Chapter 59: Crisis (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

‘Angele Rio: Strength 2.9. Agility 4.1. Stamina 3.7. Mentality 3.3. Mana 3.0 (Mana is contingent on Mentality). Status: Healthy,’ Zero reported.

Mana was a new attribute, which Angele had found before coining it with the term after reaching stage 2. This was the unit Angele had set for measuring energy particles — the particles stored on the chip and inside his body after reaching the new stage. He could store 3 degrees of energy in his body and more than 17 degrees on the chip. Angele had absorbed about 17 degrees of energy from Nancy’s enchanted item, but he had yet to discover the maximum amount of energy he could store on the chip.

‘3 Mentality and 3 Mana must mean I can cast three basic spells,’ Angele thought while the chip kept reporting.

‘Listing the data of Stun Spell:

Stun Spell (Basic) – Spell Level: 0

Cost: 1 Mentality and 1 Mana

Effect: Stun the target for a duration of 1 to 3 seconds

Effective Distance: Within 1.5 meters

You need to cast it within 5 seconds. Otherwise, it will fail.

Weak Point: If the target has high Stamina, the effect of the spell will be greatly reduced.’ Zero reported.

Level 0 spells had a basic-level spell model and could be learned by wizard apprentices. Wizards place different spells into different levels based on their cost, damage, and area-of-effect. There were several different levels upon which level 9 was the highest.

‘I didn’t expect for the process to be so fast. Now, I just need to practice more after the chip finished sending me the data. I can easily learn the whole because of the chip. If I didn’t have it, I might have thought of going to spell laboratories to experiment only to fail no small number of times and waste a lot of mana and mentality. Sleeping is the only way to recover those. Most likely, I can only experiment in the laboratory for 2 or 3 times. No matter how smart a wizard apprentice is, he’ll need at least 25 days just to learn a Level 0 Spell. I heard the record was set by Garman, Jr. of the Faculty of Enchantment.’ Angele thought. The result was something he was already satisfied with.

Angele didn’t expect for the chip to show such a marvelous performance. He had been planning on going with it in a careful manner, even wanting to make sure he could use the spell before returning to the school. He never knew that he’d be successful on the first attempt.

‘Improve the spell structure?’ Zero asked. Angele became surprised upon hearing this, not believing it was possible to do so.

‘Improve the spell structure?’ Zero asked again. Angele finally realized the capabilities of the chip, causing him no small amount of excitement to fill him at this moment.

‘What’s the requirement for it?’ Angele asked.

‘It will cost you 14 Mentality, 14 Mana, 18 days 13 hours and 42 minutes. Currently, the requirement hasn’t been met,’ Zero answered.

‘Why did you even ask then?’ Angele felt a bit speechless.

‘Will the 14 Mentality be consumed at once?’ he asked.

‘Yes,’ Zero answered. Angele instantly abandoned this idea because he needed to increase his Mentality to over 14, something which was impossible for him right now. He needed to become a wizard first before he could improve the spell.

After simulating the Stun Spell, Angele felt very tired. No one brought tents, so he had to sleep by the campfire. Angele calmed down for a bit before he began meditating by the campfire.

The next morning.

The five caught a few rabbits and squirrels in the forest. They finally caught some meat, but they didn’t bring any salt, making it harder for them to eat. Normally, they would have decent food in the school. At this time, however, they had no choice but to bear with the tasteless food. After breakfast, they began traveling back to their again. The Ramsoda College was located in the middle of nowhere with only one small town nearby. After all, people wouldn’t think of living near a school specializing in necromancy. On their way back, Angele’s group of five didn’t encounter any trouble. When they became hungry, they would hunt wild animals. As for quenching their thirst, their water supply was obtained from the rivers they passed by.

Angele continued studying the information regarding fundamental knowledge on everything stored on his chip. He also learned the necessary information for the construction of his other spell model, the Hand of Exhaustion. He purchased the required course ahead of time and even stored everything on the chip. Angele had no time to read through the courses before, but now, he had some spare time to do so while on the road. He was planning on simulating the second spell model upon returning to the school.


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