Chapter 36: School (1)

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Angele felt relaxed ever since they crossed the border. It didn’t take long for them to reach Marua Harbor. Outside of its main city were merchants of great numbers gathered around. It seemed as though this faith of merchants had created small markets that encircled Marua. Many people walked around to and fro, showing that the markets were all bustling in activities.

It was about 3 pm in the afternoon when Angele’s caravan arrived. The sky was cloudy and beneath it were carriages that were slowly moving through the bustling markets. They were together with a large merchant caravan that dealt with sea salt business. About two days ago, they joined with them. The baron paid 50 gold coins to the leader of the merchant caravan, so they could enter the city easily with the help of the merchants.

The baron was sitting in the leading carriage and gazing upon the huge city. He was met with gray city walls of towering height, and from his angle, it seemed as though it were endless. The entrance ahead of him was wide open that he could clearly see people busily partaking in their own activities inside. Some carriages were heading out of the city with heavy goods on their carts at the back while some were conversing with the guards to gain passage into the city. The guards were fully geared. Black iron armors covered and protected them. Lances were each held in their hands.

“This is Marua City?” Angele asked. He got out of the carriage and sat beside his father.

“Yes, we can head to the outer city once we pass through here. With the help of the merchant caravan, we can get in easily such that they don’t to screen us individually anymore,” the baron smiled upon saying this.

“If we didn’t join the merchants, it would’ve taken us a long time just to get in. Although we ourselves have entry passes, the screening process would’ve been a pain,” he continued.

Angele nodded before he glanced around. All the carriages he saw were quite similar to theirs. The guards took off their gears and stored them in the supply cart. When they arrived at the entrance, a fat young man got off from the red wooden carriage at the forefront. The man wore a black coat, and rather than looking like a businessman, he seemed more like a chef.

The man conversed with the guards for several seconds while maintaining a smiling face, after which he put a small pouch in one of the guards’ hand. The guard then laughed and waved his hands to signal a legitimate entry. However, Angele noticed the guards taking a glance for a while on their caravan. They probably knew of their identities, but they couldn’t be bothered with it.

The caravan entered the city swiftly. What they witnessed was the sight of a clean and tidy street, which had a minuscule amount of litters on the ground. Both sides of the street were filled with vendors selling countless different merchandise such as salt, seafood, and even some people were buying second-hand goods. Pearls were also being sold while some had strange animals that Angele had never seen before as merchandise. Occasionally, he could see some people haggling with the store owners.

Angele’s caravan was moving in the middle of the street. A few of them looked at the streets with curious gazes. Some of the officers of the harbor were slowly going around the stalls and stores, collecting management fees. For a few times, several carts that carried massive amounts of salt passed by Angele’s carriage.

They continued along for about half an hour and went past several streets before reaching an intersection. Alongside a gray stone building, a plump middle-aged noblewoman was standing with three workers.

“My lovely sister Maria, long time no see. It feels great to see you doing well,” he yelled.

“Dear brother, I’m happy to meet you too.” The woman smiled gently and they hugged each other. The baron then asked Angele to step outside.

“This is Angele, my second son. He was born after you got married. I think you’ve never seen each other before,” the baron said as he patted Angele’s shoulder. Maria looked at Angele for a while as though she was checking him all over.

“Good kid, I hope you can get along with my son Buster, your cousin.” Maria smiled and said.

“Thanks, Aunt Maria,” Angele lowered his head and replied politely.

“Alright, I have prepared a party for you guys at the manor. Also, the Rose Garden has been emptied for you, so you can move in anytime you want. But brother, I thought you’d bring a lot more people than this. Where’s old Wade?” Maria nodded and asked.

“We’ll talk about this later, let’s get back first,” the baron said with a deep voice, sadness hinted in his tone.

“Sure, let’s get back. Anger, lead the way for the baron.” Maria stopped for a second then nodded after.

“Yes, Ma’am,” one of the workers answered. Angele didn’t follow his father to the leading carriage. Instead, he got on the second one. He knew his father hadn’t seen his sister for years, so they must have a lot to say to each other. Maggie, Celia, their relatives, the pharmacist, and Captain Mark all looked a bit worried. However, their anxiousness dissipated after seeing Angele getting on their carriage.

“Young Master Angele, what work can we do at the harbor? I know nothing besides killing…” Mark said.

“Don’t worry; you’ve been with my father since long ago. He’ll make sure you get a job you want,” Angele smiled.

Maggie and Celia were sitting by his side with nervous expressions. They were now in a new environment. The baron needed to rebuild his base here. After he obtained what he wanted, he would only care about Angele while the others, especially the ones with mediocre talent, wouldn’t be cared for anymore. Also, the baron had lost his territory and source of income. Because of that, they could no longer live the life they used to have, a reasonable outlook for the people as they started becoming worried for their future.

Angele sat in the carriage, thinking of ways to calm their unease. Suddenly, the carriages slowed down.

“Angele, get off the carriage,” the baron yelled from outside. Angele was confused, but he still got off the carriage. He saw Aunt Maria and his father standing at the side, both looking excited.

“What happened, Father, Aunt Maria?” Angele asked. The carriages stopped by the side while others who were in the carriages started unloading the supplies. Angele walked toward the two.

“You father told me you want to enter the school. I think it’s good for you, and your father supports this decision as well. You’re lucky this time. Marua Harbor School is taking in new students. You can register as long as you reach the requirements,” Maria said with a smiling face.

“Marua Harbor School?” Angele had never heard of it before. He looked at his father.

“That school has a long history, and teach nearly everything such as fighting skills, field experiences, music, literature, dancing, and painting. Also, they’re qualified to recommend a number of students to the Andes Alliance School each year,” the baron smiled as he walked close to Angele.

“If you want to learn about the Alliance School and how to get admitted into it, this step is necessary!” he whispered by Angele’s ear.

“It’s going to expensive, isn’t it?” Angele asked.

“100 gold coins for the registration and additional expenses for the courses you want to enroll. However, it’s nothing compared to all the things you can learn,” the baron said.

Angele felt slightly relieved because they looted the treasures of the bandits they had encountered along the way and also Count Philip’s possessions. They obtained about 200 gold coins from the bandits and 1000 gold coins from Philip, so Angele was actually pretty rich at present.

“Today is the last day of registration. You’ll surely be admitted if you go to the registration area now,” Maria explained.

“Your father told me you want to go to Andes Alliance School. If you achieve good grades at the harbor school, you’ll be recommended to the Alliance School after,” she continued.

“Aunt, please ask someone to lead me there. I’ll go register now!” Angele said.

“Sir Siva is there working at the registration office. Not so long ago, his son wanted Bowater to do something for him. I’ll let him know that I sent you there,” Maria said after nodding her head. Bowater was her husband and also Angele’s uncle. He was an officer at the harbor’s inspector department.

“Thank you, Aunt!” Angele felt elated upon knowing this, thus politely giving her his sincere thanks.

“However, it’s a boarding school. You’ll need to bring your own things there such as your clothes,” Maria said.

“Got it, I’ll get on it right away,” Angele said. Maria then asked a worker named Anderson to lead the way for Angele. Before leaving, the baron patted Angele’s shoulder hard. He didn’t say anything, but Angele could see the hope in his eyes. Maggie and Celia got off the carriage to wish Angele good luck. Angele kissed them in front of everyone to show that they were under his wing before leaving with Anderson.

Angele felt he was caught in a hurry, but the opportunity was right there. He knew his body had long reached the limits and knew what he needed to accomplish in the school.

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