Chapter 648 Di Jiang


Han Jue directly made his choice.

The Nether Race was a very powerful and important force to him. He had to support them. He was still looking forward to nurturing ten thousand Pseudo-Sages to wreak havoc in the Chaos!

Han Jue entered the illusion. Opening his eyes, Han Jue came to a dark hall. On both sides stood huge stone pillars carved with mysterious ferocious beasts. The surface of the stone pillars looked transparent and there was magma surging in them, causing the atmosphere in the hall to be eerie. At the top of the sky were rolling dark clouds. They were millions of feet tall, like a world.

Han Jue looked up and saw ten huge stone statues in front of him. The stone statues were sinister and ruthless with different postures.

In front of the ten stone statues was a stone staircase that was millions of steps tall. At the top was an altar that floated high in the sky. On the altar, a burly man with a bare upper body was meditating. His black hair was wild and scattered casually. His muscles were visually impactful, like a human-shaped ferocious beast. A line of words appeared in front of Han Jue. [Di Jiang: Great Dao Sage, leader of the Ancestral Magi, Immeasurable Emperor, descendant of Pangu)

Han Jue was shocked. The Ancestral Magi were really alive?

Then, these ten stone statues should be the remaining ten Ancestral Magi! Even Dijun was still alive, so it was normal for Di Jiang to be alive. In the legends of the Primordial World that Han Jue knew, the Magus Race and the Demon Race were the two strongest races in the world. In order to fight for supremacy, they stirred up the Immeasurable Calamity. Other than Empress Houtu who had transformed into reincarnation, all the twelve Ancestral Magi perished with Dijun and Eastern Emperor Tai Yi. It was very tragic. Now it seemed that this history was not true. After all, Han Jue had never experienced that history. Di Jiang suddenly opened his eyes and muttered to himself, “Who is intercepting my Magus Race bloodline?”

Di Jiang pinched his fingers to deduce, then his expression became strange. “Houtu… Sigh, forget it…” Di Jiang raised his hand to cast a spell. Seeing this, Han Jue finally understood that Di Jiang was restricting the Nether Race’s cultivation realm. As for why… he didn’t know. The dream shattered.

After returning to reality, Han Jue touched his chin and thought.

The best way to resolve this matter was to kill Di Jiang. However, Di Jiang had no grudge with him. He naturally wouldn’t do such an immoral thing.

Forget it, I’ll wait a little longer.

In any case, Di Jiang was contacting Empress Houtu. When the two of them met and he explained the matter, they should be able to remove the cultivation restrictions of the Nether Race.

Han Jue became even more emotional.

This pressure on the bloodline of the later generations was like a cultivator controlled by the Great Dao.

Not bad!

Han Jue had also used bloodline suppression on Han Tuo, but that was done personally, unlike Di Jiang’s method, which was countless s.p.a.ces away. It was truly unimaginable that he could easily do it.

Thinking about it carefully, Han Jue actually had no way to kill the Great Dao Sage. The previous Chaotic Deity and Cundi seemed to have perished, but they were actually faking their deaths, making Han Jue unable to continue targeting them. The only one who died was Undying Dao, who was severely injured by Ancestor Xitian. It was caused by his and Ancestor Xitian’s combined efforts. Han Jue shook his head and laughed, not thinking about it anymore.

In any case, he would surpa.s.s the Great Dao Sage sooner or later!

One day, the Great Dao Sage would also be like a chicken or dog in front of him. He could be killed with ease!

Immortal World, Human Imperial City. In a residence, Han Yu was meditating in the courtyard and cultivating. He was dressed in a white robe, still exuding a youth aura. He looked calm and imposing, and his face had the vicissitudes of time. A figure suddenly appeared in front of him. It was Han Jue’s disciple, Long Hao. Long Hao was handsome and looked like the Evil Heavenly Emperor. He stood with Han Yu as if Han Jue was facing him. Han Yu sensed his appearance and asked without opening his eyes, “What is it?” Long Hao chuckled. “I’m preparing to attack the Dragon Palace. Do you want to join forces? When I control the Dragon Palace, you can choose their divine weapons. You should know that the Dragon Race likes to collect treasures.”

Han Yu opened his eyes and rolled his eyes at him. He said angrily, “The last time I accompanied you to explore the mystic realm, my body was destroyed. You still want to trick me?” At this moment, Hao Tian’s soul body rose above Long Hao’s head. He smiled and said, “Young friend Han Yu, you can’t say that. Didn’t I give you the best natural treasure?”

A soul body rose above Han Yu’s head. This was the existence formed by the negative karma of the Immeasurable Calamity that Han Jue had helped Han Yu subdue, Calamity’s Vengeful. “Tch, that’s nothing. Han Yu can obtain a treasure of the same value with a word in the Human Race!” The Calamity’s Vengeful snorted. His tone was very similar to Han Yu’s. He knew Hao Tian. In the vast negative karma, some ghosts had seen him. Those memories had already been absorbed by the calamity. Hao Tian glared at him. “How can the humans compare to the Dragon Race?” “Tsk tsk, can that human defeat the Dragon Race? If they fail, the Human Race will suffer!” The two souls began to quarrel. Han Yu felt a headache. He looked at Long Hao and asked, “Must we go?” Long Hao spread his hands. “I have no choice. My master has given the order. If I don’t complete it, I’m afraid I’ll be expelled.” Han Yu asked curiously, “Who is your master? The master of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal should be very strong, right? At least a Pseudo-Sage?” He had been very curious before, but Long Hao refused to say. Long Hao smiled. “My master is a Sage. How about it? Are you relieved with such a powerful backing?” Han Yu said disdainfully, “My master is also a Sage!”

“Your master has to kowtow in front of him!”

“Impossible!” Han Yu said angrily as if he was humiliated.

In his heart, Li Daokong was an indomitable mighty figure. He was the most arrogant person in the entire Heavenly Dao.

Long Hao chuckled, feeling even happier. Stupid kid! He deduced that Han Yu was Han Jue’s descendant, but he didn’t say it. Han Yu looked so similar to Han Jue. He was definitely related, that’s why he had been taken in by Li Daokong. Li Daokong didn’t even tell him the truth. He naturally didn’t dare to interfere, lest he ruined Han Jue’s plan. “Alright, I’m serious. Come with me. I need you,” Long Hao said solemnly. Han Yu was not weak. He had inherited Li Daokong’s legacy and rarely encountered opponents of the same realm. After the Heavenly Dao restarted, Long Hao’s previous Dragon Court had long perished. There were even fewer old friends. He had previously visited some old friends, and all of them wanted to sever ties with him and were unwilling to follow him. It almost infuriated him.

Helpless, he could only look for Han Yu. Long Hao said, “You can tell the Human Emperor about this. The Human Race is currently in a dilemma. If you want to make a name for yourself, you have to take the risk. Once I control the Dragon Race, I can help the Human Race. I have the bloodline of the True Dragon Race and am a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. The Four Sea Dragon Kings are not my match, but I’m weak. I need your help to restrain the Dragon Race’s useless troops.”

Of course, this was just empty talk.

He wanted to prove his connections to the Dragon Race.

Han Yu said, “I’ll go find the Human Emperor.”

“Go, go, go now.” Long Hao urged. Han Yu could only move. Two hours later, he appeared in the courtyard. Several people were accompanying him. They were all in the upper echelons of the Human Race. The Human Emperor was also among them. The Human Emperor looked to be in his forties. He was not considered handsome, but his eyes were filled with dignity in his black robe.

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