Chapter 54: The Cost (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

In one minute, the strange flower that had the height of an average human blossomed. Angele was surprised by this scene. To him, it was really impressive. The wizard apprentices in the classroom started clapping, and Master Angelina waved her hand again. The light dot in the flower flew into the air, causing the plant below to wilt and die within a second. The whole thing fell apart and became a pile of black ash.

“This spell is for increasing the growth rate of the plant to its maximum. It’s actually a botanical spell that consumes negative energy. If anyone is interested, you can come and purchase the basic spell model from me. Of course, only I have the right to sell the spell model. If I find anyone trying to sell it privately, I will hang him,” Angele said in a serious tone.

Angele became nervous for a second. He planned on trading his knowledge about Necromancy for resources, but he didn’t know about the ‘copyright’ issue beforehand. Thus, he had to abort his plan.

“Well, I’ll just do my thing then. Meditating and earning magic stones are the top two priorities now,” Angele said before shaking his head.


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