Chapter 681 Cultivation Device

After the golden bell shattered, Zhou Fan finally believed that the Seven Dao Sage had been beaten away by Han Jue.

Master said that the Seven Dao Sage was gone…

He was gone… Was he dead?

Zhou Fan turned to look at him in disbelief. Han Jue raised his hand and prepared to put him into his sleeve. “Wait! Master, you can go back first. Since the Seven Dao Sage is gone, I want to occupy his treasure!” Zhou Fan suddenly said with an excited expression.

Han Jue frowned and asked, “Are you confident?”


“Alright!” Han Jue turned around and entered the black vortex.

After returning to the Daoist temple, Han Jue heaved a sigh of relief. Just now, he had been worried that he would encounter an existence that surpa.s.sed the Great Dao.

Although this possibility was negligible, he had to be wary.

Han Jue took out the Book of Misfortune and tried to curse the Seven Dao Sage. Indeed, the curse power was absorbed. He immediately gave up. Curse Fiendcelestial! Courting death! Han Jue frowned and began to think about how to eliminate the Curse Fiendcelestial. If he didn’t get rid of this fellow, he would protect whoever he cursed in the future. Sooner or later, he would create a huge alliance that hated him.

Han Jue suddenly thought of Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k.

Should he make Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k kill the Curse Fiendcelestial? He could get rid of the Inauspicious Divine Emperor! Han Jue immediately sent a dream to Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k.

In the dream, Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k saw Han Jue, who had transformed into the Dark Forbidden Lord. He revealed a bitter expression and asked, “Since I submitted to you, why did you let the Inauspicious Divine Emperor pursue me?” Han Jue said indifferently, “Is the Inauspicious Divine Emperor really chasing after you?” Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k coughed. “I can’t find a place to cultivate. I’m staying in the territory of the Inauspicious Evil. The other cultivators don’t dare to disturb me.”

Han Jue finally understood. The reason why this fellow kept being beaten was because he refused to leave the Inauspicious Divine Emperor’s territory. The Inauspicious Divine Emperor didn’t expose his lie?

“Leave. I’ll arrange a mission for you to kill the Curse Fiendcelestial,” Han Jue said.

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Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k asked in surprise, “Curse Fiendcelestial? Aren’t you the Curse Fiendcelestial?”.

Han Jue said disdainfully, “Curse is only one of the Great Dao I control. This Fiendcelestial has just been born and his cultivation level is not strong. It’s enough for you to deal with. It’s a test for you.

How to find him depends on you.” Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k immediately replied, “No problem. The Inauspicious Divine Emperor is too strong, but why should I be afraid of him?” This was not the first time Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k had challenged a Chaotic Fiendcelestial. He was not afraid at all.

Han Jue directly released the dream.

He was afraid that if Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k made a request, he would not be able to satisfy it. At the same time, he could maintain his status as the Dark Forbidden Lord!

Han Jue adjusted his state of mind.

Killing the Seven Dao Sage made him sigh.

The once high and mighty existence had already fallen from the altar.

However, he did not become arrogant. If he really wanted to kill the Great Dao Sage, his curse alone was not enough. “I don’t want to play chess with you, but I won’t be your p.a.w.n. I’m afraid of trouble, but if I really encounter it, I won’t always give in.” Han Jue’s eyes were firm as he continued cultivating He had to attain the Great Dao first!

He couldn’t always rely on his Dharma treasure. The key was whether his fist was hard or not!

In a dark hall, the Evil Heavenly Emperor sat lazily on the Emperor’s throne and looked down at the argument between the immortals.

“This is not a good time to enter the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End!”

“How much longer do we have to wait?” “The Deity Realm of the Ruins of End is already in chaos. Taking the opportunity to recruit immortals is the main goal of the Heavenly Court’s development.” “We don’t even have information about the Ancient Desolate. How can we dare to go?” “It’s said that the Devil Ancestor has already escaped from the Ancient Desolate. If he’s in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End, won’t we be courting death if we go there?”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor did not interrupt their argument. He was still thinking about something else.

