Chapter 35: Clue (2)

Translator: Leo Editor: DarkGem/Frappe

The baron jumped off the carriage, looked at Philip, and threw the two knights to the ground. What Angele had just done upset him. Everyone around became startled, and people stopped what they were doing to check on the situation.

“Young Master, Baron… What’s going on?” Captain Mark walked toward them with a surprised look.

“Everyone! Come here!” Angele yelled instead of answering his query. He grabbed Philip by his arm and threw him near the two knights.

“You! You want to die?! My father is Marquis Syrias. He’ll hunt down every single one of you if you kill me!” Philip was hysterically screaming out of fear. Angele laughed before taking out the ring out of Philip’s pocket. He hid it in his palm so no one else could see it and placed it inside his own pouch.

Angele looked at the baron and saw the latter feeling unhappy. They stared at each other for a second and started laughing after.

“I assume you have a plan,” the baron said with a deep voice.

“Yes, Father,” Angele nodded and smiled.

People walked over and encircled the three. No one said a word. Killing a count was probably too heavy a burden for them.

Angele looked around and clapped his hands.

“Alright, we’re all in the same boat here. The trip is tough, but it makes us stronger. Now, I have a good method for us to deepen our relationships.” Angele looked around and said while clapping his hands. The baron who looked relaxed threw his iron dagger to his son.

“Mark!” Angele grabbed the dagger and called the captain.

“Yes!” Captain Mark swallowed hard and took the dagger Angele handed over to him.

“Each one of you will cut them once, don’t aim at the vital points,” Angele smiled and said. Mark looked at Angele and felt a chill on his back from his smile. He kept nodding, and after he lowered down his body, Mark gashed a deep wound on Philip.

“Ah! You! You! Damn!” Philip was screaming like crazy.

“My father will do me justice!” he continued.

“Next,” Angele yelled with such calmness. Another guard took the dagger and… The three kept screaming and cursing on the ground. After 5 minutes, everyone including the women and teenagers had already cut them once.

“Good, we’re a very tight team now,” Angele clapped and smiled. Philip and his knights had wounds all over their bodies and were losing too much blood. They were not cursing anymore, and instead, they kept begging for their lives with weak voices.

“Burn them. We need to continue on our way,” Angele said as he glanced at the caravan members, but people were afraid to look at him.

“I don’t know why you decided to kill them, but the result is fine. Let’s just forget about what happened today.” The baron sighed and stood on the side.

“I messed up your plan, Father. I’m sorry,” Angele lowered his head and apologized.

“You’ve got your reasons. However, our family is weak now and there are many high-class nobles in a large city like Marua. As I said before, make sure you think twice before acting,” the baron put his arm on Angele’s shoulder and said.

“Understood,” Angele nodded. They started a fire and threw the three into it. The three screamed for a second from the scorching pain until they were burnt to death quickly. The armors of the knights had become red and smoldering hot from the fire.

“Let’s go,” the baron looked at the fire and left. No one spoke a word as they returned to their own carriages. They decided to keep moving during the night. The thing that had happened today was too scary and people needed the time keep it off their minds. Teenagers like Maggie and Celia used the dagger too; their faces still looked pale from fright.

People heard the howls of wolves from the place they just left.

“Timberwolves, they will eat up the bodies there. They don’t even fear the fire,” the baron opened the window to take a look and said. Angele nodded. He learned about the Timberwolves from one of the books in the special library, and they were very different from the ones on earth. Timberwolf here usually lived alone and was the size of a buffalo. It had black fur and had no fear of fire.

“We left their carriage there, would that be fine?” Angele asked.

“Don’t worry, so many Rudin nobles were killed in the plain. People would think it was the bandits’ work, and we even left some money in the carriage. Bandits passing by will rob it clean, and they’ll become the main targets of whoever attempts to search for Philip,” the baron said. It was as though he had a lot of experience about such situations.

“We’ll be safe after we cross the border in half a month,” he continued. Angele looked outside the window. It was already dark, only the moon that hung in the sky and the grass on the ground near the carriage could be seen.

“Father, have you ever heard of the Andes Alliance School?” Angele suddenly asked.

“How do you know about it? Barely anyone knows of it,” the baron said with a surprised expression.

“I heard it from the count,” Angele said.

“Well, for him, it could be possible,” the baron said before he drank some water from his water canteen.

“Andes Alliance School is the best school in the whole Andes. Its duty is to train elites in the country, only taking a small number of students in each year. People who graduated from the school all become influential people of the country. They all become high-class nobles. This school is vastly different from ordinary noble schools as it has high standards for admission. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer or a noble. As long as you’re talented, you’ll get the chance. I thought of sending you to that school, but your body wasn’t capable of accepting the Life Energy Seed…” the baron said with faint despondency on his face.

“Well, I found a ring not so long ago, and Philip said the ring could help me get into that school with exam exemption,” Angele laughed and took out the ring. The baron was surprised and grabbed it to examine it.

“If it’s true, this will be our family’s only hope,” the baron said with a tone that seemed a bit excited.

“I think it’s true. The problem is, we need to find the location of the school and the way it tests its students,” Angele said.

“Philip saw the ring and tried to take it from me. I thought he was going to kill us all after we arrive at the Marua Harbor just to make sure I wouldn’t disrupt his plan,” Angele made his own conjecture.

“That is very possible, especially since those high-class nobles are quite likely to do something like that. However, I think you showed the ring to him on purpose, right? Or were you trying to figure out how much it worth? Wait, did you do it for the girls? Angele, I really can’t guess what you’re thinking,” the baron said.

“A bit of each. I’ll make sure to think twice before acting in the future,” Angele lowered his head and said. The baron actually knew him well.

“I’ve decided. When we arrive at Marua, I’ll ask your aunt to find the information about the Andes Alliance School. If you get accepted as a student….” the baron didn’t finish his sentence. He just began smiling.


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