Chapter 685 Chaotic Heavenly Road

Hearing Han Jue’s promise, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du nodded.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du thought that Han Jue was also warning him? Although that was what he thought, Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du did not panic at all. He indeed had selfish motives and was also developing his connections. However, he had no choice. If he was really greedy for power, he wouldn’t have returned at all. If he stayed in the Deity Realm of the Ruins of End and followed a group of Great Dao Sages, wouldn’t he be extremely powerful?

The reason why he returned was to protect his hometown and the Heavenly Dao that gave birth to him! Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du continued, “I will continue to observe Pan Xin. If he doesn’t affect the survival of the Heavenly Dao, I will turn a blind eye to him.

“In addition, what do you think about the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce?”

Han Jue said, “It was your idea, to begin with. You decide.”

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du said in a low voice, “I plan to push the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce into the Chaos. Otherwise, there’s no need for the Reincarnation s.p.a.ce to exist by relying on the power of the mortal world. After all, the Earth Immortal World already belongs to the Heavenly Dao.” “Sure, you can arrange it.”

Han Jue nodded and acted like he was in charge.

Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du wasn’t angry. Instead, he was happy to see this. If Han Jue interfered more, it would be difficult for him to show off. The reason why he wanted to rope Han Jue in was because of his strength. The two of them chatted for a while more. After that, Han Jue returned to the Hundred Peak Immortal River.

He sent a dream to Heavenly Venerate Wufa and asked why Pan Xin was looking for him.

“What else could it be? He just wants to rope me in. With his sudden increase in cultivation, he’s scheming like a child. I casually dealt with him and he left happily.”

Heavenly Venerate Wufa was rather disdainful of Pan Xin.

Although he was not his match, he was also a Freedom Sage, so he could look at Pan Xin at the same level.

Han Jue instructed, “You can accompany him appropriately and see what he’s up to.” Heavenly Venerate Wufa smiled. “Alright. If he really wants to mess around, it’s a good thing to resolve it as soon as possible.” “Mm.”

Han Jue removed the dream and returned to reality.

He then visited Qiu Xilai and Sect Master Tian Jue in their dreams. His instructions were the same. If Pan Xin continued to look for them, there was no need to reject him directly.

After making the arrangements, Han Jue first looked at Xing Hongxuan. The fetus in her womb was still being nurtured. Its vitality had already surpa.s.sed ordinary immortals. Xing Hongxuan’s cultivation level had also been increasing. The mother and son were supporting each other.

Han Jue looked forward to his youngest son.

He suddenly thought of Han Tuo. After his youngest son was born, he wouldn’t let him out. He had to keep such talent by his side. However, if Han Tuo knew, would this kid have other thoughts? If he was Han Tuo, he would also feel uncomfortable. Although he had been secretly helping and protecting Han Tuo, this fellow was not completely clear. After thinking about it, Han Jue decided to visit Han Tuo in his dreams. Before this, he pinched his fingers to calculate. After confirming that Han Tuo was not in danger and was cultivating, he sent a dream. Han Tuo was different from Zhou Fan. He was Han Jue’s descendant. It was easier to deduce, and there was no need to use the derivation function.

In the dream.

Han Tuo suddenly opened his eyes and saw Han Jue.

He couldn’t help but be in a daze.

All along, every time Han Jue appeared, he was covered by divine light. He only appeared in his true appearance in the past ten thousand years. Han Tuo hurriedly stood up and bowed to greet his father.

He seemed very restrained. After all, he had only interacted with his father for twenty years. To him, who was more than a hundred thousand years old, that memory was too short. It was so short that it was almost blurry. Han Jue looked at his son who was already on his own and couldn’t help but sigh.

Compared to the last time they met, Han Tuo’s aura was even stronger. He was not weaker than the Divine General and the Heavenly G.o.d General at all. In fact, his att.i.tude was even stronger.

Such a calm temperament must have experienced countless storms.

Han Jue said, “That’s right. You’ve already become a Pseudo-Sage. You didn’t embarra.s.s me.”

Hearing this, Han Tuo revealed an excited expression. “It’s all thanks to Your Majesty’s care. Of course, the reason why Your Majesty took care of me is also because of you.” He knew his limits. The Evil Heavenly Emperor treated him well, but he always treated him as Han Jue.

He even suspected the relations.h.i.+p between the Evil Heavenly Emperor and Han Jue. ‘”‘I came to see you today and teach you a Mystical Power.”

Han Jue smiled. He didn’t pretend to be cold in front of his son.

Han Tuo became even more excited.

Han Jue didn’t say anything else and began to pa.s.s on the Mystical Power.

In the Daoist temple, Han Jue slowly opened his eyes. He suddenly felt a little self-deprecating. Back then, he had also complained that his parents in this life did not care about him. Unknowingly, he had also become such a person.

Of course, this worry came and went quickly. No matter what, Han Jue had raised Han Tuo before letting him leave. Han Tuo left because he insisted, not because he was chased away by him. “There’s no need for me to add to my psychological burden. In my life, I only live for myself. If I can, I will help the people around me, but I can’t be burdened by them.”

Han Jue thought silently and his eyes became firm.

Even so, he had already taken good care of the people around him. At least his disciples were still alive and had even obtained achievements and status that they couldn’t have obtained otherwise. Han Jue began to check his emails. His mentality changed and returned to normal. How could mighty figures be tied down by emotions and desires?

After reading the emails with relish, Han Jue continued to cultivate in seclusion.

“Today, I, Pan Xin, will use my Dao Fruit to open the Chaotic Heavenly Road and connect the Heavenly Dao to the Chaos. The living beings of the Heavenly Dao can enter the Chaotic Heavenly Road and head to the Chaos. On the Heavenly Road, you can obtain the protection of the Heavenly Dao!” Pan Xin’s voice suddenly resounded in the Heavenly Dao.

Everyone was in an uproar!

The Sages were also shocked.

A vast heavenly might enveloped the Immortal World. At the same time, in the east, the Heavenly Dao’s providence transformed into a golden rain that scattered down. It quickly condensed into a golden path that extended from the edge of the eastern realm of the Immortal World to the depths of the chaos at an extremely fast speed.

The living beings in the nearby Chaotic City were shocked.

“That’s the Chaotic Heavenly Road?”

“What a huge Heavenly Dao providence. Is this a Sage?”

“Why do you want to go to the Chaos?” “It’s said that the Chaos contains countless opportunities. The Heavenly Dao is only a drop in the ocean in the Chaos.” “Can Sage Pan Xin be trusted?” Such comments were not only in the Chaotic City. They were everywhere in the Immortal World.

Pan Xin was not an ancient Sage and did not have a providence sect. All living beings were not familiar with him, so they maintained a suspicious att.i.tude. Han Jue didn’t care when he heard this and continued cultivating. Pan Xin wouldn’t betray the Heavenly Dao. At most, he would scheme against other Sages.

Just the Chaotic Heavenly Road could not take down the other Sages. It wasn’t until the five thousand years ended that Han Jue opened his eyes again. His cultivation level had increased greatly again!

It had been almost thirty thousand years since his last breakthrough. That’s right, it had been 30,000 years since Karma Heaven was cursed by Han Jue. Time flew when he completely immersed himself in cultivation.

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