Chapter 50: Ramsoda (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

After leaving Nancy’s room, Angele took a deep breath. His smile was gone, now replaced with solemnness. He surveyed the passage; there were no other wizard apprentices around. He could only hear footsteps above him. Angele covered his wound on the neck with his collar and quickly descended the stairs.

‘Zero, how much radiation energy did you absorb?’ Angele asked.

‘1.35% from the necklace. The item’s surface was perfectly secured, thus the energy stored in it was barely leaking,’ Zero reported.

‘That’s enough. She’ll find out if we take too much,’ Angele thought. By then, he had already arrived at the 5th floor. He just reached stage 1 not too long ago, so he didn’t want to waste time after obtaining that energy from the enchanted item.

‘Nancy won’t be happy about this, but I don’t really care whether she likes me or not. I don’t even know when I’ll return to the city. Master Adolf said the letters would only be shipped out with the newbie recruitment ship. It will take about four years for me to communicate to the ones in the city. By then, she would’ve already forgotten about it,’ Angele thought.

He got back to his room quickly and locked the door. He was very excited, instantly taking out the book Adolf had given him. Angele turned to the page where he left last time. The content written on it wasn’t about meditation. Instead, it was the author’s biography. He needed to calm down because being excited wouldn’t help him with meditation.

‘However, I need to wait until I can sense the energy by myself. Otherwise, I won’t be able to train my basic skills,’ Angele thought. He knew just how crucial the basics were to him.


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