Chapter 55: The Cost (2)

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The best function of the chip was that it could analyze known data and give Angele the optimal plan. It could even list all the requirements and calculate its success rate. This function was extremely valuable to Angele. Many wizard apprentices had to spend a huge amount of time searching for the reason of their progress being hindered and must check the issue many times to confirm its authenticity. If they made any mistakes during the process, they would waste too much time and money, and they wouldn’t be able to keep up with the set timeframe. No matter how talented one was, one had to discover the correct path by oneself.

Angele could find out in time the reason for his progress slowing down due to the chip he had. He kept advancing and wasted no time. Those were all of his advantages.

‘Increase my mentality points to 6 first, and then I’ll buy two basic spell models. Training in the construction of the spell models will also help me increase my mentality. One model will cost me two magic stones. I can buy two right away. The problem lies with the 500 ml Black Lead Potion,’ Angele thought.

Black Lead Potion was made of special stones and ink. It could aid people in increasing their sensitivity, rendering the sensing of energy particles easier. It could also help people focus, but it had some side effects on the user’s stamina. After using it, wizards or wizard apprentices needed to stay in bed for at least two days. The damage done to their stamina was permanent. It was one of the most effective low-level potions, but it had the worst side effect. If the chip didn’t even mention it, Angele would’ve never thought of using it.

Angele sat cross-legged on his bed. He considered his following plan carefully before he got up. He wiped the dust off his gray robe and tied the pouch to his waist. He then opened the door and left his room.

More than 10 minutes later…

Angele stood in front of a huge stone wall with his head raised high to check the price list. Several other wizard apprentices in gray robes were around him staring at the list as well. There were about 30 people there, but no one made any noise. They just stood there and quietly looked at the stone wall. After some time, a few would leave and a few would join.

‘I took the Necromancy course for free from Master Liliana, and it was one of the basics required for using spells with negative energy. If I want to go for the spells with positive energy now, I’ll have to purchase new basic knowledge. It’s probably better for me to just stay with spells that use negative energy. One course will already cost me more than 10 magic stones, and that’s just too much for me. I can save some resources by doing so, and I’ll even progress faster.” Angele made up his mind and started checking the courses listed under the negative energy category.

Only three basic negative energy spell models were currently open:

1. Poisonous Cloud: Paid course. Necromancy and Basics of Negative Energy

2. The Hand of Exhaustion: Paid course. Necromancy and Neuroscience

3. Stun Spell: Paid course. Advanced Dissection and Neuroscience

Angele looked at the options and started thinking.

Basic spells models were the simplest models that most wizard apprentices could learn. As for improved advanced spell models, wizards would often keep them a secret. The same spell could’ve differing effects when different wizards used it. The spell duration, effect radius, casting speed, casting distance, the weaknesses, and the damage done by stun effects might all be different. The basic models were the only spell models wizard apprentices could purchase. They were easy to understand and had practical uses in certain situations.

Angele kept thinking for a while before deciding which one to buy. He walked toward a small window by the side, right when the wizard apprentice in front of him just finished his own activity.

“Which one you want?” Inside the window, an old man with white eyebrows asked.

“The Hand of Exhaustion and the Stun Spell from the negative energy category.” Angele took out his magic stones and handed them over to the old man.

“That will be four magic stones, alright.” The old man nodded and took the magic stones from Angele’s hands. He then gave Angele two leather-covered books, and Angele saw the names of the spells on the books. Angele took the book and kept it inside his pouch.

“Hey, Angele,” someone called his name from the side. Angele looked over only to see Manas, who was also wearing his gray robe and was quickly walking toward him. He saw Ansett following Manas at the back and found her looking at him with a strange expression.

“You came here for spell models?” Ansett asked. Learning spell models meant Angele had been progressing fast as a stage 2 wizard apprentice. Meanwhile, she was still a mere stage 1 wizard apprentice. She and Manas were just checking out the spells, not expecting for Angele to buy spells from the store. Manas wasn’t good enough to learn the spell models yet. If he tried to draw the spell model without sufficient comprehension on it, he would only get hurt.

The three of them started together, and yet Angele was progressing much faster than the two. Manas and Ansett both had mixed feelings about this.

