dao will be in danger. The various races and sects have to work together to survive!” With that, powerful figures flew down from the 33rd Heaven. These were all mighty figures who had listened to the Dao in the Sage Dao Fields. On the other side. The Hundred Peak Immortal River was also alarmed.

The personal disciples came to the Daoist temple. They couldn’t sit still if the Heavenly Dao was in trouble. The Hidden Sect had already supported many factions, which meant that Han Jue wanted to take root in the Immortal World.

The disciples knelt in front of the door and waited uneasily.

After a while, Han Jue’s voice floated out. “Li Xuan’ao, recruit disciples above the Deity Realm and volunteer to protect the Heavenly Dao. The personal disciples can also go out.” It happened so suddenly that Han Jue had no choice but to change his stance.

He had just checked the battlefield. The foundation of the Flame Race was extremely terrifying. There were more than a thousand Zenith Heavens!

There were fewer Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the entire Heavenly Dao than in the Flame Race!

It was really a matter of life and death!


Li Xuan’ao stood up excitedly and started to gather the disciples. The personal disciples dispersed, leaving the Black h.e.l.l Chicken behind.

The Black h.e.l.l Chicken shouted, “Master, can the Heavenly Dao win?” “Why do you ask?”

“Should we prepare to run away?” The Black h.e.l.l Chicken’s voice trembled.

Han Jue remained silent.

The Flame Race was indeed menacing. However, it was still not a life and death matter for him. He could try to stop them first. If he really couldn’t, Han Jue would directly use the Invocation Dao and summon all the disciples back to run away. The array formation of the Dao Field itself could resist the existence of the Great Dao. Even without the Heavenly Dao, Han Jue might not die directly.

Run if he couldn’t win? The Chaos was huge, there was definitely a place to hide.

Han Jue said, “Run? Where to?”

The Black h.e.l.l Chicken said, “Wherever Master goes, I’ll go!” “Get lost!” “Okay!”

The Black h.e.l.l Chicken flew away.

On that day. Li Xuan’ao calculated that there were 20,000 Deity Realm disciples. Among the personal disciples, other than the Black h.e.l.l Chicken and the Chaotic Heavenly Dog, everyone was willing to go and fight the Flame Race. Among them were Dao Sovereign, Zhao Xuanyuan, Jiang Yi, Chu s.h.i.+ren, Li Xuan’ao, and five other Zenith Heavens.

Han Jue waved his hand and sent them out. After that, he looked up. The war at the edge of the Heavenly Dao was already very tragic. A large number of cultivators had died. The Flame Race also suffered heavy casualties, but they couldn’t hold on to their numbers.

Han Jue came to the 33rd Heaven. He quickly traveled through the edge of the Heavenly Dao and frantically used the simulation trial to test. Several breaths later, he finally detected Undying Dao.

This fellow had a two-star hatred towards him. It appeared when the Dark Sage King died.

Han Jue returned to the Daoist temple. He directly entered the simulation trial and fought with Undying Dao. He was defeated in less than ten breaths of time. Han Jue tried his best but still couldn’t block Undying Dao’s domineering Dharmic powers. He didn’t try again. The difference in strength was not something that could be reversed with experience. Han Jue suddenly sighed. “Without the ancestor, the situation of the Heavenly Dao is really different.”

In the past, when Ancestor Xitian was around, even if the Dao Destruction Mystical Power eliminated 90% of the living beings, the Chaos did not dare to rashly invade the Heavenly Dao.

Once the ancestor left, all sorts of monsters appeared.

Han Jue hesitated to curse Undying Dao to death.

Would this expose his ident.i.ty?

d.a.m.n it!

When the Heavenly Dao perished, the danger would be even greater than exposing his ident.i.ty as the Dark Forbidden Lord!

Han Jue looked up. As the experts of the Immortal World joined the battlefield, the speed at which the defensive line retreated began to decrease. However, it was still unable to block the attacks of the Flame Race.

The morale of the Flame Race was too strong. Even their weakest member risked his life.

Han Jue discovered that the middle-level forces of the Flame Race were not much. They were severely lacking in the Deity Realm. Most of the living beings were between Grand Unity Earth Immortal and Grand Unity True Immortal.

It seemed that the development of the Flame Race was very abnormal. It might be related to their cultivation techniques. From the looks of it, the Immortal World might not lose.

Han Jue decided to wait and see.

It just so happened that the living beings of the Heavenly Dao needed a calamity to unite! As more and more cultivators headed to the outer battlefield of the Heavenly Dao, rumors of various battlefields spread in the Immortal World and the myriad worlds. “It’s said that the Flame Race has more than a thousand Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals!” “So many?”

“It’s too tragic. The netherworld is about to be filled.”

“Is the Flame Race that terrifying?”

“Didn’t you pay attention to the Heavenly Dao Providence Board? Several mighty figures in the top twenty have lost their rankings. They almost died on the battlefield and had no choice but to use providence to protect their souls.”

All sorts of terrifying rumors spread wildly. All living beings were terrified, but the calamity of the world was coming. Countless living beings were also aroused and rushed to the battlefield.

They would rather die without regrets!

More and more races began to issue orders. All the disciples of the Immortal Realm had to partic.i.p.ate! It was the same for the newly risen humans. Because already experts from the Flame Race had stepped into the Immortal World! The Flame Race was unstoppable! However, they could only step on it and could not advance anymore!

In the extreme north of the Immortal World, a mighty figure that shone with light stood proudly under the sky. He kept waving his horsetail whisk, causing monstrous Dharmic powers to form terrifying hurricanes. They spread out in an arc and occupied an area of 800 million kilometers, preventing the Pseudo-Sage of the Flame Race from breaking into the depths of the Immortal World.

This mighty figure was the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor!

Now that the Immortal World was in trouble, Han Jue naturally didn’t forget him.

The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor was invincible in the Immortal World. Among the Pseudo-Sages, it was definitely the strongest existence. It was the most suitable to guard the border of the Immortal World.

Outside the 33rd Heaven.

Seeing the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor attack, the Sages heaved a sigh of relief. The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate muttered to himself, “Strange? Li Muyi is dead. Who is the Three Pure Sacred Ancestor listening to now?” Sect Master Tian Jue said, “Can’t he have the intention to protect the Heavenly Dao?” The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate felt that it made sense and no longer doubted it. He continued to pay attention to the battlefield. The Three Pure Sacred Ancestor blocked all the Pseudo-Sages of the Flame Race alone, giving the Immortal World a chance to rest.

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