Chapter 48: Nancy (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

They didn’t say anything else after their last conversation because the topic about talent levels only made everyone upset. They went down the stairs quickly and reached the 5th floor. There wasn’t even a single candle lit on the 5th floor and the passage itself was completely dark. Velvet didn’t hesitate to keep walking forward. She had two small black stones in her hands. After she struck the black stone against the other, both started to shine as though both were shining gems. Finally, the four could see things clearly.

“What are those?” Lando Luc asked while staring at the stones curiously.

“Light stones. Basic wizard item,” Velvet answered in a light voice. Angele looked at the stones and asked Zero to analyze it. The result showed that both contained a certain amount of radiation energy that would make them shine after impact, but the amount of energy was too small for it to do anything other than lighting the way.

They reached the living quarters quickly. Neither light nor other people were around. Angele opened the door to one of the rooms, immediately inhaling the stench of mold inside. The room was also very wet, and nothing was visible. No one was afraid of darkness, so they picked their rooms right away. It seemed that there were only four people on this 5th floor, so they decided to live opposite each others’ room in case something happened.

Lando Luc chose the room opposite to Angele and Velvet chose the room opposite to Yuri’s that was beside Angele’s. Angele lit the oil lamp on the desk and put the cover back on it. He took a quick look around the room. It was a very normal room: one single bed, two chairs, and a small wooden desk. Molds were all over the desk, walls, and on the ground.

“Just because we don’t have much talent?” Angele shook his head and left the room with his nose squeezed. He saw others leaving their rooms too, doing the same as him.

“Let’s clean our rooms first,” Yuri said.

“Sure.” Everyone agreed. Except for Yuri, all of them knew how to do the cleaning, and they quickly cleaned up their rooms after finding the tools from the washroom. Lando Luc ended up doing the cleaning for Yuri. Their rooms now looked a bit better. At least there were no more molds everywhere. After that, they returned to their respective rooms to meditate, and slowly, the ship left the shore.

In the following days, Angele barely communicated with other apprentices because they pretty much stayed in their rooms meditating and reading the books they had brought. He could only see others when it was mealtime and when he went up the deck to get some natural light and fresh air. Angele didn’t do anything else apart from reading books and meditating. Every day, he saw Velvet, who always seemed to be in pain, on deck. Lando Luc once told him that some wizard apprentices with talent level 1 would experience strange pains during the meditation process. It seemed that Velvet was one of those wizard apprentices. Angele would never know how painful that could be since he had a talent level of 2.

Angele felt sorry for her, but he didn’t care about others. Recently, his meditation was progressing well. He also found out that the method of meditation had to be obtained either by reading a Wizardry book or feeling a specific spell’s effect. It was impossible for him to teach someone the meditation procedures through talking. Also, the runes were stored in the minds of wizard apprentices, and they had no idea how to describe them by words.

Also, Yuri told Angele that there was an age restriction in studying the runes. Anyone below the age of 12 wouldn’t qualify to read and memorize the runes. If they were to try to read and memorize the runes, it was highly likely for them to lose their own minds. After five days of meditation, Angele could finally keep 10 runes in his mind, but the speed was average due to his talent level. The man in a black robe didn’t even ask anything about the stage 1 apprentices because they were nearly close to normal people, just with a stronger mentality.

Another half-month passed. The galleon only stopped once on a dock and took in more than 10 new wizard apprentices. Only one girl was added to the 5th floor after the test. For the others, Angele didn’t have any information on them. The new girl was green-haired and a bit dark-skinned and had a longbow on her back. She didn’t look like she was in the mood to talk, so the four left her alone, and she just found herself a room at the end of the passage.


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