Chapter 49: Nancy (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

Nancy looked at him before returning her sword back into its sheath slowly.

“I just don’t like the way you deal with the girl. I’m done with you.” Nancy was seemingly calm, and then she started to walk toward Angele. Angele was standing in the crowd while feeling a bit confused.

“You,” Nancy said as she pointed at him.

“Come help me tend my wounds,” she continued to say while maintaining a calm demeanor. It was as though she was talking to an old friend.

“Me?” Angele pointed at himself to make sure Nancy was talking to him. Suddenly, he saw a lot of blood oozing out of Ali’s mouth. It seemed that Ali’s organs had been injured during the fight, making Angele realize that Nancy wasn’t the only one who got hurt. Though he didn’t like the way Nancy approached him, he still decided to step forward due to her relationship with Master Adolf.

People around weren’t surprised because everyone witnessed Nancy talking to Angele when they first met. Nancy walked into the cabin with Angele following her. Wizard apprentices weren’t allowed to bring maids with them, so they had to do everything by themselves. Nancy trusted Angele because he was one of Adolf’s students like her. They went into the dark staircase. Nancy could barely stand properly, almost falling down. Angele grabbed her uninjured shoulder to prevent her from falling down the stairs.

“Help me get to my room. He poisoned his dagger.” Nancy, who had a pale face, gritted her teeth. Angele finally realized how serious her wound was. When she faced Ali, she was trying her utmost not to show vulnerability. Angele decided to help her first, so he took her back to her room. Nancy was sweating buckets when they walked down to the 1st floor. After reaching the room, she opened the door slowly. Angele assisted her to sit on a chair.

“You can leave now,” Nancy said with a weak voice. Angele scrunched his eyebrows; he could smell the strange stench coming from Nancy’s left shoulder.

“The poison on the dagger originated from the Snake Root Flower. If you handle it erroneously, you’ll be paralyzed for days. By then, Ali can do whatever he wants to you,” Angele said. He had confirmed the source of the poison after smelling some spiciness from the stench. Nancy’s expression abruptly changed after hearing Angele’s words and quickly grabbed a small leather pouch from the drawer. She took out a little paper bag out of the pouch and opened it carefully. There was some light yellow powder inside. When Angele saw the powder, it immediately reminded him of some data he had stored on the chip before.

“You…” Angele quickly stepped forward, but he blacked out before he could even finish speaking.

Angele woke up with a silver crossguard sword held against his neck. Nancy was coldly glaring at him. The blade already made contact with his skin, a thin line of blood slowly trickling down his neck. Angele felt his hair all over his body raising and he could feel the pain coming from his neck. He was already at knight level and had decent attributes among the knights, yet he didn’t have enough time to react after seeing that powder. She must have used her enchanted item to catch Angele off-guard. Zero couldn’t help him under such occasion.

“Wait, the dagger actually had mixed poisons on it. One thing I could distinguish is the poison from the Bolan Grass. If you don’t deal with it within five hours, your whole left arm will be rendered unusable. I’m just trying to warn you about it, so don’t get too angry.” Angele raised his hands and slowly pushed the sword away.

“The man in the black robe wouldn’t allow murder on this galleon. Besides, losing a left arm is probably nothing to a wizard,” he continued. Nancy let Angele push her sword away, sheathing the sword right after. She was still staring at him coldly as though she wasn’t too concerned about what Angele was saying. She decided to pour all the powder into her mouth.

“Universal antidote? Your premium item probably has the root of Gerro in it, but it will only slow down the mixed poison from spreading.” Angele smiled, “You still need to give up your left arm.” This made Nancy’s expression change again, thus forcing her to swallow all the powder with some water.

“Do you have the cure? I can forgive your rude behavior if you do,” Nancy spoke emotionlessly.

“Even if I do have it, why should I?” Angele had an evil smile on his face.

“Your father, Karl Rio, lives at Marua Harbor now, right? You also have an aunt there,” Nancy said.

“I don’t think you have the right to refuse,” she continued.

“Threatening me?” Angele spoke as he squinted his eyes.

“I probably won’t win a fight against you, but I can opt to not help you,” he continued.

“No. One. Shall. Threaten. Me!” Angele said this word for word while glaring into Nancy’s eyes. Their gazes intersected for a while. Then, Angele stood up after deciding to leave.

“You’re going to lose your arm. Oh, wait. Also, enjoy being paralyzed for three days. You might die from excessive blood loss,” Angele said while opening the door.

“Wait! What do you want? Just tell me,” Nancy said as she stopped him. Angele turned around and looked at her again.

“Beg me for it,” Angele said while looking at her with an amused expression.

“You’re dead!” Nancy grabbed her sword again. Angele knew how serious she was, so he decided not to further anger her.

“Just a joke. However, I really don’t like the way you talk to me. I’m not your servant,” Angele said when he ceased smiling. Nancy slowly put down her sword after hearing his words.

