Chapter 652 Merit to the Heavenly Dao, Mysterious Senior

Hearing Han Ming’s answer, Han Jue was speechless. Do you want me to say it? You’re not giving me face? Han Jue remained silent.

Han Ming was also silent. After calming down, Han Ming realized that there was something wrong with his words. Han Jue wouldn’t look for him for no reason. Han Ming asked again, “Are you still there?” “Mm.”

“Alright, I’m willing to join the Hidden Sect.” “Then pack up.”


Five minutes later, Han Ming left for the Hundred Peak Immortal River. Han Jue adjusted his state of mind and quickly entered cultivation again.

Several years later, Han Ming came to the Hundred Peak Immortal River and was directly taken into the Daoist temple by Han Jue. He didn’t let Han Ming out but stayed in the Daoist temple to cultivate.

Han Ming sat on a mat and carefully glanced at


s.h.i.+ning with divine light, he was unable to see Han Jue’s true body. This was the first time he felt this pressure. Han Ming took a deep breath. He had also fantasized about cultivating beside Han Jue in the past, but he knew that the other party was cold and could only be delusional. Now that it had become reality, he actually felt that it was unreal.

Han Ming mocked himself. What was he thinking? He stopped thinking and focused on cultivating. Han Jue didn’t say anything to him. Perhaps he wanted to see his cultivation att.i.tude and potential. He couldn’t lose face!

Little did he know that the reason why Han Jue ignored him was to complete the requirement of a thousand years of seclusion. His cultivation couldn’t be interrupted.

Outside the 33rd Heaven, the Sages gathered in the Universal Hall.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du had already returned. He scanned the Sages and said, “Fellow Daoist Han and I joined forces and obtained the Earth Immortal World. Next, I plan to fuse the Earth Immortal World into the Heavenly Dao and create a spatial tunnel between the two worlds to connect them.”

Earth Immortal World!

The Sages looked at each other. They had all heard of this world. In the past, the Earth Immortal World was also a part of the Immortal World. Just like the Ancient Desolate, after the battle of the Sages, the Primordial World shattered and split into many pieces. Now, only the Immortal World remained in the Heavenly Dao.

Qiu Xilai said, “Yes, just tell us if you need us to do anything.”

The other Sages did not have any objections and felt that this matter was not too big.

Emperor Xiao said, “Recently, a mysterious coffin appeared outside the netherworld. Its aura is unfathomable. I don’t dare to approach it. It’s still up to the Heavenly Venerate to decide.”


Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du couldn’t help but look outside the netherworld. After a while, he saw Primordial Origin’s coffin. He couldn’t help but frown. He immediately vanished. The other Sages followed closely behind. The Sages came to Primordial Origin’s coffin together. Fang Liang stared at it and frowned. The stone tablet in front of the coffin did not move, but it caused the Sages’ hearts to palpitate. “What is this?” “When did it appear? Emperor Xiao, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

“I just discovered it not long ago. Besides, the Heavenly Venerate wasn’t present. Do you dare to investigate? In any case, I don’t dare.” “Why didn’t I find this before?” “Could it be that this is the item that attacked Empress Houtu earlier?” The Sages communicated in a low voice. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du sent a voice transmission to Empress Houtu. Soon, she appeared.

“Did this thing hurt you?” Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du pointed at Primordial Origin’s coffin and asked.

Empress Houtu shook her head. “No, the aura is completely different. What is this? Who is hidden in the coffin?”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “We’re not sure, either.”

The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate raised his eyebrows. “Should we think of a way to suppress it?”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du shook his head. He carefully stared at Primordial Origin’s coffin and fell into deep thought. At this moment, the stone tablet shook violently, startling all the Sages. They took out their respective Supreme Treasures and waited solemnly.

Streaks of blood appeared on the stone tablet. Words were written on it like long bleeding worms.

Soon, a line of words appeared. It was difficult to understand.

The Sages couldn’t understand.

Fang Liang read, “Born in chaotic times, merit to the Heavenly Dao, died of fate, and was reborn in the Primordial Chaos.” The South Extreme Heavenly Venerate asked in surprise, “You can understand it?” Fang Liang said, “The Dao Ancestor taught me such words. They are written by the Chaotic Fiendcelestial.” The Sages were deep in thought. They couldn’t understand, so they didn’t dare to confirm if Fang Liang was telling the truth.

Li Daokong said, “Let’s think of a way to eliminate it or drive it away.”

s.h.i.+ Dudao nodded. “I agree.” Li Daokong glanced at him with disdain. s.h.i.+ Dudao pretended not to see it.

“Merit to the Heavenly Dao…” Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du muttered.

Fang Liang said, “It should be a Chaotic Fiendcelestial in the coffin. As for this stone tablet, it’s probably a Supreme Treasure. We should be careful.”

The Sages nodded and continued to discuss how to deal with Primordial Origin.

Han Jue opened his eyes. He entered seclusion for another thousand years in joy. He had already begun to treat a thousand years as a day. He was improving every day. This feeling was too satisfying. Han Jue looked at Han Ming beside him. In the past thousand years, Han Ming had also been cultivating diligently and had never spoken. He was very well-behaved.

Not bad!

Han Jue directly teleported them to the second Dao Field. Han Ming opened his eyes and discovered that the Daoist temple had changed. Han Jue said, “Cultivate here in the future. You can take a walk outside. There are a total of five people in this Dao Field including you. Listen to Murong Qi in the future.” Murong Qi? Han Ming noted it down silently. Han Jue sent a voice transmission to Murong Qi. After telling him Han Ming’s background, he returned to the Hundred Peak Immortal River. He stood in the Daoist temple and stretched, checking his emails. (Your son Han Tuo has invaded a Little Heavenly Dao.]

(Your good friend Evil Heavenly Emperor was attacked by your enemy, f.u.xitian. He was severely injured.]

(Your good friend Jing Tiangong has entered the Dark Forbidden Zone.]

(Your disciple Long Hao has absorbed the providence of the Dragon Race and his cultivation has increased greatly.) [Your son Han Tuo was attacked by a Little Heavenly Dao lifeform) x6720239

(Your good friend Ancestor Xitian has entered the Ancient Desolate.]

[Your good friend Pan Xin has entered the Ancient Desolate.] [Your descendant Han Yu received a dream from your enemy, Nüwa. His cultivation has increased greatly.]

Recently, f.u.xitian had been very active. Even Nüwa had begun to move around and had even found Han Yu.

There was definitely a conspiracy!

Han Jue continued reading. After he finished reading all the emails, he sent a dream to Han Yu. In the dream. Han Yu opened his eyes and saw Han Jue, who was glowing with divine light. He immediately became vigilant. “What’s going on? An illusion?” Han Yu frowned as if he was facing a great enemy. Han Jue smiled teasingly. “Little fellow, you don’t remember me?”

Han Yu’s eyes widened when he heard the voice, and he said with a trembling voice, “Senior, it’s


Although he had already acknowledged Li Daokong as his master, he would never forget the mysterious mighty figure who had given him a cultivation technique. If not for that mighty figure, how could he have cultivated to a level that satisfied Li Daokong? “So you still remember me. I thought you forgot about me after becoming my disciple.” Han Jue smiled.

Han Yu hurriedly cupped his fists. “I will never forget Senior’s kindness. What instructions do you have for me, Senior?”

Han Jue said, “Has anyone visited you in your dreams recently?”

Han Yu frowned.

He couldn’t help but think of Nüwa’s dream. Why did it attract this mysterious senior?

Nüwa was an existence that surpa.s.sed Sages. This mysterious senior was definitely not weak. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to sense it.

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