Chapter 53: Magic (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Mentality model was the engine. Elemental energy was the gas. Both combined together to produce other forms of energies. It was the most basic of all spells, and there were much to be researched on such as the different effects produced by different models, the loss between each transfer, the strength of the final result, and the necessary mentality strength in constructing the model. Those were the factors that determined the level a wizard apprentice or a wizard had in spell manipulation. Being able to use a spell didn’t mean one could control it well as most of the existing spells had been further improved by numerous wizards from each successive generation in the past.

Besides attending classes, Angele helped his master organize the laboratories, clean the spell room, and assist her in potion making. Also, he helped take care of the rare plants in the garden. However, Angele was progressing slowly, and there was only so much he could learn every day as his master only put a certain amount of content each day, though he could finish other works properly. It took Angele more than 4 months to be able to lead the energy particles into his body during meditation. Zero’s radiation had doubled his speed.


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