“Fine, I apologize for my earlier remarks. Now tell me, what do you want?” Nancy said. The paper bag that had the antidote in it was twisted broken in her hands as she tried to calm down.

“Don’t say anything that’s not going to happen. I’ll talk to the man in the black robe if I have to,” Nancy said.

“He’s not going to do anything about it. Last time, two apprentices fought each other on the ship deck. One had his leg broken while the other, his arm. They begged the man to heal them, but he did nothing. You think you’re an exception?” Angele saw through her lie right away.

“You’re testing my patience,” Nancy said in a deep tone.

“Give me an enchanted item,” Angele said.

“No way!” Nancy didn’t even think about the offer.

“Losing your left arm it is.” Angele turned back and tried to leave.

“I’ll kill you!” Nancy said. For the second time, Angele felt a pain in his neck.

“Give me the cure and I’ll give you something in return. Otherwise, I’ll kill you before I lose my arm.” Nancy coldly glared at Angele while drawing her own sword slowly.

“You have two enchanted items on you. I just want one of them.” Angele was now barely smiling because he knew that she meant it. The girl had seen blood without a change in expression and behavior, thus confirming that she had killed someone before. He was just trying to get an enchanted item from her, but he didn’t know how important they were to her.

“Again, No way!” Nancy said in a serious tone.

“Many people in my family sacrificed their own lives for them, so I can’t just give one to you. You can’t use it at your current level anyway. Instead, someone might just take it off your hand,” she continued. There wasn’t much Angele could do at present, and threatening her could put himself in danger.

“Well, what do you have for me then?” Angele asked.

“Ten Glass Gems, worth 10000 gold coins,” Nancy answered right away.

“Aside from that, can I at least have a look at your enchanted item? I’ll stay in this room, just so I won’t be able to take it away under your nose,” Angele said.

“Fine.” Nancy thought for a while before she slowly nodded.

“Deal.” Angele clapped his hands and smiled.

“I’ll give you the cure before it is too late, but you need to go first,” Angele said. Nancy nodded before taking out 10 small purple gems from the leather pouch. She then took out a silver necklace from her pocket. It seemed that the ring on her finger was just for decoration. Nancy put everything on her palm and handed them over to Angele.

“Also, you need to swear that you won’t harm me after I give you the cure,” Angele added.

“Then you need to swear that the cure you’ll give me will fully heal me,” Nancy said.

“Sure,” Angele said before taking an oath to the gods upon their names. According to the rules of the wizards, one must never break promises after making an oath upon their full names. The worst a noble or a wizard could do was to break one’s promises. Though Angele didn’t believe in such a thing, he knew Nancy was a person who would keep promises. She could fight for a stranger just because of Ali’s wrongdoings. Angele was just trying to take a look at the enchanted item. He wasn’t going to take away anything important to her. Ten thousand gold coins were of a significant amount to Angele, but Nancy was the daughter of a duke, so she probably never cared.

Meanwhile, Angele was a son of a baron who only had several thousands of people in his territory. The Andes Alliance was much larger than Rudin Empire, thus a duke’s territory was probably the size of half a Rudin. She would’ve had the power of a princess if she was a Rudin. Ten thousand gold coins were probably her allowance, so she wouldn’t think too much of it.

Angele decided to treat her after taking a look at enchanted items. He knew the certainty of him being able to cure her. He had tried those two plants back when he was traveling, and Zero assisted him to find the easiest way to detoxify. It was the reason why he was so certain that he had the cure. Angele had tried thousands of plants and insects before storing all the data on the chip. Zero analyzed the data and found various ways for Angele to detoxify. What he was about to do was one of the methods.

However, he found Nancy being completely rude to him, thus he didn’t like her. Angele decided to apply the most uncomfortable way to her.

“Now, lie down on the bed. Lie on your stomach, so I can have a look at your wound,” Angele said with a light tone. The wound was behind her shoulder where the dagger had struck her in reverse. Nancy looked at him for a second before lying down on her stomach. She still had her hands on her sword, clearly signifying that she still didn’t trust Angele too much.

Angele saw her lying down and unwittingly took a glance at her butt. In her white tight pants, it looked quite nice and sexy. Angele could barely see any gaps between her slim, long legs. He stood by the bed for a while, feeling an urge to touch her legs. They were just too enticing for him. Angele wanted to see how Nancy would react if he suddenly touched her legs and butt. However, he decided not to after seeing the sword in her right hand.

“Hurry up!” Nancy got a bit nervous and said.

Angele ceased staring at her body and started treating her wound quickly. He first spat some saliva over the wound and sprinkled some sawdust on it. The process was easy and fast, but it was too painful for the person being treated.

“If this doesn’t work, I’ll absolutely kill you,” Nancy said while she was in pain after standing up. She didn’t show her emotion on her face, but Angele knew how mad she currently was.

“Let’s see.” Angele smiled. He threw the silver necklace to her.

“Take a rest and bandage your wound,” Angele said as he opened the door.

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