Chapter 67: Encounter (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele had been lying down in a relatively busy route and seeing several other carriages passing by, yet no one had stopped to help him. He never expected people to stop and help a total stranger like him until Avril’s group came. The girl reacted happily after seeing Angele wake up

“Actually, other people had seen me lying there but none stopped for me. Only a lovely princess like you would help a stranger,” Angele smiled as he said this. The girl looked pleased after hearing him say that.

“I only did what I thought I should do…” With a blushing face, she spoke. Angele conversed with the young girl for a while. She was about 11 or 12 years old. While chatting with Angele, she noticed that he was still too weak.

“You’re hurt and your wound is infected. Also, your fever isn’t gone yet, you better get some rest. We can talk later,” Avril kindly said, and then she asked the two swordsmen to leave the carriage. She wanted to make sure Angele could rest well.

The carriage fell silent after Avril closed the door. Angele lied down on the bed with a very tired face.

‘Check my situation,” Angele inhaled once, and he asked.

‘You’re infected with unknown bacteria. The infection is controlled by an effective drug. You caught an unknown flu and your body is weak. You need about 5 days and 14 hours to recover,’ Zero reported.

‘When can I at least be able to move?’ Angele asked something that was a significant issue to him. He needed to have the capability to react when threats approach. At this point, he was too weak to do anything. It was even more impossible for him to pick up any weapon. Angele felt so helpless because the infection and the fever made him weaker than a normal person.

‘If you consume enough food and have enough rest, it will take 41 hours and 23 minutes,’ Zero reported.

‘That’s a long time…’ Angele sighed in disappointment.

‘One hit from a rank 3 wizard apprentice and I nearly lost my life. I need to become stronger…’ Angele thought.


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