Chapter 684 Roping in Sages

Outside the 33rd Heaven, Pangu Hall. Pan Xin and Jin Shen sat opposite each other. Pan Xin frowned and looked extremely dissatisfied. “It’s been thousands of years, but you still haven’t received a reply from the prodigies you arranged?” Pan Xin asked in a low voice.

Jin Shen was silent for a moment before saying, “I don’t have any disciples, to begin with. I cultivate in the Heavenly Dao in a low profile manner. The seven people I sent out have only received my guidance before and are not too familiar with each other.” Pan Xin said angrily, “Then, why did you send them?”

“What can I do if you requested for me to do


“You should have said so earlier!”

Pan Xin almost went berserk.

It turned out that this fellow did not have any trusted subordinates.

Jin Shen was silent.

For some reason, Pan Xin felt that this fellow was mocking him.

That made sense. After becoming a Sage, Jin Shen was not afraid of him.

He was stronger than Jin Shen, but in the Heavenly Dao, the Sages could not be killed unless they lost their minds and used other methods to sever the providence of the Heavenly Dao. Pan Xin realized that he needed to use something other than strength to win the hearts of the people. No wonder those Sages were very hypocritical and liked to scheme.

Sometimes, schemes were more useful and lethal than fists.

Pan Xin sighed. “Forget it, let’s put the Hidden Sect aside for the time being. Emperor Xiao has already found a suitable Chaotic World. In at most ten thousand, years, I will open a pa.s.sage to this world. At that time, it will definitely not be easy for anyone to enter. We have to set up a threshold in the early stages. You can nurture your own force. I will let your disciple enter this path in advance and go to the Chaotic World to seek opportunities.”

Hearing this, Jin Shen was moved and immediately thanked him.

Pan Xin did not say anything else and waved his hand to signal for him to leave. Jin Shen stood up and left. Looking at his departing figure, Pan Xin’s eyes flickered. “Looks like I have to think of a way to rope in the other Sages. Only after I become powerful will this fellow submit.”

In the Dark Forbidden Zone, the Great Dao Tower floated quietly. There were countless demon birds and Heavenly Troops around. A floating stone pavilion was between the two forces. Zhou Fan and the Evil Heavenly Emperor sat opposite each other. Han Tuo and Yi Tian stood behind the Evil Heavenly Emperor, their bodies like mountains. Zhou Fan smiled and said, “It’s settled, then. In the future, the Dark Forbidden Zone and the Hidden Sect will split the world equally with the Heavenly Court.” The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled and nodded. After preparing for thousands of years, he finally prepared a huge plan that satisfied Zhou Fan.

Once this plan succeeded, the Heavenly Court would definitely soar!

The Evil Heavenly Emperor smiled and asked, “How has your master been recently? What’s his att.i.tude when the Seven Dao Sage was killed?”

Zhou Fan said, “He’s been cultivating. It’s nothing. As for the Seven Dao Sage, how can he know him?”

He wasn’t stupid. It was impossible for him to say that the Seven Dao Sage’s true ‘murderer was Han Jue. Seven Dao Sage was a Great Dao Sage! How old was Han Jue? He actually had the strength to kill a Great Dao Sage! It would be troublesome once such news spread!

He had heard that the Seven Dao Sage was on good terms with many mighty figures. Previously, the calamities that attacked the Heavenly Dao were all instigated by these mighty figures. “That’s true.” The Evil Heavenly Emperor revealed a nostalgic expression. After experiencing so many things, he always missed the past.

In the past, he had enjoyed endless glory in the Heavenly Dao and had countless descendants. However, in the end, none of his subordinates were his family.

On the other hand, Han Jue’s son was clearly living well and was very filial, but he had always been left alone. Speaking of which, he and Han Jue walked completely opposite paths. Be it the endpoint or the process, they were completely different. Yi Tian couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Previously, Han Tuo had a bloodline resonance. Was it because of his younger brother or sister? How’s his talent?”

