Chapter 650 Primordial Origin, Primordial Fiendcelestial

“You mean a Sage is faking his death?” Sect Master Tian Jue frowned and asked. Li Daokong mocked, “The fate of you Sages is indeed unpredictable.” Qiu Xilai said, “Sage Fated Secrets and Sage Jin’an died after becoming Mad Sages. Li Muyi was killed by Fellow Daoist Han, leaving only Nüwa and f.u.xitian. Especially f.u.xitian. We didn’t see him die with our own eyes.”


Fang Liang pinched his fingers to deduce and his eyes flickered. Sect Master Tian Jue said in confusion, “Isn’t f.u.xitian the weakest Heavenly Dao Sage? How can he be far stronger than us? Even if he obtained a huge opportunity during this period of time, it’s impossible for his strength to increase so quickly. Fellow Daoist Han isn’t even this fast!” The others also discussed. “It’s indeed impossible.” “It’s not f.u.xitian. Could it be Nüwa?”

“Empress Nüwa is indeed unfathomable. Previously, when we killed her, I felt that it was too easy.”

“Could it be that Nüwa didn’t die?”

“That’s right, it’s her! After she died, her Primordial Purple Qi couldn’t be found at all. Doesn’t this mean something?” “What should we do? Should we find Nüwa?” Seeing that they found out the truth, Han Jue was satisfied. Fang Liang said, “It’s impossible to find her. The other party attacked Empress Houtu and must be targeting the Heavenly Dao. We can only increase our defense against the netherworld.” The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate asked, “How? We Sages can’t go. But if a Pseudo-Sage goes, they will be cannon fodder!” “I have a plan, which is to increase the number of mortal worlds between the netherworld and the Immortal World, causing the providence of the Heavenly Dao to protect the netherworld. The stronger the power of the Heavenly Dao in the netherworld, the harder it is for the enemy to invade.” Fang Liang’s plan made the Sages ponder. However, nurturing mortal worlds was not something that could be done in a short period of time.

Emperor Xiao suddenly said, “It’s fine to nurture the mortal worlds, but I think the most effective way is to move the Heavenly Race to the netherworld. After all, the Heavenly Race is a Heavenly Dao Race.”

The Sages looked at him in surprise. If the Heavenly Race moved to the netherworld, they would definitely lose control of the Immortal World.

Then, who could inherit the authority of the Heavenly Race? They couldn’t help but look at Fang Liang. Were they colluding? Han Jue was expressionless and didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.

In fact, this was indeed the best way to increase the power of the Heavenly Dao in the netherworld. Fang Liang could only say that he took advantage of the situation.

Sect Master Tian Jue looked at Han Jue and asked, “What do you think, Fellow Daoist Han?” Han Jue said, “Both are feasible. During the Heavenly Dao Calamity, we should put down our own benefits and consider the Heavenly Dao. No plan is completely identical to our losses or benefits.”

He wasn’t afraid that Fang Liang would act recklessly. If he showed any signs of messing around, he would directly throw him into the Primordial Heavenly Prison! The other Sages naturally had no objections. Han Jue didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the rest. He returned to the Hundred Peak Immortal River and continued cultivating. The Sages moved very quickly. In less than a few months, they sent their highly regarded disciples to the bottom of the Immortal World to approach the netherworld and open up a world. Although the two worlds of Yin and Yang were opposites, there was also a threshold. In addition, the Heavenly Race also began to move to the netherworld. Facing the arrangements of the Sages, Ji Xianshen appeared very obedient and did not even question them.

The day Fang Liang became a Sage, he knew that he had lost. On the other side.

The humans had attacked the Dragon Race many times and had been in a stalemate for hundreds of years. Finally, it ended. The Dragon Race had a new leader. It was Long Hao. At the same time, the two races shook hands and formed an alliance.

This matter caused a huge commotion in the Immortal World!

The Dragon Race was a first-rate race with deep foundations, but they were actually defeated by the humans?

