Chapter 68: Dragon Scale Flower (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

By the end of the forest, there were two tall black bunkers sitting on both sides of the main road and endless black city walls were connected to them. A large wooden door was opened between the two bunkers, several guards in white leather suit patrolling around it. Some of them were questioning the coachmen on the carriages that were trying to enter the door. The guards’ iron helmets looked like hats, most of them looked a bit chubby, and they all had the goatee on their chins. There were V-shaped red signs marked on their chest pieces, and none of them looked like experienced fighters.

Two large carriages were waiting to enter the door while slowly moving forward. A cute blonde girl stuck her head out of the first carriage’s window, looking around curiously. In the second carriage, Angele was peeking through the window with no expression on his face.

He was recovering well after resting for several days. His attributes were climbing back to normal, and he felt much better. Angele could finally pick up weapons and he could finally protect himself. He was now in a much lighter mood, but he still needed some time until he could do whatever he wanted.

Several swordsmen were following the carriages by the side and Dunleavy was one of them. The guards saw the noble insignia on the carriage, so they just let them through, not even checking with the coachman.

The carriages entered the outer area of Lennon City without issues. Many paths laid between the trees. Angele could see pedestrians and other carriages on the road. They continued along and Angele began seeing houses and mansions.

He saw a small river running down the roadside and a wooden waterwheel moving slowly on the other side. There were people carrying water buckets back to their houses and women washing clothes by the river. Several farmers were working hard on the cropland. It was noon and the sunlight was strong enough to make everything look golden.

Angele sat on a chair and looked out the window, feeling pleased with the scenery.

“Peaceful, eh?” Dunleavy asked, walking by the second carriage with his greatsword on his shoulder.

“Yea, it’s a different world for me.” Angele nodded.

“It’s great,” he continued.

“Lennon City is the safest city in the territory and Lord Melos is very kind. I’ve always wanted to settle down here,” Dunleavy said.

Angele nodded his head and looked ahead. There were several kids playing with the water by the river, and he could hear them laughing.

“It’s a peaceful place. I think I’ll just stay here.” Angele smiled.

“Really?” Dunleavy looked at him in confusion.

“Well, it’s pretty hard to get a residential permit here,” he said. Dunleavy wasn’t sure if the young man impulsively decided just now.

“It’s fine. It being hard doesn’t mean it’s impossible, right?” Angele shook his head before speaking. There were 20 provinces in the Ramsoda Empire. Angele thought Lennon City was great. This was the first city he visited in this country, and he liked it a lot so he decided right away. In this place, no one knew who he was, and it would take him only half a month to reach the harbor. Wizards would give their utmost not to hurt civilians, so they wouldn’t fight in such a peaceful city.

After Angele told Dunleavy of his plan, the latter caught up with the first carriage and told the owner. The carriages suddenly stopped and Avril’s family quickly got off the carriage. Angele did the same.

“Angele, right?” The nobleman smiled.

“You decided to settle down here?” he asked.

“Yes. The environment here is great and I like it a lot,” Angele bowed as he answered. They saved him, so he wanted to show them his gratefulness.

“I think you know how to protect yourself right? What’s your actual plan?” the nobleman asked.

“Yes, I can protect myself. I was just traveling around and I was attacked by the bandits on the way. It’s my first time in Lennon City, but I think it’s a great place for me to settle down for now,” Angele replied.

“Since you have made your decision, I think you wouldn’t mind dropping you off here,” the man nodded before he said.

“Thank you for saving me. If there’s anything I can…” Angele planning on returning the favor, but the man didn’t let him finish speaking.

“It’s fine. We don’t want anything from you,” he said before returning to their own carriage. Avril followed him from behind with a disappointed face.

“Thank you! For everything you did for me.” Angele bowed again. He knew that if it wasn’t Avril, the nobleman wouldn’t stop and help him. He really wanted to do something for them, but it seemed like they didn’t care. Angele waited by the side and shook his head. The guards brought him his black horses, and Angele held the reins in his hand.

