Chapter 647 Hidden Punishment Lineage, Nether Race’s Predicament

After releasing Sect Master Tian Jue, Han Jue immersed himself in cultivation.

Time pa.s.sed. A thousand years pa.s.sed. Han Jue opened his eyes and checked his emails. During this period of time, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du left. He wanted to control the Earth Immortal World and expand the providence of the Heavenly Dao. Ancestor Xitian also began to be active in the emails. He was basically attacked, but he was not severely injured for the time being. After looking around, the Immortal World was safer than the Chaos. The Evil Heavenly Emperor and Han Tuo had been fighting almost the entire time. It was unknown who they were fighting with.

After reading the emails, Han Jue teleported to the second Dao Field. Sweeping his Sage Sense out and observing the entire Earth Immortal World, he caught Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s aura at the edge of the Earth Immortal World.

Although the Earth Immortal World was already considered a Little Heavenly Dao, its self-protection ability was far inferior to the Heavenly Dao. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du could come and go as he pleased, and the Earth Immortal World couldn’t expel or resist him.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du was casting a spell to gather the providence of the Immortal World. Han Jue didn’t care.

He looked at the Fiendcelestial candidates he had chosen.

Yang Du, Ren Gang, and Yin Hongchen were still alive. As for the other Fiendcelestial candidates, they had long perished. Among them, Yang Du’s cultivation was already infinitely close to the Emperor Realm.

Han Jue discovered that there was some Great Dao power hidden in Yang Du’s body. This aura was extremely obvious to him, who had grasped the Grand Unity Aspect. Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce, then his expression became strange.

He had deduced that Yang Du had gone to the Infinite s.p.a.ce to be a spy and become the top batch of Reincarnators. He had obtained the lecture of the Sages behind the Infinite s.p.a.ce and had actually successfully comprehended a trace of the power of the Great Dao. In the past thousand years, the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce had already expelled the Infinite s.p.a.ce from the Earth Immortal World. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du had personally found that Sage. After the two Sages fought, that Sage compromised and gave up the Earth Immortal World. Not only that, but the top batch of Reincarnators in the Infinite s.p.a.ce had also been forced to stay. It could be said that they had suffered heavy losses. Han Jue thought for a moment and sent a dream to Yang Du.

In the dream.

Yang Du was immediately excited when he saw Han Jue, who was covered in divine light. He had already seen a Sage, but that Sage was completely incomparable to Han Jue. This aura was unforgettable for him. He could tell at a glance. “Greetings, senior!” Yang Du knelt down and said excitedly. If not for Han Jue, he wouldn’t be where he was today. Han Jue said, “I’ve seen your growth. I’ll give you two choices next. “One, follow me immediately to my Dao Field to cultivate.

“Two, continue to stay in the Earth Immortal World and spend the rest of your life in peace. I’ll look for you in a hundred million years.” Hearing this, Yang Du took a deep breath and said firmly, “I’ll go with you!” He had enjoyed everything in the Earth Immortal World! Ever since he had joined the Infinite s.p.a.ce, what he yearned for the most was cultivation! He wanted to become stronger! He wanted to be so powerful that he would no longer be subservient and be controlled by others. Han Jue was very satisfied with his determination. “If you follow me, you might have to cultivate diligently for a long time, even until the Earth Immortal World is destroyed naturally. Are you willing?” Yang Du was stunned. Han Jue’s words shocked


At the same time, he understood something else. He could live longer than the Earth Immortal World!

“I’m willing!” Yang Du hurriedly said.

Han Jue didn’t say anything else. He directly broke through the dream and sucked Yang Du into the second Dao Field. Landing in front of him, Yang Du was shocked. Han Jue began to use Absolute Purification on him, just in case

Yang Du came back to his senses and hurriedly knelt down.

Han Jue didn’t say anything else. As he waited for the system to purify him, he let the Great Dao of Extreme Origin cover Yang Du’s soul, allowing him to quickly enter a state of Dao comprehension and walk the path of cultivation of the Great Dao of Extreme Origin. As for Ren Gang and Yin Hongchen, they still had to train.

