Chapter 42: Dead Soul Grass (1)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

At the second day, Angele was asleep until it was 10 o’clock in the morning. He stayed up too late last night, so it took him 7 hours to recover. Angele finished his breakfast quickly. He greeted the guard at the entrance when he was writing his leave notice. He then hired a coachman and traveled to Red Rock Hill Graveyard.

It was already afternoon when Angele arrived at his destination. The sunlight made everything look as if it was dyed in red that even the clouds passing over him had a golden orange hue. The hill was outside the vicinity of Marua City. A huge sloping ground was made atop it. Many graves were on the ground surrounded by thriving trees. If you looked at the hill from a far side, the entirety of the graveyard would be on a slope.

There were many people visiting the graveyard right now, and one of them was a young man from a noble family. He was looking through the grass around the graveyard instead of the tombstones, sometimes walking from one stone to another as though he didn’t come to mourn. Following him around was a middle-aged man who seemed to be his coachman.

“Master Angele, it’s pretty late. Shall we head back?” the coachman spoke with a light voice. For about two hours, he had been following him around. Angele paid him two gold coins, equivalent to the amount he would get for transporting 20 people. The coachman knew that Angele paid him quite well, but it was taking way too long.

“Getting dark already?” Angele finally noticed the situation. With scrunched eyebrows, he took one final look around only to feel disappointed.

“Fine, let’s head back,” Angele said. They started walking back to the entrance of the graveyard.

“Do you know how Rudin Empire is holding up? Is Saladin Empire still invading?” Angele threw out several random questions.

“In a tavern, I met several people who escaped from Rudin Empire. They said the only city left intact was the capital. Other places were pretty much conquered by neighboring countries. There aren’t too many Saladins here, so I’m not quite sure what events had unfolded. I’m just a low-class coachman anyway. People like me have no right to ask such questions,” the coachman said before laughing.

“Yea, but I think many Rudins have come to the harbor? Any big name you’ve heard of?” Angele asked. He knew coachmen were a great source of information as they dealt and talked a lot with their customers. The coachman didn’t answer, only keeping a smile on his face. Angele took out a gold coin and threw it to the man.

“Well, I might have the information you need actually. I’ve heard two passengers saying that there weren’t many people from Rudin Empire. Most of them were small noble families. The larger ones were hindered by the Saladins along their way, and the royal members were attacked by forces of several different countries. I can’t even imagine…” The coachman grabbed the coin, and he said.

“Yea?” Angele nodded. It seemed that Marquis Syrias didn’t make it. However, he wasn’t going to completely trust the coachman because the source itself was suspicious. If it was true, he wouldn’t need to worry about Philip anymore.

“Wait, ever heard of the Dead Soul Grass?” Suddenly, Angele asked as he took out several more gold coins.

“Dead Soul Grass? Could you describe its appearance? I might have seen it somewhere before, but with a different name.” The coachman looked at the coins with a greedy expression such that Angele could see it clearly.

“It looks similar to a clover, but it has a black color,” Angele said.

“A clover that is black? Do you mean Black Clovers? It only grows upon graveyards. You’re here for those things?” the coachman said.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve only heard of it being sold in pharmacies. It’s very expensive. I’m afraid you wouldn’t find any at this place since people wouldn’t leave something so valuable on the ground,” he continued.

“Pharmacy?” Angele nodded, “Drive me there.” Angele threw another two gold coins to the coachman who happily grabbed them.

“No problem,” the coachman said.

“As fast as you can,” Angele said.

“We’ll be there in half an hour!” The coachman laughed.

About 20 minutes later, Angele arrived at a pharmacy by the harbor. Around the place was bustling with noises from carriages and people minding their own matters. A banner with words written in Rudin language was placed outside of the pharmacy that said: Mass’s Small Pharmacy. There were some herbs drawn on the side.

The pharmacy was located between two other stores on the first floor of a white building, its appearance furnished with simplicity. Many people dressed up in some strange suits were walking in and out of the pharmacy. All of them were different people of different statures. The pharmacy looked popular as it was recommended by the coachman, saying that the price here was fair.