At the mention of this, Han Tuo also revealed a curious expression. Zhou Fan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Since you already know, I won’t hide it. Master’s son is impressive and is still being nurtured. I’ve never heard of a human fetus being nurtured for so long. He will definitely be an earth-shattering figure in the future. He might be able to inherit my master’s talent.”

Hearing this, Yi Tian had a curious expression. Han Tuo’s expression became complicated. The Evil Heavenly Emperor sighed. “It’s indeed possible. When Han Jue gave birth to Han Tuo, he had yet to attain the Dao. Now, he’s an existence comparable to a Freedom Sage. His bloodline will only be stronger.” Zhou Fan nodded and continued chatting with him.

Yi Tian smiled at Han Tuo in a low voice, “Don’t be jealous of your brother.” Han Tuo rolled his eyes. “We are related by blood. Why would I be jealous? I’m just curious how Father will treat him.”

Yi Tian understood what he meant.

After Han Tuo became an adult, he traveled the world alone. He had no one to rely on, just like Yi Tian. Therefore, the two of them were close because they could resonate emotionally.

If Han Tuo’s younger brother was doted on in every way, Yi Tian wouldn’t feel good either.

Several hours later.

The Evil Heavenly Emperor stood up and said, “That’s all. I’ll let Han Tuo find you next time. You should control the Great Dao Tower as soon as possible. This treasure is the key!”

Zhou Fan nodded. “Then, I won’t send you off.”

The Evil Heavenly Emperor waved his hand and led the immortals away.

Han Jue entered seclusion for another five thousand years. His lifespan had already exceeded 220,000 years. He was getting closer and closer to the perfected Freedom Primordial Chaos Realm.

Han Jue was very satisfied with this cultivation progress. He would probably break through after three more times. After reaching the perfected realm, he should break through to the Great Dao Sage Realm!

Han Jue was about to observe the Immortal World when a voice entered his ears.

“Fellow Daoist Han, come to the Universal Hall.”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du!

He really knew how to time things! Han Jue looked up. After confirming that there were no unfamiliar Sages outside the 33rd Heaven, he moved into the Universal Hall.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du smiled and gestured for him to sit down. “Fellow Daoist Han is so hardworking. I’m afraid you can attain the Great Dao in ten million years.” Ten million years? Who was he looking down on? Han Jue chuckled. “How is that possible?”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “If it were any other prodigy, even Divine Lord Peac.o.c.k, I would also think that it’s impossible. But you, I think that everything is possible.” Han Jue laughed helplessly. I’ll attain the Great Dao in a hundred thousand years!

Of course, Han Jue didn’t dare to be arrogant in front of him. He couldn’t show his strength to others.

“Tell me, what is it?” Han Jue asked.

The providence of the Heavenly Dao increased again. It seemed that everything was going smoothly. Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said, “Recently, Pan Xin has been trying to rope in other Sages. Heavenly Venerate Wufa, Qiu Xilai, and Sect Master Tian Jue are very close to him. We have to be wary.”

Han Jue showed a frown.

He almost wanted to laugh. If it was any other Sage, he might really be worried.

In the end, Pan Xin had roped in his three slaves.

Wasn’t this jumping into his trap?

Han Jue asked, “Do you need me to ask them? They were defeated by me before. They should give me some face.” He no longer cared about Pan Xin.

If this fellow really wanted to break the peace of the Heavenly Dao, then he couldn’t blame him for being impolite.

Although they were good friends, Pan Xin’s favorability was not high.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du shook his head. “No need for the time being. I’m just reminding you. Do you have a way to defeat him?”

Han Jue said, “We’ve never fought. If he really threatens the peace of the Heavenly Dao, I’ll definitely do my best. Of course, it’s not just him. If any Sage dares to destroy the peace of the Heavenly Dao, I won’t let them go!”

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