At this moment.

An old immortal flew into the hall and said anxiously, “Report-Master of the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End, Seven Dao Sage has died!” With that said, the hall fell silent. All the immortals were stunned.

Seven Dao Sage! Most of the immortals of the Heavenly Court came from the Little Heavenly Dao or the Chaos. They knew a lot about the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End. Among them, the Seven Dao Sage was famous and could be considered an outstanding figure among the Great Dao Sages.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor was also shocked. He subconsciously sat up straight and asked in a low voice, “Is that true?” The old immortal said anxiously, “It’s true. The news of the Seven Dao Sage’s death has already spread. The Great Dao Tower has been occupied by a cultivator called Zhou Fan!”

Zhou Fan?

The Evil Heavenly Emperor calculated with his fingers and could not figure out which Zhou Fan it was.

The immortals were in an uproar and continued to argue. The immortals who had supported going to the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End all shut up and did not dare to talk about going there anymore.

Even the Seven Dao Sage had died. Who would dare to go to the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End? The Evil Heavenly Emperor frowned and fell into deep thought. The Seven Dao Sage’s death was definitely a terrifying sign. He knew that the Seven Dao Sage belonged to the same circle as many Great Dao Sages. It was very likely that a new faction had killed him. The Evil Heavenly Emperor said in a low voice, “Alright!”

The immortals shut up and turned to look at him. The Evil Heavenly Emperor instructed, “Investigate immediately where the Seven Dao Sage died and who killed him! “Gather the Heavenly Troops and retreat!” The immortals did not dare to have any objections and immediately agreed.

Time pa.s.sed. A thousand years pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Han Jue opened his eyes and heaved a sigh of relief. Comfortable!

However, it was not too comfortable. Should he follow a five-thousand-year schedule in the future?

Ever since he broke through to the late stage of the Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm, his cultivation speed had slowed down.

The reason why Han Jue set it as a thousand years was that he was worried that something would happen to his disciples and he wouldn’t have time to take care of them. On second thought, with the Myriad Worlds Projection, if anything happened to the outer sect disciples, they should be able to inform the disciples in the Hundred Peak Immortal River. Unless the other party did not want to inform them, they would only have themselves to blame if they died.

Han Jue decided to enter seclusion for five thousand years each time!

He looked at Xing Hongxuan, who was cultivating in the Daoist temple next door. Ever since she became pregnant, Xing Hongxuan had been cultivating in seclusion. She had been feeding the child in her womb and had seldom gone out. During this period of time, Xing Hongxuan’s cultivation level had been increasing. She had unknowingly broken through to the mid-stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm!

Xing Hongxuan was using the child as a cultivation device?

Han Jue suddenly suspected that the reason why this child didn’t appear was that his mother didn’t want to give birth to him. Cough cough! He was thinking too much. Han Jue looked at the mother and son for a while and started to check his emails. Every time he looked at his friends’ situation, he felt like he was opening a loot box.

(Your good friend Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k was attacked by a mysterious mighty figure.)

[Your son Han Tuo accidentally entered the Chaotic Mystic Realm.]

(Your good friend Ancestor Xitian was attacked by your enemy, Jade Bodhi.)

(Your disciple Zhou Fan was attacked by a mysterious Dao Devil) x66520942

[Your good friend Pan Xin was cursed by a mysterious curse.)

(Your good friend Jiang Dugu received guidance from a mysterious mighty figure. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

[Your grand-disciple Fang Liang has comprehended the Jade Slip of Creation. His cultivation has increased greatly.)

(Your good friend Empress Houtu received guidance from a mysterious mighty figure and used her strength to attain the Dao and obtain the Primordial Chaos Dao Fruit.]

Empress Houtu had attained the Dao! Han Jue checked his emails. Indeed, Empress Tu had already left the Heavenly Dao hundreds of years ago. Who taught Empress Houtu? Could it be the mysterious Ancestral Magus Di Jiang?

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