Angele had his black-red noble hunting suit worn, which made him stick out in the midst of people like a sore thumb. People would glance at him for a second before entering the store. Angele stood outside for a while before entering. The owner was handing herbs over to two mercenaries that looked like a couple. The owner was a kind-looking old man with white beard on his chin. Angele knew that the old was an experienced pharmacist with just the initial impression. Several clerks were handling customers by the side, and one of them walked to Angele after he entered the store.

“Welcome, Young Master. Not feeling well? What do you need?” The young man had his business smile on.

“I want some Black Clovers. You have them here?” Angele asked.

“Black Clovers? You must be jesting. They’re so rare that even the largest pharmacy in the city doesn’t have them in stock,” the young man answered.

“Really?” Angele asked with scrunched eyebrows.

“Yes, one Black Clover would cost you thousands of gold coins. It isn’t something you see every day. People only auction them, and some of them are in the hands of some collectors. This herb has been restricted by the alliance more than ten years ago. Low-class citizens would be hanged just for purchasing it.” The young man nodded as he said with a serious tone.

“Yea?” Angele felt a bit speechless. He was only at the 1st Stage, but he’s already having difficulties. He didn’t know what to expect after. He couldn’t afford even just a single Black Clover as it would cost thousands of gold coins. It was already dark outside when Angele left the store. He asked the coachman to get him to Master Adolf’s house.

The only thing he could do now was to seek help from the Master because Adolf was the one who had given the book to him, thus he must know something about it. The Dead Soul Grass, or Black Clover, wasn’t something Angele would be able to obtain at present. Judging by the bell at the harbor, it was already 7 o’clock in the evening when Angele arrived at the house. The street lights by the roadside were already lit.

Angele got off the carriage and saw Sophia watering the garden. Four oil lamps hung around the entrance of the house. The visibility for a normal person was low, but Angele could see things clearly.

“Angele, you’re early today.” Sophia looked surprised when she saw Angele arriving, but it seemed as though she had already expected this.

“Let’s go. Father’s inside the study on the second floor.” Sophia opened the entrance for Angele as she said. Angele nodded, going straight into the house. He need not Sophia to lead the way because he was already completely familiar with the place.

Angele lightly knocked on the door.

“Come in, it’s open,” Adolf said with a deep tone. Angele carefully opened the door and saw Adolf lying down on a reclined chair made of bamboo. He was wearing a white robe and had a book placed on his stomach.

“Have a seat,” Adolf said. Angele bowed before sitting on a sofa by the side.

“Master, it looks like you already know I would come to seek help?” Angele asked.

“You didn’t disappoint me. Did the book scare you?” Adolf opened his eyes and smiled.

“It actually caught me off guard.” Angele stopped for a second before laughing.

“It means you have the potential to become a wizard if you can see its true form. I have lent the book to many young students, but you’re the only one who passed the challenge. You would indeed come to me the next day if you know what you’re looking for. People don’t usually finish the book in such a short duration if they were to read it as a normal biography.” Adolf laughed as he said this.

“You know I passed the trial?” Angele was still wondering.

“You just went to the Red Rock Hill Graveyard, am I right?” Adolf laughed.

“I’m not just a mere scholar in Marua,” he continued.

Angele felt relived. It seemed that his master knew everything about him.

“Master, please tell me how I can get my hands on the Dead Soul Grass, or Black Clover. I heard that it’s quite difficult to find,” Angele said.

“I obtained one several years ago. You can use it,” Adolf said while smiling.

“Well, how can I pay for it then?” Angele calmly asked. Though Adolf liked him a lot, it was still something of great value. Angele didn’t expect to get it for free.

“I’m not expecting you to pay me anything right now. Though thousands of gold coins are not a small amount, I can still afford it. You have the potential to become one of the greatest, so I’m looking forward to it.” Adolf stopped smiling as he spoke in a serious tone.

“Marry, get Sophia in my room,” Adolf yelled toward the door. Within a few minutes, Sophia walked in without any idea of what was going on. She looked at Angele and Adolf before closing the door carefully.

“Angele, you think she’s attractive?” Adolf asked.

Sophia, who had a pretty face, was just about 20 years of age. She wore a red one piece and had her hazelnut, curly hair over her shoulders; her arms and neck along with her well-proportioned body were attractive to one’s eyes. Angele looked at Sophia without saying anything. When Angele first saw her, he already knew she was kind and clever.

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