Chapter 676 Dominating the Heavenly Dao, Fourth Generation Disciple

Outside the 33rd Heaven.

In the Pangu Hall. Pan Xin sat on the 36th-grade Chaotic Green Lotus and looked disdainfully at a man kneeling in front of him. This man wore a black robe. His hair was disheveled and his face was old. At this moment, his face was ashen and his eyes were empty. “Jin Shen, oh Jin Shen, weren’t you very proud in the past? Do you still think I’m an ant?” Pan Xin asked mockingly. Jin Shen did not answer and continued kneeling.

After Pan Xin became a Sage, in order to stabilize him, the Sages had no choice but to ask Jin Shen to personally come and apologize. Although Pan Xin did not mention it, this matter could easily cause trouble.

Jin Shen was forced by the Sages to come.

He didn’t hate the Sages because this was reality!

He had also used his power to suppress others in the past. Now, the tables had turned.

However, he didn’t regret it. He could only blame Pan Xin for being lucky and obtaining Pangu’s inheritance. Looking at the silent Jin Shen, Pan Xin suddenly felt bored.

Before he returned, he had thought of at least ten thousand ways to deal with him. However, when Jin Shen knelt in front of him, the hatred in his heart suddenly dissipated. He knew that Jin Shen was not really convinced, but was forced by the other Sages. He suddenly understood. If Jin Shen really wanted to kill him, why did he suppress him so many times? Although Pan Xin thought of this, he didn’t want to pursue the reason. No matter which Sage it was, as long as they were in the Heavenly Dao, he couldn’t kill them.

Besides, he knew his limits. He had a foul mouth in the past. Other than the new Sages, almost all the other Sages had been offended by him. If he really wanted to settle scores, it would be too troublesome. However, he couldn’t easily let Jin Shen go. If that happened, where would his face go?

Pan Xin slowly said, “Jin Shen, do you think you’re satisfied with your current position? Do you have any other thoughts?” Jin Shen replied, “I’m willing to listen to the Sage’s arrangements.” He was not surprised. Pan wanted to cut off his Heavenly Dao status first and kill him after losing the Heavenly Dao’s protection. “I want to help you become a Sage. Are you willing?” Pan Xin’s next words made Jin Shen suddenly look up as if he had heard wrongly.

He was a Pseudo-Sage. How could he have heard wrongly? Jin Shen was shocked. After a while, he came back to his senses and asked, “Why?” Pan Xin said calmly, “You’ve already been handed over. Other than me, who else can you follow?” Jin Shen had a bitter expression. That’s right. The Sages behind him had already given up on him. Who else could he follow?

Besides, he had not become a Sage with the other Sages. Now that the Sage position was in front of him, how could he refuse? “As the Heavenly Dao becomes stronger, more and more Sages will appear. I want to support you not because I’m lying to you, but because I’m familiar with you. Although you’ve targeted me in the past, I still approve of your actions and character.” Pan Xin wasn’t lying. Jin Shen had always kept a low profile and never relied on his ident.i.ty to act recklessly. If not for the Heavenly Dao Providence Board, all living beings might not know of his existence.

Jin Shen gritted his teeth and said, “The Sage will let bygones be bygones. That’s the benevolence of the Sage. Since the Sage is willing to support me, I naturally won’t refuse. I’ll be at your disposal in the future.”

Pan Xin smiled in satisfaction. Taking down Jin Shen was only the first step. His true goal was to control the entire Sage circle. He wanted to dominate the Heavenly Dao!

In the Human Imperial City, Han Yu held an iron plate and studied it repeatedly. There were all sorts of strange words printed on the iron plate. Even Han Yu couldn’t recognize them. This was obtained by Han Yu from the Earth Immortal World. It was very hard. Even Long Hao couldn’t destroy it.

He thought that there was a huge opportunity inside, so he kept it. At this moment, a green-robed man quickly entered the courtyard. He knelt in front of Han Yu and said, “Ancestor, Young Master is fighting with someone outside the Imperial City. The other party is coming aggressively and Young Master is going to the Sage Dao Field to listen to the Dao. I’m afraid Young Master…”

The head of the Han family was not Han Yu, but Han Yu’s son. The young master was naturally Han Yu’s grandson. Han Yu also took good care of his grandson. It was mainly because of Han Jue’s influence that he always felt inexplicably close to the younger generation. Han Yu raised his eyebrows and looked over.

He suddenly exclaimed. “Grand Unity Golden Immortal, but his soul is at the Deity Realm. Strange.” Han Yu had already reached the Six Mystic Divine Origin and could see through the soul. He asked, “Where is the other party from?” The green-robed man said, “This child has recently made a name for himself in the Immortal World. It’s said that he’s the reincarnation of a Calamity Race expert and is extremely talented. Although he’s a Grand Unity Golden Immortal, he has killed several Immortal Emperors.”

Han Yu raised his hand and grabbed the air. A man in cloth garments landed in front of him.

This man had a cold expression and powerful blood essence. He emitted a ferocious aura and was struggling with all his might. However, the Dharmic powers of the Six Mystic Divine Origin were not something he, a Grand Unity Golden Immortal, could break free from. Han Yu waved his hand and gestured for the man in the robe to leave.

Then, his gaze landed on the man in the cloth garments. Seeing that the young master’s opponent had been subdued, the green-robed man heaved a sigh of relief and immediately left. “Who are you?” Seeing that he couldn’t break free, the man asked in a low voice.

Han Yu said, “I’m Han Yu of the Han family. The karma between you and my grandson is neither great nor small. There’s no need to fight to the death. Let it go. How about I take you in as my disciple?” Han Yu!

The linen-clothed man was moved. He had naturally heard of this name. In the Human Race, Han Yu was an existence comparable to the Human Emperor. He was the only disciple of the Sage, Li Daokong! The linen-clothed man said in a low voice, “Is this the bearing of a Sage’s disciple?

He wants to interfere in the matters of the juniors?” Han Yu shook his head. “If this really goes on, you’ll kill my grandson. The Han family will definitely hunt you down and even cause a conflict between the humans and the Calamity Race. The Calamity Race has been keeping a low profile after entering the Heavenly Dao. Do you want to cause chaos because of this?”

The man was silent. These words were very dangerous to reply to. “I haven’t taken in a disciple yet. It’s not to resolve the conflict,” Han Yu continued. The man was a little tempted.

He had come to the Heavenly Dao to attain the Dao and obtain the true method of attaining the Dao. He looked down on his mother’s Dao attainment technique. He wanted to walk a path of endless strength. Perhaps this was an opportunity! He had naturally heard of Sage Li Daokong.

In the previous calamity, he was almost the strongest existence below the Sages. Later, he became a disciple of the Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage and obtained the Sage status. If he became Han Yu’s disciple and had the chance to interact with Li Daokong, he had a chance to interact with the Sect Master of the Hidden Sect, Immeasurable Merit Divine Might Heavenly Sage.

He was confident in his talent and needed to find an impressive backer. In the end, he would be stronger than his mother!

The Second Guardian of the Hidden Sect was recruiting disciples outside the Hundred Peak Immortal River. The cloth-robed man had asked around and only found out that they were in-name disciples, so he lost interest.

If he started as an in-name disciple, he would be too inferior to the Sect Master of the Hidden Sect.

If he became Han Yu’s disciple, he would only be three generations inferior to the Sect Master. The Sect Master of the Hidden Sect, Li Daokong, Han Yu, and him. He would be a fourth-generation disciple! In a flash, the man thought of many things. He looked up at Han Yu and said, “Disciple Tian Yong greets Master!”

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