Chapter 66: Encounter (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Angele finally stopped thinking after a while, then he rubbed his temples and closed his eyes. The raindrops kept hitting the tent such that he could only barely hear the horses neighing. It was dark inside the tent. Angele calmed down and started to meditate. He was breathing rhythmically.

‘Warning! Warning!’ Zero suddenly reported. Angele was alerted when he felt his own wound itching.

‘Infection?’ Angele opened his eyes and looked at the wound.

He saw that there were still leftover fluids of the potion on it. The wound wasn’t bleeding, but the area around the wound looked dark red.

‘How should I deal with it?’ Angele asked calmly.

‘Analyzing…’ Zero reported.

‘Required materials: Golden Flower, 15 grams. Single-eyed Deer’s eyes, 180 grams. The Bighead Fish, 520 grams…’ Zero kept listing the necessary ingredients of the medicine that could stop the infection, but Angele looked disappointed.

‘Where can I find all those random things in a forest?’ Angele checked his wound again and saw some tiny stones growing rapidly around the wound. They were about the size of sesames; some were white and some were black. The infection was getting worse every second.

The tiny stones almost covered the wound. It looked quite grotesquely disgusting that Angele didn’t even want to stare at it.

‘I need to do something.’ Angele bit his lips and started to pack up. He needed to get all those materials quickly. He had no idea what would happen if the infection wasn’t cured.


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