“Yea. I think I’ll start constructing spell models, so I decided to buy two basic ones. How about you, Manas? I think you’re nearly at that point as well.” Angele heard Ansett asking, so he answered.

“Not yet. I need more time. I want the Hand of Mage spell, but I need to finish learning the Energy Cycle and the Force Field Transformation first. I have enough mentality, but…” he said as he slightly raised his eyebrows. It looked like there wasn’t much he could do about it.

“Well, just don’t get frustrated. Make sure you’re fully prepared,” Ansett said. She was trying to remind Angele about the importance of comprehending the spell models before starting.

“I know. I won’t start constructing them before I could understand everything.” Angele nodded and smiled.

“Sigh… I’m not sure when I’ll be able to reach stage 3… People with talent level like us will spend at least three years for it. I don’t even know if it’s possible for me to become a wizard,” Manas said.

“Do you know Bell Mini? He was promoted several days ago. He’s now a wizard and he’s only 19 years old… He was in our class… The Mini Family has all those resources for him to use and has a wizard in his family to guide him. The only thing we could do was to ask other talented wizard apprentices…” he continued.

“He’s from one of the three largest families. Of course, he’ll be faster than us. His talent level was improved by using advanced wizard technologies and was much stronger than us from the beginning,” Ansett muttered. Angele finally knew why they were so upset. It was too difficult for stage 2 and 3 wizard apprentices to reach the wizard level, and the possibility of becoming one was most likely just 1 out of 50. It meant most of the apprentices would stay at stage 3 their whole lives. Then, they would just return to their hometowns or choose to stay at the school to contribute in other ways. The old man with white eyebrows was at stage 3. A long time had already passed after reaching that stage. He had tried breaking past his limits multiple times, but he never succeeded. Many people had similar circumstances with the old man in this school.

There were less than 50 Wizards in the school, but ever since Angele arrived at this people, he had never seen the president. Angele’s situation was different because he had the chip. Before breaking the limit, the chip would help him formulate the most optimal plan. If the possibility of success was too low, he could keep studying until the success rate increased.

“I have to go see my master now. I’ll see you guys in the evening.” Angele talked to them for a while before leaving.

“See you.” The two left after bidding farewell.

Several minutes later.

In a dark room of the Negative Energy Research Center.

Many strange runes were engraved on the ground and many complex magic arrays were drawn on them. The ground was black while everything on it was silver. There was a square stone platform in the middle of the room, and an old lady with a bronze pocket watch embedded in her left eye was standing beside it with a staff in her hand. She was pouring some white dust over the platform carefully.

A ray of yellow light descended from the hole above them, making the whole room illuminated. Angele stood by the door, waiting for his master to summon him. There was another apprentice inside the room, though he only looked at Angele once. He just kept watching the things Master Liliana was doing.

“What do you think?” the man asked with a light voice.

“Me?” Liliana poured all the dust onto the platform before raising her head.

“Do whatever you want. It’s your own choice,” she said while staring at the man in a gray robe.

“Understood, I’ll leave now, Mother.” The man bowed and left after.

“Why are you here?” Liliana finally looked at Angele and asked.

“You’re one of my students?” She didn’t seem to remember him.

“Yes, Master Liliana. I was accepted in the school last year,” Angele introduced himself after stepping forward.

“Tell me what you want. I’m busy,” she said.

“I would like to ask about the Black Lead Potion,” Angele politely said.

“Black Lead Potion? Its side effect is the worst. Don’t tell me you want to drink some?” Liliana seemed surprised.

“Yes, I would like to try it,” Angele said.

“It’s hard to make and it’s expensive. I have one in my storage, but you better prepare enough magic stones for it.” Liliana began to smile.

“How many?” Angele asked in a low voice.

“120 regular ones or 12 mid-level ones,” she answered.

“120…” Angele had already expected it to be expensive, but he was still surprised by the price tag. He could purchase some low-level enchanted items with 120 regular magic stones.

“It’s the best offer I could give. I already put a discount on it since you’re my student. If you ask other masters, it’ll cost you at least 200. You can check the price at the trading hall,” she said.

“You may leave now. My time is up.” The bronze pocket watch in her eye ticked once. Angele took a deep breath, and then nodded his head. He turned back and left the room.

‘What’s the best way for me to earn magic stones…?’ Angele kept pondering over this question.

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