Chapter 679 Unyielding

In the Dark Forbidden Zone, a continent floated quietly. Countless demonic birds circled the edge of the continent. Even transformed living beings in armor could be seen patrolling.

The continent was very vast. There were mountains and rivers everywhere. The sea was located in the center.

At this moment, on a desolate plain, lightning interweaved and gathered on a figure. It was Zhou Fan! Zhou Fan’s upper body was naked as he sat on the ground. No matter how the lightning struck him, his expression did not change. His body was like a rock and did not tremble at all. “Return to the hall.” A voice entered Zhou Fan’s ears. He directly transformed into a bolt of lightning and shot into the sky, disappearing. At the end of the plain, a mountain peak towered into the clouds. On the peak sat a majestic palace. It was sinister and terrifying, like a chaotic ferocious beast. A bolt of lightning rushed into the hall and transformed into a human before landing on the ground. Zhou Fan looked up and asked, “What is it?” Following his gaze, there were steps ahead. There was a huge stone chair on the hundreds of steps. A black-robed man sitting on the stone chair slowly opened his eyes. If Han Jue was here, he would definitely recognize him. Seven Dao Sage! Seven Dao Sage looked down at Zhou Fan and said, “You’ve already attained the Dao. What are your plans next?” Zhou Fan said, “It’s all thanks to you. I owe you a favor. Tell me, how should I repay you? Of course, the premise is that it can’t go against my principles and bottom line!” After attaining the Dao, Zhou Fan became even more confident. Seven Dao Sage said, “If I ask you to break the Heavenly Dao, are you willing?”

Zhou Fan was stunned. In the next second, he frowned.

He was sent to the Chaotic City by Han Jue to protect the Heavenly Dao. Wasn’t destroying the Heavenly Dao becoming Han Jue’s enemy? Zhou Fan said in a low voice, “This is past my bottom line!”

Although he owed the other party, who was far stronger than him, Zhou Fan wouldn’t back down. Seven Dao Sage said calmly, “Do you think that you’ve been revived many times because of the Heavenly Dao?”

“What do you mean?”

Zhou Fan frowned even more. He had always been puzzled by his encounters. Many times, he really despaired. He didn’t expect to be revived again. After reviving for a long time, he had become arrogant. No matter how desperate the situation was, he was not afraid.

His fearless personality was developed because he could revive infinitely. He even thought that this was his talent.

“Every time the Heavenly Dao wants to eliminate you, I am the one protecting you with great Dharmic powers. Your birth is my will!” Seven Dao Sage said expressionlessly, but his tone was heavy. Thunder rumbled in the hall. Zhou Fan’s expression changed drastically as if he had been struck by lightning. Seven Dao Sage stood up and said, “Zhou Fan, you are my p.a.w.n. I can create you, I can save you, I can also eliminate you and suppress you. Destroying the Heavenly Dao is your innate mission. It’s irresistible!”

Zhou Fan’s expression changed. His hands clenched into fists. He looked up at the Seven Dao Sage and asked with a burning gaze, “Was it your scheme that I went crazy back then?”

Seven Dao Sage was silent. Zhou Fan’s anger was instantly ignited.

He had once gone mad and killed his good friend, Mo Fuchou. That was a scar in his heart that would never heal. When he learned that he was only a puppet, he wondered if there was something wrong with what happened back then.

Every time he thought of Mo Fuchou, Zhou Fan would fall into endless self-blame.

Mo Fuchou was the most important person to him. Ever since he first joined the cultivation sect, Mo Fuchou had been taking care of him.



Zhou Fan erupted with a terrifying aura as flames visible to the naked eye burned around him. He glared at the Seven Dao Sage and asked, “Why are you plotting this?” The Seven Dao Sage snorted coldly. Endless pressure descended, instantly pressing Zhou Fan to the ground. “The strongest path is to sever all ties. He’s only a mortal. His potential is far from being able to walk side by side with you. I asked you to kill him so that you can eliminate the hidden danger as soon as possible and prevent him from being used by your enemies. Wouldn’t everything go smoothly for you in the future?” Seven Dao Sage snorted. Zhou Fan’s opportunities to revive were all controlled by him. In his opinion, it was just the death of a mortal. What was the big deal?

If not for the fact that Zhou Fan was his Dharma idol, he wouldn’t have said anything! Zhou Fan tried his best to stand up, but he couldn’t move at all. His eyes were bloodshot as he stared at the Seven Dao Sage and roared hoa.r.s.ely, “Why? Why must it be me?!”

Seven Dao Sage descended. “I didn’t choose you. You are a trace of my will. The Heavenly Dao’s mortal world has corroded your will. Submitting to me is your true path. You and I are one. I am your main body. Do you understand? “You were born in the Heavenly Dao to become a Sage and then destroy the Heavenly Dao. The emotions you value are all karma schemes that the Heavenly Dao has used to stop us. If you can’t wake up, you can stay here forever. Endure endless loneliness and let time devour your rebellious will!” Zhou Fan glared at him. His entire body trembled as he felt fury.

Seven Dao Sage said, “It’s impossible for your master to save you. In your life, when has he ever attacked you? He even almost killed you. If not for me, you wouldn’t be here today. I hope you won’t be stubborn!” Zhou Fan still hated him. He growled, “Don’t say such hypocritical words. I only know that a life for a life. It’s only right and proper. You caused my brother’s death. I must kill you!” “A life for a life? Ridiculous. How many people have you killed?”

“They can’t kill me, just like I can’t kill you. But as long as you don’t kill me, I’ll kill you one day!” Zhou Fan’s voice was filled with endless hatred.

Seven Dao Sage waved his hand, and a golden bell descended from the sky, directly suppressing Zhou Fan.

“How laughable. A chess piece dares to attack its master? “Your only backing is me. You will understand sooner or later.”

Seven Dao Sage smiled disdainfully and sat down with his eyes closed. Even if Zhou Fan became a Sage, he was not his match.

If not for the fact that Zhou Fan was a Dharma idol he had nurtured for a long time and he could not bear to kill him, how could he allow Zhou Fan to say such big words?

Han Jue only learned about Zhou Fan being suppressed a thousand years later. After his seclusion ended, he habitually checked his emails and happened to see this. (Your disciple Zhou Fan was attacked by your enemy, Seven Dao Sage. He was severely injured.] (Your disciple Zhou Fan was suppressed by your enemy, Seven Dao Sage.]

Han Jue was stunned.

What was going on? Did the two of them fall out? Han Jue immediately used the derivation function. After consuming three billion years of his lifespan, he saw the illusion of Zhou Fan and the Seven Dao Sage confronting each other. When he opened his eyes again, Han Jue sighed. What a good Zhou Fan! He was not convinced! But Seven Dao Sage, how dare you look down on me?

There was nothing to say!

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune. He knew that if he cursed the Seven Dao Sage crazily, he would expose his ident.i.ty as the Dark Forbidden Lord.

But so what?

Zhou Fan’s unyielding att.i.tude moved him. How many years had it been? Han Jue had never been hot-blooded or fought for his life.

“Disciple, wait. You’re not alone.”

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