Chapter 61: Tranquility (2)

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“I’ll take one please.” Angele nodded as he put down another magic stone. The store owner looked at the magic stone before handing a black box to him.

“I’ll take one, too,” the male wizard apprentice standing beside Angele said. He was a blonde person who had an average face and narrow eyes. It seemed that he was about 20 years old.

“Failed again? Without someone teaching you, you’re just wasting your money.” The store owner looked at him and gave him a wooden box. The male wizard apprentice smiled but didn’t bother responding. He took the box with him and placed down a magic stone. Only after he left did the female wizard apprentice behind him started browsing the store.

Angele watched the male wizard apprentice leave with a thoughtful expression for a moment. Then, he carried everything back to his room. There were many faculties in the school, and for every faculty, about 20 wizard apprentices occupied it. The underground area was as vast as an average-sized city. Angele barely knew people from other faculties, only familiar with the ones in the same classes he attended. He heard stage 3 wizard apprentices studied in other areas. After that instance where Alu had shown him around the school, Angele hadn’t seen him at all.

Angele returned to his room with the items he had bought. Just after he sat down, someone knocked on his door.

“Angele, you there?” Ansett’s voice came from outside the door.

“Yea.” Angele stood up and opened the door.

“Your letter, from the White Tooth Castle,” Ansett said, handing over a letter to him. She looked very attractive in her black hunting suit. Angele looked at the letter and saw that it was from Yuri.

“Yuri… Thanks, Ansett.” Angele remembered the blonde boy who liked smiling often.

“No worries. You weren’t here when the mailman came, so I received it for you,” Ansett said. Her gaze fell on the potion concocting equipment as she closed the door.

“Angele, I heard you joined Khedira’s mission?” She sat on the chair gently.

“Yea. I just got back. You heard about what happened there?” Angele nodded. He sat on his bed, seeing that Ansett occupied the only chair inside the room.

“I heard your group encountered the wizards of the Northland Alliance. Is that true?” Ansett asked. She was filled with curiosity, curiosity in everything related to wizards.

“Yea. I think the mission report will be announced to the public in several days.” Angele looked at Ansett, noticing that she had another motive for coming here.

“Angele, you reached stage 2 not too long ago, right? How are you progressing recently?” Ansett asked but became flustered after noticing Angele’s expression changing.

“Sorry,” she apologized. She knew how impolite it was to ask such a sensitive question. Wizard apprentices and wizards didn’t like others probing them when it could breach their privacy.

“It’s fine,” Angele said. He knew Ansett well, but he became flabbergasted when Ansett suddenly asked him that kind of question.

“If you need help, just ask.” Angele would help her if he could since they were friends.

“I probably have to drop out of school…” While saying this, Ansett’s expression changed.

“Why?” Angele asked in a surprised tone.

“I’m still at stage 1. I don’t even know when I’ll be able to reach stage 2. My family wants me to return and get married,” Ansett replied with a sorrowful demeanor.

“Unlike you and Manas, my talent level is just 1, and I’m already 18 years old. It’s most likely impossible for me to reach stage 3 before my 19th birthday. I’ll never become a wizard if I can’t reach stage 3 before 18 years old. I think you know how much money and resources we need just to stay in the school. There’s no way I could pay the fees here by myself,” Ansett spoke with a weak voice.

“So… your family will no longer support you if you refuse to return?” Angele asked as he scrunched his eyebrows. He wished to help, but there was nothing much he could help with in this kind of matter. Ansett wanted to reach stage 3 in a year’s time and it had to be done by herself. Though Angele could impart to her his acquired knowledge, she still needed to learn and comprehend it by herself. Also, she, by herself, needed to find out how to lead energy particles into her body in order for her to reach stage 2.

“Actually, if I can find someone who could help me support my family name… I’ll be able to stay,” Ansett said, depression apparent on her face. Angele remained silent but had his eyebrows scrunched.

“Manas already has a fiancée who has a higher talent level compared to mine.” Ansett raised her head and looked at Angele.

“I’m not going to get engaged with you. I’ll return to my homeland in the future, so I can’t promise you anything. Becoming my fiancée won’t do your family any good,” Angele said.

“We don’t need to get married. Just tell everyone that I’m your lover, and my family will then provide everything you need to become a wizard. You know I’m from the Carter Family, one of the top 5 families in the school. I think should consider my offer,” Ansett shook her head and said.