Anyway, Han Jue didn’t want to create Chaotic Fiendcelestials one after another. If Yang Du wanted to fuse with the Fiendcelestial Qi, his soul strength had to increase. Next, Han Jue planned to make him stay in the second Dao Field to cultivate. Ten years later. Yang Du walked out of the Daoist temple. He looked around curiously and quickly saw Murong Qi, the Heavenly Constellation Fiendcelestial, the crimson fox, and Dong Zhuo.

He was secretly shocked. These four people were unfathomable!

He had never felt such fear. At this moment, Murong Qi opened his eyes and waved at him. Although they were very far apart, Yang Du could see his actions and immediately rushed over.

Han Jue had already introduced him to the others. He would cultivate in peace and be polite to them. Arriving in front of Murong Qi, Yang Du cupped his fists respectfully and introduced himself. Murong Qi said, “I’m Murong Qi. Your cultivation level is so low, but you can still become a Chaotic Fiendcelestial? Where are you from?” Chaotic Fiendcelestial? Yang Du was surprised. What was that? He didn’t dare to hide anything and told him everything Murong Qi had heard of the Earth Immortal World. As for the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce, he had never heard of it.

I didn’t expect Grandmaster’s control to reach so far. He’s not as secluded as he looks. Murong Qi sighed. Han Jue looked like he was not fighting for providence, but he was actually secretly nurturing powerful forces with a heart as deep as the sea. Murong Qi was not disgusted. Instead, he felt safer.

Only by following such a grandmaster could everything go smoothly. On the contrary, he only had a powerful cultivation level but no shrewdness. He would suffer sooner or later.

Murong Qi chatted with Yang Du to get closer. Meanwhile, Han Jue returned to the main Dao Field.

Li Xuan’ao was kneeling at the entrance of the Daoist temple. Han Jue let him in.

Arriving in front of him, Li Xuan’ao bowed respectfully and said, “All these years, the disciples of the Hidden Sect who went out have returned one after another. All the personal disciples have returned. Among the in-name disciples, 8,736 have yet to return. I’ve already informed them one by one, but they still haven’t returned. I think we can announce that they have betrayed the Hidden Sect and also set up a special Hidden Sect Law Enforcement Hall to capture these disobedient disciples. “Although the Hidden Sect is a land of cultivation, rules are still necessary.” Han Jue said, “The Law Enforcement Hall will be controlled by Zhou Mingyue. You will help him create it. The number of people will be fixed at ten thousand. They must be at the Deity Realm. You can let the Nether Race also send a portion of their clansmen.”


Li Xuan’ao nodded. He was not disappointed. He was already the second guardian and couldn’t control more power. Otherwise, people in the Hidden Sect would definitely gossip. Zhou Mingyue was the reincarnation of the previous Great Sage Equaling Heaven who had once wreaked havoc in the Heavenly Court. Now, he had become the disciple of the Supreme Buddha, Chu s.h.i.+ren. He was considered a direct descendant of Han Jue, and his cultivation was also attempting to break through to the Zenith Heaven Realm. As the master of the Law Enforcement Hall, he would definitely receive the help of his personal disciples. “”Law Enforcement Hall’ is too vulgar. Let it be the ‘Hidden Punishment Lineage’.” Han Jue thought for a moment and spoke again. Li Xuan’ao naturally had no objections. Soon, he left. Han Jue looked at the Nether Race in the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

The ten thousand Nether Race members had all returned. However, the Nether Race had currently encountered a bottleneck. All the clansmen were stuck at the Six Mystic Divine Origin Realm and could not break through. It was as if a force was suppressing their cultivation realms.

Han Jue had been busy cultivating and didn’t want the Nether Race to break through too quickly, so he didn’t care. However, after so many years, the Nether Race couldn’t hold back anymore, and the atmosphere in the clan was a little solemn.

Han Jue had no choice but to use the derivation function. “I want to know why the Nether Race can’t reach the Zenith Heaven Realm?”

(150 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?] The value of a Great Dao Sage!

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