He understood why the nobleman wanted to stay away from him. He was a total stranger and the nobleman probably knew that he was lying about the bandits. The nobleman still didn’t want to become the target of whoever was tracking Angele down. Avril had a disappointed look on her face. Angele guessed that she had tried convincing her parents to let Angele stay with them but she failed.

The nobleman helped Angele, but he didn’t want anything in return because he didn’t care. He thought the less relationship he had with Angele, the safer his family would be. Angele watched the carriages leaving, only stopping after another team of merchants walked pass him.

He had prepared some valuable items that he was going to give to Avril, but they left so quickly that he didn’t get the chance to give it. Angele stood on the grass by the side. He heard horses neighing, wheels rolling, and people chatting. He felt everything was so real. He took a breath once, inhaling the fresh air.

There were several white flowers mixed in the grass and several insects moving around. Angele raised his head and looked ahead. The road seemed endless; there were many farmlands and ranches around. The wind was gentle, causing Angele to feel refreshed.

‘Zero, check my body condition,’ Angele asked.

‘Analyzing… Angele Rio: Strength 2.9. Agility 4.1. Stamina 3.9. Mentality 3.8. Mana 3. Status: Healthy,’ Zero reported.

‘Good, I recovered a lot…’ Angele thought smilingly.

‘Great, my mentality also increased. Haven’t checked it for a while.’ He was satisfied with the result. Angele’s mentality was 3.5 before, and it took him about ten days to increase it to 3.8. An average rank 2 wizard apprentice would need 20 days to achieve it. If Angele could continue to increase his mentality like this, he would reach rank 3 in a year. He could feel the change brought by increasing the mentality. He could sense things better than before.

‘I need to find a place to live. Although wizard resources are hard to find, the chip can help me build a new database. I can make some basic medicines to make a living here. Also, I can try to look for new materials as substitutes so that I can reach rank 3 much faster.’ Angele planned as he kept moving forward on the road.

More and more houses appeared by the roadside as Angele advanced further into the city. There were also more pedestrians and the road was much better than the outer areas of the city which was pretty much just mud. Angele entered the downtown area with his horses.

The street was busy and most of the people around were wearing gray-white clothes. Some women were checking around the vendors with large buckets hanging on their arms. Every building was medieval-style, either having white or gray color.

Two drunk men were drinking by the entrance of a pub Angele passed by, barely could understand what they were saying. Angele walked down the street slowly fully geared. The people around him tried to stay away from him after seeing what he was carrying.

The street was wide and Angele kept checking around different stores. He saw bakeries, pubs, cloth shops, spice shops, drug stores, grocery stores, and crepe stands. It was the most advanced city Angele had ever been to. It was better than Marua Harbor because everything was well-organized here. The place was busy but people were following the rules.

Angele found what he was looking for quickly as he entered an alley. It was dark and quiet, but the air here smelled sour. Angele saw a middle-aged woman asking two young men to carry wooden barrels out of her shop. There was a paper pinned on the board of the store that read ‘Shop for Sale’.

“Excuse me, are you the owner? Is the shop for sale?” Angele asked. The woman heard Angele asking and walked toward him.

“I am. Are you interested?” she smiled as she asked.

“I almost cleaned it up. You just need to pay me the money, show me your identity card, and sign the contract. After signing the contract, the shop will be all yours,” she continued.

“Identity card?” Angele scrunched his eyebrows.

“I just got here, where can I get it?” Angele asked. He had enough money; he learned that the magic stone was actually a commodity that could be used everywhere. He acquired this information on his way here. Initially, he had thought that he wouldn’t be able to use the magic stones after he left the school. Angele also learned that one magic stone could be exchanged for a lot of money. Avril told him about the exchange rate and what a magic stone could get him. Its value was very high.

“That could be an issue…” the owner said. She suddenly saw the black magic stone in Angele’s hand and stopped for a second.

“But for a rich guy like you, it would not be a lot of trouble,” she continued.

“Good.” Angele smiled. It seemed that his plan would work.

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