“You’re not the only wizard apprentice sent here by your family?” After thinking for a second, Angele asked.

“Yea, there are two more, but they’re the same as me. There aren’t that many wizard apprentices who can reach stage 3 before turning 18 years old,” Ansett answered.

“Why me?” Angele wondered.

“You’re only 15 years old, yet you’re about to reach stage 3 while Manas is still at stage 2. Furthermore, you survived such a dangerous mission. I think you’re a suitable choice for me,” Ansett said.

“Sign the contract with me and take an oath, then I and another girl will belong to you. I can assure you the other girl is also… attractive,” Ansett continued.

Angele remained his sight on her. The offer she had given was something worthy to be considered for him. After all, he needed the support from a local family and he needed magic stones. He could also play with two attractive girls. This was definitely an offer that he had no reason to decline.

“That’s an attractive offer, but I’m still wondering as to why you came to me,” Angele said.

“You are the most talented apprentice I know,” Ansett said.

“Only several wizard apprentices in our school reached stage 3 before the age of 15. You aren’t the most talented one, but you can be considered to be one of the best wizard apprentices in Ramsoda College,” she continued.

“I thought Alu reached stage 3 when he was 14,” Angele said.

“He’s different. People like him had high-level wizards in their family increase their talent levels using special methods. We call them Blood Inheritors, but their children won’t be as talented as they are. My family does not wish to have their children married to Blood Inheritors.” Ansett shook her head.

“Fine, I only see benefits in your offer. I’ll sign the contract.” Angele nodded.

“Great! I’ll be able to stay in school then.” Ansett happily took out a contract from her pouch. She obviously had come prepared.

“This is the contract. You can take a look.” Ansett handed the contract over to Angele.

“You’re similarly signing contracts with other people, right? I mean others from your family.” Angele checked the contract and found nothing suspicious.

“Yea. There are many beautiful girls in other Wizard organizations that are from my family. If they can’t reach a high stage, they’ll try to marry the talented ones. You’ve no idea how large my family is.” Ansett nodded.

“However, you’re the first in Ramsoda College. If you sign it now, I and another girl will move into your room tomorrow,” Ansett said while blushing.

“Can you leave the contract here? I’ll read it carefully tonight. I’ll sign it tomorrow if I see no strange rules I need to follow.” Angele waved the contract in the air.

“Sure.” With a relieved expression, Ansett bowed to Angele.

“I’m counting on you.” She drew nearer toward Angele and embraced him. Angele could feel it, her decent sized breasts.

“Don’t make me wait,” Ansett whispered. Angele became slightly aroused. He attempted to grope her butt, but she backed off right before his hand could reach it. She bowed again before leaving. Angele closed the door and placed the contract down while smiling.

His thoughts still lingered on that arousing sensation of her soft breasts. Angele had been too occupied with his thoughts about the mission ever since he returned, but because of what had just transpired a moment ago, the thoughts about the mission was finally out of his mind. He calmed down and looked at the equipment on his desk before taking the chair and sitting down.

Angele opened the black wooden box. Two different herbs were contained within it. The one on the left was a red herb called Dried Grass Root. The one on the right was a fruit that looked like an orange. Those fruits had been cut in half, showing contrasting colors of the light yellow surface and its bloody red inside. Both herbs were dried already.

Angele set the equipment up. There was one retort bottle, one alembic, one glass conduit pipe, and several test tubes and beakers. They were placed in a large linen bag filled with cotton when Angele bought the set.

He assembled everything on the desk.

‘Zero, show me all the necessary data for potion concoction and simulate the crafting process of Hemostasis Potion,’ Angele ordered.

‘Mission initialized. Simulation initialized. Duration: 2 hours and 15 minutes. Success rate: 15%,’ Zero reported.

‘15%.’ Angele was satisfied with the success rate.

‘I didn’t expect it to be this easy. It’s my first time simulating the concoction of a potion,’ Angele thought.

The success rate was calculated based on Angele’s current mentality, mana, and other condition. With the assistance of the chip and a proper formula, Angele had a very high success rate. An average Potion Study wizard apprentice only had a 5% success rate, while Angele had a 15% success rate mainly due to the chip.

The only thing he needed to do was to wait for the simulation result. The chip would enhance the success rate after the simulation finished. After that, he would be able to obtain an even higher success rate.

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