Chapter 666 Han Tuo’s Unease

Han Jue stared at Xing Hongxuan’s womb. His youngest child was curled up like a porcelain doll. The vitality was very strong. This kid was actually absorbing Xing Hongxuan’s Dharmic powers. Interesting. Han Jue was afraid that something would happen, so he sat down beside Xing Hongxuan and used Absolute Purification on her.

Xing Hongxuan saw him and asked curiously, “What is it?”

Han Jue rarely took the initiative to look for her. Could it be for his son?

Xing Hongxuan reached out to touch her abdomen with antic.i.p.ation. At first, she was also worried. After all, she had been pregnant for so long. However, as years pa.s.sed, she could feel the child’s vitality. She was now filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Such an extraordinary fetus must be extraordinary. Han Jue said, “If you encounter trouble, send me a voice transmission at any time. Don’t be afraid of disturbing my cultivation.” Xing Hongxuan smiled. “It’s fine. I’m a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, after all. How can it be difficult?”

Han Jue chatted with her for a while and left after the Absolute Purification ended.

Han Jue sat on the 36th-grade Reincarnation World Destruction Black Lotus and started to check his emails.

The protagonist of his emails became Pan Xin. This fellow had always been fighting and had never been severely injured. He was extremely domineering

Han Jue also saw that Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was severely injured.

How tragic. Han Tuo followed the Evil Heavenly Emperor and was beaten from time to time.

After reading the emails, Han Jue looked at the Immortal World.

The addition of the Calamity Race promoted the development of all living beings in the Immortal World. The cultivation trend became stronger, which in turn strengthened the Heavenly Dao’s providence. It was worth mentioning the humans.

In just a thousand years, the population of the Human Race had increased by dozens of times. This was all thanks to the influence of the Sage Sects, causing the other races to no longer dare to bully them. The Human Race’s territory was also constantly expanding. It wasn’t a rude and unreasonable expansion, but an integration with the other races. The humans were willing to coexist with other races. This was also something the Sages were willing to see. Only by being united in the Heavenly Dao could they better face the crisis of the Chaos.

The reason why the Calamity Race and the Flame Race were so strong was that the race was unified and there was less internal friction. Han Jue looked down at the crowd. There were fewer hards.h.i.+ps in the world, but not completely. The anxiety of cultivation began to spread in the Heavenly Dao.

Even if Sages were preaching the Dao, their potential was innate, like a natural chasm suppressing all living beings. Han Jue saw Han Yu.

As the Human Race became stronger, Han Yu obtained its providence, and his cultivation level increased by leaps and bounds.

Han Jue looked at the netherworld next. Su Qi had been in seclusion recently, and Yang Tiandong was also living very peacefully.

The Heavenly Race’s leader, Ji Xianshen, seemed to have completely given up on his desire for power. He cultivated in seclusion all day long. The Heavenly Race’s existence in the netherworld had become extremely low. Many immortals had even switched to the netherworld or returned to the Immortal World to join the Heavenly Dao Sect.

On the other side, after the Earth Immortal World fused with the providence of the Heavenly Dao, Han Jue could spy on the situation of the Earth Immortal World in the main Dao Field. Ren Gang and Yin Hongchen’s cultivation levels had improved greatly, which satisfied him.

Several hours later.

Han Jue retracted his gaze and continued cultivating.

Three thousand years pa.s.sed in the blink of an


The first thing Han Jue did when he opened his eyes was to look at Xing Hongxuan.

It was not born yet! Han Jue frowned. He spied on the fetus in Xing Hongxuan’s womb. Its aura had already surpa.s.sed that of a mortal. Its soul had taken form, but it was in a sleeping state. This kid…

Was he going to hide in his mother’s womb forever?!

The fetus only instinctively absorbed Xing Hongxuan’s Dharmic powers. It did not have a cultivation technique and did not have a realm for the time being. Xing Hongxuan’s cultivation did not stop because of him. Her body was also in good condition. Her cultivation speed was even faster than before she got pregnant. After observing this, Han Jue was relieved. He was afraid that the fetus would burden Xing Hongxuan.