The living beings who knew the inside story were shocked by the terrifying strength of the Hidden Sect. At first, the humans were not the Dragon Race’s match at all. They even suffered heavy casualties because of this. Long Hao had no choice but to seek the help of the Holy Mother Sect. Once the Holy Mother Sect attacked, the Heavenly Race, the Chan School, and the Jie School also struck. Before they even fought, the Dragon Race couldn’t withstand the pressure and raised the white flag.

The commotion caused by this matter was ultimately covered up by the matter of the Heavenly Race moving to the netherworld. After the Heavenly Race headed to the netherworld, the Heavenly Dao lineage controlled by Fang Liang began to call itself the Immortal G.o.ds and took control of the heavenly rules of the world. This was the difference between a Sage and a mortal.

A Sage could decide the authority of the Heavenly Dao’s myriad worlds with a few words. They didn’t even need to threaten with force. Time flew. Another thousand years pa.s.sed. Han Jue opened his eyes and habitually checked his emails.

Han Tuo and the Evil Heavenly Emperor were still being beaten. How bitter. Although he was being beaten, Han Tuo’s cultivation was increasing very quickly. He was already at the late-stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. Battle was very effective. After reading the emails, Han Jue asked in his mind, “Will Fang Liang become my enemy in the future?”

The Heavenly Dao Sect was recruiting immortals again with a huge commotion. [Ten billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]

Tsk tsk, was Fang Liang already equivalent to the Heavenly Dao? Continue!


Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief. The reason why he did not deal with Fang Liang was that he believed in him. Although Fang Liang had become the Dao Ancestor, he might not tell him his ambitions and plans. “Will Fang Liang betray the Heavenly Dao?”

(Ten billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?]


[No] After receiving a clear answer, Han Jue was completely relieved.

However, this was only Fang Liang. Han Jue couldn’t deduce the Dao Ancestor’s true intentions.

Han Jue looked at the netherworld. Ever since the Heavenly Race moved to the netherworld, a large amount of the Heavenly Dao’s providence surged there, causing it to no longer be covered in dark clouds. Sunlight even appeared. The light formed by providence and the power of reincarnation increased, causing the order of the netherworld to also recover. The Ghost Deities also benefited. Only the immortals of the Heavenly Race were unhappy. Only their benefits were damaged. In short, everything was developing in a good direction.

Han Jue’s gaze pa.s.sed through the netherworld and spied the Dark Forbidden Zone outside.


He suddenly saw something.

It was a stone tablet with a coffin behind it. There were all sorts of strange patterns carved on the coffin as if ghosts were about to rush out at any moment.

Seeing this coffin, Han Jue felt inexplicably terrified. He couldn’t sense the aura of the coffin and the stone tablet at all. If he didn’t see them coincidentally, he would probably take a long time to discover them. Han Jue pinched his fingers to deduce. He couldn’t deduce the origin of this coffin. He had no choice but to use the derivation function.

(200 billion years of lifespan will be deducted. Do you want to continue?) So expensive?

It was even more valuable than the ancestor!

Han Jue was even more nervous and carefully chose to continue.

[Primordial Origin: Transformed from the Primordial Chaos Fiendcelestial. The Primordial Chaos Fiendcelestial was the last opponent of Pangu among the three thousand Fiendcelestials. After being defeated, it sacrificed itself and transformed into the Primordial Chaos Realm so the Great Dao exists forever. After absorbing the Primordial Qi, the Primordial Chaos Fiendcelestial will transform and become a Primordial Fiendcelestial.] [Primordial Chaos Tablet: The Primordial Chaos Fiendcelestial’s Birth Supreme Treasure. It can absorb the Dharmic powers of all Primordial Chaos Realm living beings.] Primordial Fiendcelestial!

Han Jue widened his eyes. So other than him, there was really a Primordial Fiendcelestial. Was the Dao Ancestor not targeting him?

This thing was a little strong. He was Pangu’s last opponent. It was equivalent to being second only to Pangu among the three thousand Fiendcelestials?

Han Jue had to ask cautiously, “When will he enter the Heavenly Dao?”

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