Chapter 682 Five Thousand Years, Great Dao Tower

Han Jue didn’t spend his lifespan deducing why Empress Houtu had attained the Dao. There was no need. After all, everyone had their own encounters. It was fine as long as they couldn’t threaten him.

He continued reading the emails.

He discovered that many of his good friends had opportunities. The atmosphere of the past had finally returned.

Peace was better.

Han Jue perked up and continued cultivating.

Outside the 33rd Heaven. Pangu Hall. Pan Xin, Emperor Xiao, and Jin Shen gathered.

Emperor Xiao asked, “Can we really not rope Huang Zuntian in?”

Pan Xin shook his head. “This child is determined to follow Sect Master Tian Jue. He’s too timid.” Jin Shen did not interrupt. “Recently, I’ve been preparing to open a path to the depths of the Chaos. On this path, all living beings will be protected by the Heavenly Dao and not be attacked by the Chaotic Evils. I need someone to determine the destination and where this path should lead,” Pan Xin said excitedly.

Once he succeeded, he would open the pa.s.sageway between the Heavenly Dao and the Chaos, allowing the living beings of the Heavenly Dao to better explore the Chaos. He would also obtain Immeasurable Merit.

Emperor Xiao said, “I’ll go.” He also understood that this was a matter of merit, so he took the initiative to take it head-on. Pan Xin said, “Let’s hide this matter for the time being. There are many great worlds hidden in the Chaos. Although they are not as vast as the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End and are not as complete as the Heavenly Dao, they are still considered places of opportunity. Their previous selves were transformed from Chaotic Fiendcelestials. Back then, when the Giant G.o.d Pangu created the world, he inspired many Fiendcelestials. You have to choose carefully.” Emperor Xiao nodded.

Pan Xin gave a few more instructions before Emperor Xiao left.

He then glanced at Jin Shen and asked, “Xuan Du has been quite close to you recently. Why?” Jin Shen replied, “The Heavenly Venerate wants to control a Little Heavenly Dao with me. He has already chosen a place. If I control that Little Heavenly Dao, it will be beneficial to you.” Hearing this, Pan Xin snorted. “Xuan Du really has good intentions. He usually pretends to be emotionless, but he actually has more thoughts than anyone else.”

Jin Shen was silent.

“Arrange for some geniuses to join the Hidden Sect. I want to know what kind of force Han Jue’s Hidden Sect is,” Pan Xin instructed.

Jin Shen agreed. The strongest force in the current Immortal World was naturally the Hidden Sect. All living beings might not think so, but the Sages saw through it very clearly.

Han Jue seemed to be keeping a low profile, but he had been developing the secret forces of the Hidden Sect. His intentions were unfathomable.

Time pa.s.sed quickly. Five thousand years pa.s.sed. Han Jue opened his eyes, stood up, and stretched. Awesome!

Cultivating in seclusion for five thousand years was indeed better than a thousand years! It was as if he had a dream. After waking up, his cultivation level had increased greatly. He could continue this trend in the future! Han Jue opened his interpersonal relations.h.i.+ps and discovered that the disciples and good friends he cared about were still there and hadn’t died.

Indeed, no matter who the world left, it would still change. Han Jue immediately felt less burdened. He could cultivate in peace in the future. He discovered that Li Xuan’ao was waiting outside the Hundred Peak Immortal River and moved him into the Daoist temple.

Li Xuan’ao was stunned. He looked at Han Jue with a bitter gaze and couldn’t help but say, “Sect Master, I came five times. You’re finally willing to see me!”

He almost thought that he had done something wrong and offended him.

Han Jue smiled. “From now on, every time I enter seclusion it will be for five thousand years. You can tell the other disciples.” Li Xuan’ao heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. “Don’t worry. The current Hidden Sect is already a colossus. No one in the Immortal World can shake us. For example, the other Sage Sects rarely interfere. They are all busy cultivating.”

Han Jue felt that it made sense.

Li Xuan’ao continued, “Sect Master, I want to bring in another hundred geniuses. Can I?” The Hidden Sect was famous. There were three Sages in the sect, shocking the world. Not only that, but almost all the Sage Sects gave the Hidden Sect face. They were unique in the Immortal World. Sects with such influence were naturally very attractive. It was normal for many geniuses to appear. Han Jue nodded. “Alright, arrange it now.” Li Xuan’ao agreed. He had come for this.

Han Jue waved him out and checked his emails. The next day, Li Xuan’ao led a hundred geniuses to the Hundred Peak Immortal River and was swept into the Dao Field by Han Jue. Their partic.i.p.ation attracted the attention of the living beings in the Hundred Peak Immortal River. The previous hundred geniuses had outstanding potential. Eighty percent of them were taken in by personal disciples, giving the other in-name disciples a huge stimulation. Han Jue ignored the commotion in the Hundred Peak Immortal River and quickly entered cultivation.

The higher his cultivation level, the more eager he was to become stronger.

In the Dark Forbidden Zone, Han Tuo and Yi Tian led a million Heavenly Troops into the void. They were all facing a direction. It was a huge tower. It was impossible to see how many floors there were. This tower stood quietly. Countless demonic birds circled around it. The number was even greater than the Heavenly Troops led by Han Tuo and the others. Yi Tian swallowed and asked, “Are we really going?” Han Tuo frowned and said in a low voice, “Should we retreat? How embarra.s.sing!” “The Great Dao Tower is too strange. Just by looking at it, I feel like my soul is being sucked away. We’re already like this, let alone the younger ones.”

Yi Tian cursed in a low voice, his tone nervous. Han Tuo began to think of a solution. At this moment, a voice entered his ears. “Fight all you want. I’ll attack too!” It was the Evil Heavenly Emperor… Han Tuo heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that. He immediately took out a divine spear. This spear was ten feet long and was surrounded by a red dragon and a golden dragon. Its aura was oppressive. “Heavenly Troops, listen up! Follow me and kill until we obtain the Great Dao Tower!”

Han Tuo raised his divine spear and shouted angrily. His voice was like thunder, resounding through the void. He was the first to transform into a long rainbow and attack. The current Han Tuo was no longer the tender youth of the past. His Divine General aura was shocking. Yi Tian followed closely behind. The Heavenly Troops rushed over like a torrent, creating a spectacular scene. At the same time. In the Great Dao Tower, Zhou Fan sat in a hall. A pillar of light stood in front of him, with various stars floating in it. It was like a sea of stars, beautiful and dreamy.

An ancient voice came from the pillar of light. “Are you sure you want to take this path? The Seven Dao Sage has failed for tens of billions of years.” Zhou Fan opened his eyes and said in high spirits, “I’m stronger than him! I’ll definitely do it!”

“Strange, you’ve clearly stepped onto the Great Dao. This Great Dao won’t reject my Dao.”

“Nonsense. Otherwise, how can I be confident?” Zhou Fan snorted and admired Han Jue even more. The Great Dao that Han Jue taught them was so powerful!

The ancient voice said, “Forget it. Since you’ve obtained the Great Dao Tower, I’ll let you inherit this Dao. This will be a path of no return. You need to constantly fight and kill.”

Zhou Fan said proudly, “I’ve never been afraid of battle. I was born to fight!”


The Great Dao Tower shook violently, clearly suffering a powerful impact. Zhou Fan stood up and cursed. “Again! Do you really think that I, Zhou Fan, am a pushover? You can s.n.a.t.c.h me whenever you want? This time, I want to see who dares to try me!”

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