Now, it seemed that she was cultivating faster than before thanks to it. The news of Xing Hongxuan’s pregnancy had already spread throughout the Hundred Peak Immortal River. The disciples were all looking forward to this young sect master. Only a few people knew that Han Tuo was Han Jue’s son. Most disciples thought that he only had one son.

“It’s said that the Young Master is still being nurtured. He must be impressive.” “That’s right. The longer it incubates, the stronger the potential. It’s said that the Ancestral Dragon was nurtured for ten billion years.” “Ten billion years is too exaggerated!” “In any case, Sect Master’s son is definitely a genius. Let’s guess how long he will take to descend.” “It’s probably still early.”

Han Jue heard many disciples talking about this in the Hundred Peak Immortal River. Most of them were looking forward to it. If Han Jue had children, the Hidden Sect could continue to be pa.s.sed down generation after generation. As for personal disciples, they were not as powerful as the protectors who joined later. They were not enough to convince the If his cultivation and experience were not enough to take over Han Jue’s position, he could only use his bloodline to convince the

Han Jue looked forward to this child’s performance after he was born.

“What should I name it?” Han Jue touched his chin and pondered. He hoped that this kid was not reckless and liked to cultivate diligently like him. Just call him Han Bulang? Han Kuxiu?

Han Gou?

Pfft, this name was like cursing! He would think about it later! Han Jue quickly closed his eyes. He was also agitated by his youngest son. He wanted to break through a minor realm before this child was born!

Dark Forbidden Zone.

In the darkness stood a huge stone door that sat above the sea of clouds. Two figures sat under the door. They were Han Tuo and Yi Tian.

Han Tuo suddenly opened his eyes and frowned. Yi Tian asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you feeling uneasy recently? Are you afraid of Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k’s revenge?” Han Tuo shook his head. “Of course not. Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k has already been suppressed. Even if he escaped, revenge is still revenge on His Majesty. However, for some reason, I’ve been feeling inexplicably frustrated recently.” Yi Tian opened his eyes and asked, “Should we ask His Majesty?” Han Tuo thought for a moment. This mentality indeed affected his cultivation. He immediately stood up.

The stone door emitted a strong light. It was a teleportation formation that was ten thousand feet tall!

Han Tuo stepped into the strong light and arrived in a paradise. The blue sky was filled with white clouds. Immortal birds flew past in rows. There were palaces above every sea of clouds. From time to time, Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals would patrol. Han Tuo quickly arrived at a majestic palace at the highest point. A plaque was hanging on the door. Numinous Palace! Han Tuo had the Heavenly Emperor Token and could directly enter the hall. The Evil Heavenly Emperor was sitting on the Emperor’s throne with two pieces of jade in his hand, frowning. “Your Majesty, I have something to ask you.” Han Tuo cupped his fists and bowed. The Evil Heavenly Emperor looked up and smiled kindly. “What is it?” He was very satisfied with Han Tuo. He felt that he had potential that was not inferior to Han Jue, making up for the regret of not controlling Han Jue back then.

Han Tuo voiced his concerns.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor frowned. Han Tuo was also a mighty figure. His control over his body and soul had long reached the Perfection realm. How could he be fl.u.s.tered for no reason?

He pinched his fingers to deduce, but he could not deduce it.

He had to take out a golden mirror. “Stand closer,” the Evil Heavenly Emperor said softly. Han Tuo immediately took a step forward. The Evil Heavenly Emperor held the golden mirror and looked at him. Golden light scattered out and landed on Han Tuo. Crack!

The mirror suddenly shattered, and a long crack appeared, splitting the mirror into two. The Evil Heavenly Emperor widened his eyes and exclaimed, “How is this possible?!”

Han Tuo’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the mirror shatter.

c.r.a.p! This was His Majesty’s treasure!

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